How Much Is a Nose Ring

Once you decide to do nose piercing, you should calculate both the jewelry price and the piercing procedure’s cost. Fortunately, it is not such an expensive procedure like the piercing of other body parts. However, nose rings are usually made of precious metals, so they cost more.

How Much Is a Nose Ring 2

Nowadays, you can choose among a bunch of various nose piercing options. You should only pick out the adequate nose ring size, and determine how much is a nose ring. After finding lovely jewelry made of the desired material, it is time to find a respected master and beautify your nose.

What Is a Nose Ring?

What Is a Nose Ring
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People often choose a ring to accent their nose piercing. There are a few standard models used in a nostril piercing, including:

  • L bend nose stud
  • Prong nose stud (nose bone)
  • Nose stud
  • Nose screw
  • Nose hoop

The primary difference is in the backing, which means they look like ordinary nose studs outside. If you prefer the classic style, you should choose a nose hoop, but be aware that you can’t use the same model for nostrils and the septum.

What nose ring type is the right option for you will depend on many things, but the crucial one includes your daily job. Even though most of these jewelry pieces look elegant and stylish, they are probably not an excellent choice for an attorney in the courtroom, for example.

Keep in mind that your nose will need approximately six months to heal. Avoid changing your ring during that period. Even after, changing the existing hook can be highly painful. One more thing! Some types of jewelry are not interchangeable, so you should choose the right model carefully before get your nose pierced.

The Best Material for Nose Piercing

  • Implant-grade steel – This body-safe option is an ideal choice for elegant contemporary nose hoops and studs. However, keep in mind that this material is not hypoallergenic.
  • Implant-grade titanium – Nowadays, it is probably the most popular material you can find for high-quality nose jewelry.
  • 14K or 18K gold and Sterling silver – Even though these precious metals are highly appreciated for jewelry making, you should avoid using them into a new piercing. Once your piercing heals, you can use a golden or silver hook, but not for a long time.
  • Gems – Most nose studs feature jewels, usually opal or cubic zirconia. However, you can find a hook with the embedded gemstone, as well.

Plus, some jewelry shops also offer high-quality nose jewelry made of niobium or even platinum.

Things that Determine the Overall Costs

Things that Determine the Overall Costs
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As I have already mentioned, the overall price will include the jewelry and the piercing process in an authorized studio.

Piercing studio

You can purchase the nose ring in a jewelry shop if you prefer that way, but you should know that all top-notch piercing studios include jewelry in the piercing package. If you want something special instead of basic models, you should probably pay an additional $10 to $50 for it.

Most piercing artists will recommend you to stick with the default jewelry until your nose heal entirely. After that, you can change the ring and choose the nose jewelry you like more.

If possible, you should pick out a piercing studio that includes aftercare service and products (H2Ocean or non-iodized) for speeding up healing in the offered kit. Otherwise, aftercare service will cost you an additional $20 to $60. Don’t forget that the piercer will expect a standard 5% to 15% gratuity.

Some studios offer a discount for regular customers and consecutive piercings, including the nose, ears, or navel piercings.

Piercing studio location

As you can guess, the piercing studio location will significantly affect the nose piercing cost. Most of those located in an urban area often offer attractive discounts because of the tough competition.

However, the lowest price doesn’t mean that you can expect the best deal. On the contrary, maybe the cheap piercer doesn’t follow the necessary safety standards or proper service. Therefore, be careful, and always choose the responsible professional with good recommendations.

Piercing studio popularity

We live in a world of websites, social media, and digital marketing so that you can find an excellent piercer quicker than ever. You can check the quality of their work throughout forums and customer reviews.

Keep in mind that the high popularity of a particular studio usually means more expensive service. Still, you shouldn’t save when it comes to nose piercing, especially if you want some more complicated procedures.

Jewelry material

Most studious offer stainless steel for nose piercing as an initial jewelry material. Be careful with this option since cheap stainless steel contains a high nickel percentage, which is well-known as a high allergen.

The same goes for poor quality sterling silver. Not to mention that this metal may cause the appearance of dark marks on the nose skin. If you know that your skin is prone to allergies, always choose 316L implant-grade stainless steel or titanium as initial jewelry.

Jewelry material



Stainless Steel

Sterling silver


14K yellow gold

14K rose gold


Solid platinum

Platinum diamond




The price of each piece of jewelry you pick out will depend on the current price of the chosen material. Since the nose is a sensitive part of your face, I warmly recommend that you never skimp here and always buy the nose ring made of the most quality possible material.

If you want to be particularly extravagant, you can purchase a nose ring with a diamond, but that means a higher price of this piece of jewelry.

Types of piercing

Types of piercing
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This part of your nose is the most common choice for a nose ring. You can do it on either side of the nose, but be aware that piercing positioning will probably affect your reproductive organs if you are a woman.

Some Ayurveda practitioners believe that such piercing can facilitate the childbirth. For this purpose, you should pick out the nose ring ranging from 18 to 20 gauges.

Nose ring gauge





















High nostril

If you choose this unique style, you will get your nostril piercing done slightly higher than the nostril variation. This position provides using delicate rings for a better effect.

Septum (bull)

This specific piercing has become quite popular these days since it is removable, and you can change the jewelry when desired.


It is a challenging area to get the piercing worked, and the process is highly complicated and requires a top-notch and skillful piercer.


This piercing can look a bit horrifying since there are placed bone and cartilage. However, there is no need to worry since the needle will pierce only through your skin.

Nose piercing type



$25 to $80
Septum (bull)

$40 to $50


$40 to $60

$40 to $95

High nostril

$50 to $80

$50 to $100

Vertical nose (rhino)

$50 to $100
Double nostril

$60 to $85

Triple nostril

$60 to $100


You need to be a unique personality to opt for such a complicated procedure. Many piercers, especially novices, won’t accept to finish this piercing style, so you should look for a real maestro.

He or she will need to go through the septum and both nostrils to achieve this tri-nasal piercing.

Vertical (Rhino)

It is not a typical place for piercing since your nose and vein structures need to support this style. Basically, it is a complicated, lengthy, and costly procedure that requires a lot of patience.

Piercer experience

Before going to the piercing studio, you should check the professional piercer and his or her qualifications, experience, and appropriate certificates. The piercer’s skill level will affect the procedure’s speed, the pain you will feel, possible subsequent irritation, and adequate aftercare.

Keep in mind that an expert piercer will charge more, but be sure that it is worth every cent. His or her skill will ensure as painless method as possible and fewer complications afterward.

Piercing technique

Each piercer needs to learn a lot to achieve and improve his or her piercing technique. They should be prepared to work with different nose types and various ways to pierce them. Some of them use piercing guns, but the best professionals use a needle to do the job.

The advantage of needles is their interchangeability without an issue with sterilizing. Plus, hollow needles won’t damage surrounding tissue too much. The high-quality technique provides effective piercing that prevents complications.


In most cases, you can get the nose piercing done for less than $100, but the final price will depend on the type of jewelry you choose, the piercer experience, and the popularity and location of the studio you decide to choose.

Keep in mind that lower price often means that the ring and aftercare are not included in the service or that the piercer is inexperienced. Since the nose piercing is not always a simple procedure, you should put quality over the low prices.

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