Wedding Band That Complements Engagement Ring

You said yes, didn’t you? Now, you need a perfect wedding band for your big day. Wedding bands must complement the engagement ring and enhance its aesthetics, not drag it down.

15 Tips to Pick a Wedding Band That Complements Engagement Ring 2

Be it a subtle flat ring with no glitz and glam or be it an exclusive dazzling piece, the wedding band should match your personality and also signify the love between you and your partner.

Seems like another difficult hunt? It doesn’t have to be. Here we will share some tips on how to pick a wedding band that complements the engagement ring.

1. Keep yourself updated on various types of wedding band available

Keep yourself updated on various types of wedding band available

It goes without saying, if you’re in search of something, research is an essential part of the process. Always research online or in-store beforehand on various options available. For your convenience, we’ve mentioned some popular choices of wedding bands below.

1. Contoured wedding band

This type of wedding band fits perfectly and sits flush with your engagement ring. Many bridal sets feature a contoured wedding band. You can also have your designer design a contoured wedding band for your engagement ring.

2. Open wedding band

These types of bands are not completely closed and leave a space in between the ends. Open wedding bands allow you to highlight the center gems, especially when the elevation of the center gem is very low to accommodate any other type of band.

You can also add an exciting twist by adding beautiful designs or gems at the end of the band.

3. Straight wedding band

These are the most common type of wedding bands. Though remarkably famous for being paired with halo and pave-band rings, these also look wonderful with solitaires and are very ideal for ring stacking.

4. Pointed wedding band

If you want your wedding band to stand out this might be the type for you. Pointed wedding bands do not sit flush with the engagement ring and leaves plenty of space for the stone. These bands also pair remarkably with pear-cut or marquise rings.

5. Curved wedding band

This type of wedding band curves around the engagement ring but may not sit flush with the ring.

6. Engagement ring enhancer

If you’re not a huge fan of wedding bands and would like to attach an enhancer to your engagement ring instead, you can find plenty of spectacular enhancers in the market.

On top of that, you can have your own enhancer designed that matches the color, design, and stones of your engagement ring.

2. Go for a bridal set or take inspiration from them

If you’re not in the plan of putting an extra effort to find the perfect wedding band for your ring, going for a bridal set should be a no-brainer for you.

But there’s a big chance that you were not a part of the engagement ring selection process. If that’s the case, you can browse many online ring retailer sites and take inspiration from their bridal set collections.

3. Talk to your ring designer/experts

Talk to your ring designerexperts
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If you had your engagement ring specifically designed for you, there’s a high chance that your designer will know what type of wedding band will match the ring.

Even if your ring was not a designer-made, you can still ask for an expert’s opinion on the type of wedding band you should go for.

4. Same width engagement ring and wedding band looks ideal

Here’s an excellent tip for you, the more the engagement ring and the wedding band have width similarity, the higher is the chance that the combination will look visually appealing.

Nevertheless, this tip might not be helpful in case you have a very wide engagement ring. When both the engagement ring and the wedding ring is wide and big, the set might look too bulky and feel too heavy on your finger.

5. If your engagement ring is extravagant go for a simpler wedding band and vice-versa

If your engagement ring is extravagant go for a simpler wedding band and vice-versa

Maintaining a balance between the engagement ring and your wedding band is essential.

If you have extravagant, heavy, or a bold piece of engagement ring, such as multiple-rowed halo rings or a wide crossed band ring, it might be a better decision to opt for simpler wedding bands.

Alternatively, if you have a very light and subtle engagement ring such light eternity rings, single rowed pave rings, you can go quite extra with the wedding bands.

Likewise, if your engagement ring is solely made up of clear diamonds, you might consider adding colors to your wedding band to make the set look modern and fancy. A thin-band solitaire ring also pairs perfectly with a significantly larger eternity wedding band.

6. Choose a matching metal

Typically, it is considered that an engagement ring and a wedding band set is ideal if both of the metal is the same; i.e. platinum engagement ring with platinum engagement band and so on.

You should note that pairing gold with platinum is not recommended at all since platinum being the denser one, will wear down the gold ring.

In the case of gold rings, however, you’ll have a full choice to play with the colors. A combination of rose gold and white gold or yellow gold or white gold also looks stunning.

7. Match the stone shape between both rings

Match the stone shape between both rings

Here’s a quick tip to match the wedding band to the engagement ring. Always consider keeping at least one shape of the stone common between them. For example, if you own a solitaire with a cushion-shaped gem, go for the wedding band which has a cushion-shaped stone on it.

However, it is just a basic go-to rule and sometimes, even if the stone shape does not match between the two rings, the combination still becomes a hit.

For this, we can consider the example of solitaire with a round-shaped diamond which perfectly matches with a big eternity wedding band with emerald-shaped stones.

8. Select gem color carefully

In case you have colored gems in your engagement ring, you can incorporate the colors to your wedding band as well.

If you have colored diamonds in your ring, try to find the closest gemstone that matches the color if you don’t want to invest in expensive colored diamonds.

Nevertheless, you have to keep in your mind to not outdo your wedding band since it should not steal the thunder of your engagement ring.

9. Consider the profile of your engagement ring

Not everyone is aware of this but you must make sure that the ring profile of both the engagement ring and the wedding band is the same.

For example, if you have an engagement ring with a D-profile, choose a wedding band with a D-profile as well.

10. Use online tools

Use online tools

You’re going to thank the internet for this tip. Blue Nile offers you a wedding ring matcher on its site where you can get plenty of suitable wedding band options for your ring.

What’s more, even if you hadn’t purchased the engagement ring from Blue Nile, you can try this feature by simply adding your ring details on the site.

11. Try on different options available

If you’re not a big fan of online tools and want in-store experience, you can visit any store with a wide array of wedding bands and try on plenty of them alongside your engagement ring unless you find the one.

12. Stack your wedding bands

Stack your wedding bands

You’ve got to admit, stacking rings have become a modern tradition. One stunning way of stacking your wedding bands is combining your simple solitaire engagement ring with 2-3 subtle wedding bands that differ in color and metal.

13. Not wearing any wedding band at all is also an option

You might not be aware of the fact that wearing an engagement ring alone and using the same engagement ring during the wedding ceremony is also an option.

Some engagement rings are so special that they stand-out alone and command attention. Usually, these types of rings are heavy and wide. Whichever wedding band you pair these rings with, you’ll notice that they never fit perfectly.

14. Starting looking for your wedding band early

Big decisions such as searching for the perfect wedding ring that complements your engagement ring take time.

Instead of panicking at the last moment and going for the wedding band which you’ll eventually end up not liking, it is better to start your search early and choose the perfect wedding band.

15. Don’t be afraid to be yourself

Don’t be afraid to be yourself

It’s your wedding and it’s your wedding band! No set of rules or guidelines should define the ideal wedding band for you. Your wedding band, firstly, should fit your personality, preference, and lifestyle and then match your engagement ring second.


A wedding band does not necessarily have to be on-trend or glamorous, it just has to be the one you’d love to wear every day. With all these tips, you should now feel confident to pick the wedding band that compliments your engagement ring. After all, the final decision is yours!

15 Tips to Pick a Wedding Band That Complements Engagement Ring 1

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