How to Hide a Nose Ring

Although it is present for centuries, body art has become highly popular recently. One of the most popular among all generations is definitely piercing. However, the dress codes and business etiquettes haven’t changed that fast. The majority of working positions find body piercing unwanted and repulsive in the workplace.

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Luckily, it is not a big deal to cover a tattoo or piercing somewhere on the body. On the other hand, covering piercing on the nostrils daily can be tricky and tiring. Unfortunately, no clothes or other jewelry can cover it up. Let’s see how to hide a nose ring successfully and quickly to keep your employment without giving up on your image.

Freshly Pierced Nostrils

Once you decide to pierce your nose, you should think about the piercing timeline. The pierced nose is highly sensitive, and it is wise not to take out the initial ring for at least two to four weeks. In some cases, you should wait at least three to four months.

Unfortunately, no one can tell you the precise timing since healing the hole is entirely an individual matter. You should always make sure your piercing is clean and properly taken care of, especially in the first month after piercing.

That means you will not be able to take it out and replace it with a retainer during that period. Plus, only tape covering is allowed solution in that period. It is an excellent idea to organize such a procedure while you are between two jobs or on a long holiday.

Different Nose Piercing

Different Nose Piercing
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Not all piercing is easy to hide since not all of them on the same part of your nose. Keep in mind that different piercing styles require specific nose jewelry. Let’s first look at the most common ones to get an idea of how to hide them.

Nostril piercing

This piercing type is located at the bottom of your nostril. You can pick it out on one side of the nose or both nostrils, depending on your preferences.

The piercer will make a hole through the nostrils’ soft cartilage tissue since it can quickly heal. Anyway, it would help if you didn’t take out your nose ring for a long time. If you need to take it out, you should use retainers to keep the hole open.

High nostril piercing

You can position your piercing higher above the bottom of your nostrils just below the nasal bone. It looks like it is on the central part of your nose looking from the side of your face. It can also be placed on both sides.

Remember that this area also has soft cartilage tissue. That means you should be careful not to take out piercing for a longer time and let it heal appropriately.

Bridge piercing

If you want to have a piercing between your eyes high up the nose, the bridge piercing is the right position for you. It is always bilateral piercing, meaning you will have a piece of jewelry next to both eyes.

Unfortunately, the soft tissue you decide to pierce is prone to heal very quickly, so you should be careful and avoid removing the ring without the use of replacement jewelry.

Vertical piercing

This style is better known as rhino piercing as it is placed on the nose tip. The piercer will put it vertically from the nose bottom to its upper tip and close to your upper lip.

As I have already mentioned, that part of the nose is made of cartilage tissue. That means you will need to use restrainers to fill the piercing holes when required as they can heal quickly.

Septum piercing

The septum is the cartilage wall between the two nostrils. Nowadays, the septum piercing is highly attractive and fashionable. In most cases, the nose ring or other type of jewelry can hang from the nose above your upper lip, which looks very chic.

Nasalling piercing

It is the complicated piercing with jewelry going horizontally from one nostril to another and through the septum. The nasalling style has three piercing holes for one piece of jewelry in cartilage tissue. Since it is prone to heal quickly, but removing the needle is highly complicated, you should be very careful during the first weeks after piercing.

Types of Nostrils Piercing Jewelry

Types of Nostrils Piercing Jewelry
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Once you have found and determined which nose jewelry you have, it is easy to solve the problem of hiding it. Some of the piercing can be hidden without removing it, while you need to take out others and cover the hole carefully.

Nose piercing styles Most common jewelry for specific nose piercing style
Nostril piercing

Hoops, studs (nose bone), screws, barbells

High nostril piercing

Screws, L shape pins, nose rings
Bridge piercing

Circular barbells, curved barbells

Vertical piercing

Curved barbells
Septum piercing

Circular barbells, nose rings

Nasalling piercing

Straight barbells

Reasons for Covering Piercing

You can sometimes find yourself in a difficult situation to lose your job because of your beliefs and lifestyle. You shouldn’t despair, but find a way to solve the problem by following the saying ‘when there is a will, you can find a way.’ You can quickly try one of the many effective ways to cover your nose ring and still save your job.

Another reason for covering body jewelry and nose rings can be safety. It can be pretty dangerous if you practice sports or do the job where you can easily pull or hook your nose ring and hurt yourself unintentionally. Therefore, covering your nose ring is not only the company policy but also a safety precaution.

Finally, if you work in unhygienic surroundings and dirty working conditions, it is smart to cover the nostril piercing out of healthy and sanitary issues. As you cover your eyes with safety goggles, you should also find an adequate way to protect the piercing area.

Hiding Tricks

There are three primary types of hiding the nose ring and piercing. Let’s discover the one most suitable for you.

Makeup hiding

If you are not in the constant need to cover and hide your nose ring, you can use this simple trick. All you need to do is take out your nose ring, stud, or any other jewelry and thoroughly clean the piercing spot.

After that, you need to apply a makeup concealer and spread it on and around the spot. Gently smooth and cover the area with face foundation in the suitable color of your skin. Not to look suspicious, I suggest applying the foundation all over your face.

Hide-and-seek with a nose ring

In case you have your septum pierced, and the barbell is your jewelry of choice, the only thing you need to do is turn it upwards. Then, hide it in your nose, and no one can see it except if you are very tall, and people can look up to your nose.

Plugs and retainers

These are the best solution for you if you need to hide your pierced nose for an extended period. If you always take out your nose ring or a nose stud, you will cause the pierced tissue’s healing process.

Plugs are an excellent choice for bigger holes in the nostrils as they will fill it entirely. With a little foundation or face concealer, it will be hard to spot the piercing area. Plugs come in different colors so that you can choose them by your skin tan.

Depending on the nose ring and jewels you wear, you can choose the retainer that exactly fits the hole. They are specially designed to replace the ring or gemstone in your nose whenever necessary.

The retainers’ materials are usually neutral or nude color so they can easily blend in your skin tone. However, they are efficient only when there is a small hole. For larger ones, it is better to use plugs.

These pieces are skin-friendly, and they come in all designs similar to the nose ring you use. Another advantage of retainers is that you will be safe from closing the pierced place. Whether it is a straight barbell or L shape screw, it will fit and camouflage the pierced spot perfectly.

Covering Technic

Taping the piercing is an excellent way to solve the problem, yet it is visible and not exactly hiding. However, tapping piercing with some cover bandages is more than useful and practical when you need just a safety cover and not a hiding trick.

Usually, athletes use taping technic to protect their pierced spots and jewelry while training or playing a match. When the piercing is left exposed, they can quickly rip it off during the game.

On the other hand, taping will allow them to wear their rings without worrying about healing, retainers, and perfect covering.


Piercing has been part of some people’s rituals, religions, and customs for centuries. It is hard to renounce your beliefs and image. Therefore, you should pick out the most suitable hiding technic if you want to respect your lifestyle and tradition without fear of getting fired.

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