Except for cleaning the nose piercing, you should pay particular attention to your nose jewelry. It needs to be clean and sterilized appropriately, without oil and other debris stuck to its surface. That way, you will prevent bacteria reproduction and possible infection of the nose’s pierced part.

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The way of how to clean a nose ring mostly depend on the jewelry type you use. It should be made from a reliable material that doesn’t cause an allergic reaction. The next step is cleaning it thoroughly before changing the ring and regular aftercare. Only that way, your piercing will look gorgeous, and you will stay healthy.


The Way to Clean Stainless Steel Nose Ring

Most people who have their nose pierced enjoy changing the nose ring depending on the occasion. If you are one of them, keep in mind that wearing different jewelry is fantastic, but you always need to take adequate precautions.

The first thing to do is to sterilize the new ring before wearing it for the first time. Additionally, it is necessary to wash both nose rings whenever you replace them. It includes the one you have worn by that moment and the one you plan to wear.

The crucial thing is to clean your nose ring even though you don’t change it often. That is the only way to keep your piercing healthy. Let’s consider the best options you have at your disposal.

1. Antibacterial soap

Antibacterial soap
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Cleaning the new nose ring with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water is an excellent way to remove any impurities from the metal surface. However, use this method only when you need to wash a new piece of jewelry or haven’t used a particular nose ring for a long time.

Please, put the ring in this solution for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. You can also use a soft-bristled Nylon brush to scrub the jewelry when needed. Pay particular attention to any crevices and clean them as thoroughly as possible. Finish the cleaning just before inserting the band in your nose.

2. Boil the nose ring

Boil the nose ring
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Boiling is an excellent option for cleaning the nose ring without gems, acrylic, or electronic components. You can’t use this method when having a vibrating barbell with a battery, as well.

On the other hand, this sterilization process is perfect when your piercing jewelry is made of stainless steel. Whenever you need to sterilize it, put it into the pot with boiling water. Let it boil for about 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the contamination level.

This method is effective 99%, but you should use it rather than cleaning your jewelry with alcohol. Unlike alcohol, water won’t irritate your piercing.

3. Steam treatment

This method is considered the best one when you need to sterilize your nose ring at home. Put the jewelry into an autoclave bag and over the pot filled with enough water. Let the ring be inside for at least 45 to 50 minutes. Then, dry it thoroughly before inserting it into the nose.

4. Ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner
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You can quickly find a small ultrasonic cleaner on the Net. It is a convenient device for sterilizing the nose ring at home. The procedure is not complicated and includes:

  • Placing the nose ring into the tank
  • Filling it with water
  • Closing the lid
  • Plugging it in
  • Turning the cleaner on
  • Letting the ultrasonic vibrations shake any debris away from your ring

Basically, the ultrasonic sound waves of high frequency affect the ring inside the water solution without harming it. These waves are particularly effective for cleaning tiny particles from small crevices between the metal and the gem.

This way, you can also clean the engraved ring grooves. If the ring is filthy, you can add some detergent specially designed for this appliance to get a better result.

5. Autoclave

It is a professional and expensive but also the best way to sterilize your nose ring. You will need to rent the autoclave for this method. However, it is a bit impractical to rent such a sizable device for one piece of jewelry.

The Way to Clean Silver Nose Ring

Unfortunately, jewelry made of pure silver always tarnishes over time. How fast it happens will depend on your body chemistry, the way you store the jewelry, and the region where you live.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t wear a silver nose ring all the time without appropriate cleaning. A better option is to keep it shine than removing dark spots once they appear.

Take care to dry the ring thoroughly after washing your face and taking a shower to prevent the accumulation of bacteria. Always clean and store your jewelry in an airtight bag after changing it. In the end, put an anti-tarnish tab into the bag, and replace it as soon as it changes the color.

If your nose ring has already darkened, you can quickly clean it by following simple instructions. Let’s see.

6. Silver cleaning paste

Silver cleaning paste is non-toxic and allows gentle cleaning of your nose ring.

  • Apply the paste to the nose ring – Even though the user guide says to apply the paste with a cotton ball or sponge, an old baby toothbrush is a better option, especially if you need to clean the settings.
  • Scrub the nose ring – Scrub your ring by using the toothbrush in circular motions. Make sure not to apply this agent over the gem.

When the ring becomes silver again, you should rinse the paste residue, wash it with soapy water, and dry it thoroughly. Always buff it with a soft cloth to get the high gloss.

7. Liquid silver cleaner

Liquid silver cleaner
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You can use this method only if your ring doesn’t have an embedded gem.

  • Clean the nose ring Pick the cleaning solution you like, carefully lower your nose ring into it, and let it sit for approximately 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Rinse and scrub the nose ring – Rinse the ring as soon as you bring it out of the cleaning solution and use a soft toothbrush to clean it lightly when necessary. You will see the nice silver shine once you remove all the stains. When necessary, remove any residual cleaner by dipping it in soapy water. In the end, rinse it again and dry it well.
  • Buff the nose ring – Don’t forget to buff your ring afterward with a soft cloth. That way, it will become shiny again.

8. Polishing pad

This method is an excellent option for cleaning tarnish around the gem.

  • Clean the nose ring – Rub the silver band with a polishing pad with firm pulling strokes. Keep cleaning until all the tarnish disappears.
  • Wash and dry the nose ring – You will notice that the polishing pad becomes black while cleaning. Use the same piece until becoming dark entirely, and change it if necessary. In the end, wash the ring in soapy water and dry it thoroughly.
  • Clean the bezel around your stone and design – If these ring parts have become black and dull, use a polishing pad to make it shine again.
  • Solve the issue with overshining – If your nose ring looks too shiny after cleaning with a polishing pad, you can solve that by brushing it with 2,000-grit sandpaper. Ensure that your moves are always horizontal and keep with the process until getting the desired finish.

What to Avoid When Cleaning the Nose Ring

Scented soap

Try to avoid using scented soaps since they contain chemicals that often negatively react with the metal your nose ring is made of. Plus, you probably won’t enjoy the harsh fragrance of the jewelry you should put in your nose.


Disinfecting the nose ring with rubbing or isopropyl alcohol is an excellent method for keeping your nose ring clean. Immerse it in the alcohol for about 10 minutes just before inserting it in the nose.

Be aware that alcohol can’t kill all the bacteria. Plus, it may irritate your piercing and often cause metal discoloring. That is why most piercers don’t recommend this method.

Hydrogen peroxide

Using this chemical is effective, but it often causes the ring to smell bad. It can be very inconvenient when you use it for disinfecting the nose ring. Additionally, never use this chemical to clean a silver nose ring since it will ruin it.

Additional Tips

Jewelry cleaner

It will help if you use a professional jewelry cleaner whenever possible, but keep in mind that different metals require a special cleanser. If you prefer DIY methods, you can wash it with soap and warm water, which is usually enough for your own ring you use regularly.

Ring with a stone

Be highly careful while drying your face, especially if your nose ring features gems attached with prongs. You can unintentionally hurt yourself or damage the ring with a towel.


Never sleep with your nose ring if it is too big or prominent. You can hurt your cartilage while turning at night.

Rhythm of cleaning

The best option is to clean your nose ring daily. That way, you will keep your cartilage healthy and decrease the possibility of infection.

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