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I am a huge fan of craftsman designers, including those who make creative jewelry with many personal details. They combine crystal, pearls, and pieces made of glass, wood, or metal to get something beautiful, unique, and affordable at the same time.

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Nowadays, you can find many reasons why handcrafted jewelry pieces are an investment, unlike monotonous and uniform mass-produced pieces. Each of them will tell you an intimate story of the person who makes it and the valuable time they spent to make something beautiful just for you. There are 10 Portland(PDX) handmade jewelry designers I like the most. Enjoy!

1. Harlow Jewelry

Portland(PDX) Harlow Jewelry

Harlow Jewelry was established in 2009 in Portland(PDX). Talented designer Ruthie Crawford named her handcraft store after her daughter, Olivia Harlow. She enjoys making beautiful and affordable pieces of jewelry and sell them to other women-owned small retailers.

In the beginning, her primary goal was to find a way to make other people happy. After a ten years long career in banking, Ruthie gave birth to a baby girl. That moment, she decided that it is time for something new.

Her friend showed her a way to use wire and gemstones, and she started a new business of designing her jewelry. Nowadays, this fantastic woman sells it in over 1,000 stores in the US and Canada and has her own studio with a store in Portland(PDX).

Address: 2511 NE 61st Ave Portland, OR 97213


2. Betsy & Iya

Betsy and Iya started the career in 2008. That day, the first idea of jewelry making appeared in their minds while drinking coffee in a local coffee shop. Nowadays, they are well-known modern jewelry designers from Portland(PDX), whose growing company is elegant, vibrant, and innovative.

They have their own website and the shop where they design new pieces. As curators of quality goods, they also gather other independent designers.

Once you decide to purchase their home-crafts, you will enjoy the deliberation and attention they invest in every move. Plus, you will feel all love and dedication someone who works 80+ hours a week can offer.

Colors, contrast, asymmetry, and balance inspire these talented girls to discover new dimensions of design. Their goal is to make something imperfect that will fit you perfectly. Look for their minimalist, bold, and contemporary jewelry in one of over 100 independent boutiques in the US and Canada.

Address: 1777 NW 24th Avenue, Portland, OR 97210


3. Whimsy Wandering

Portland(PDX) Whimsy Wandering

The Whimsy Wandering brand’s primary aim is to create high-quality jewelry and other accessories for free-spirited women. An astonishing designer Alanna Byrd established it in 2015 in Portland(PDX) and has continued to run it until these days.

The fantastic thing is that she creates and makes each piece of unique jewelry individually, plus gladly customizes it according to your wishes. She also sells products of other small-batch makers. What a nice place to pick out everything a modern woman needs!

Address: 2505 SE 11th Avenue STE 100 Portland, OR 97202


4. Grayling Jewelry

Portland(PDX) Grayling Jewelry

Grayling Jewelry will make you feel special. The founder of this unique place, Katy, launched it ten years ago after long-held jewelry industry practice.

She creates safe, modern, nickel-free jewelry, which makes her store different. Thanks to her dedication, women with sensitive skin have their own favorite place with jewelry that is both safe and gorgeous. If you are one of 15 to 20% of people allergic to nickel, this is the right place to visit.

Keep in mind that heavy metals like nickel, cadmium, chromium, and lead that most fashion brands use to make jewelry are toxic or even cancerous. On the other hand, Grayling Jewelry is a US-based company that primarily uses comfortable and safe domestic products to create a top-notch design.

Katy gathers a small group of artisans that create unique jewelry you can’t find anywhere else. Each piece is handmade and produced with responsibility and care. Plus, they respect every law considered the assurance of a safe and healthy work environment.

Address: 1609 NE Alberta St. Portland OR 97211

5. Redux

Portland(PDX) Redux

Redux is a local boutique and gallery specialized in indie and handmade designer jewelry, art, and unique accessories. They gather designs dedicated to making unusual pieces of recycled materials and re-purposed items.

Their goal is to promote high quality, affordability, and sustainability of local craftsmanship. Over 300 talented local indie artisans produce and sell their handicrafts in this brick-and-mortar store full of sensibility and giftedness.

Since they carefully select designed jewelry, it is always expertly crafted, quirky, elegant, and fun and intended for bold ladies with an exceptional taste. When you step up there for the first time, you will stay taken aback by the diversity of styles and imaginative elegance. Kind artisans will help you find exactly what you look for.

Come here and support hardworking craftsmen, their small businesses, and persistence in promoting innovation, creativity, and sustainability in the local community.

Address: 811 east burnside #116 PDX OR 97214


6. Twist

Lauren Eulau and Paul Schneider from Portland(PDX) used to create unique pottery and elegant woven products. Nowadays, they have their own workshop and are dedicated to producing finely curated jewelry.

They are also deeply connected with jewelry artisans and designers they cooperate with. Their relationship includes sharing ideas, mutual respect, and regular communication.

When you visit this extraordinary place, you will have a privilege to enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and a unique collection of wearable art and fine-designed jewelry.

Paul received the Cindy Edelstein Award in 2018 for demonstrating a long-standing dedication to promoting the designer jewelry. Two years later, this special place was honored by the Retail Innovation Award for creating innovative strategies in their brick-and-mortar retail space.

Address: 30 NW 23rd Place Portland, OR 97210


7. Alchemy

Portland(PDX) Alchemy

Alchemy was established in 1990 and originally conceived as a manufacturing trade-shop. Its owner planned to create custom-designed jewelry and repair and cast it for the jewelry industry. Luckily, the owner got an excellent opportunity to open the retail store in Portland(PDX) in 2005.

Nowadays, it is a unique place in the Pacific Northwest that provides award-winning jewelry design, in-house metalsmithing, and first-class service. They can do anything you imagine, including designing, setting, finishing, and casting each custom piece of jewelry.

I like the way they mix old charm and the top-notch industry technology. To achieve their goal of creating contemporary jewelry, the team of talented stylists, designers, artisans, and metalsmiths combine their skills, talent, and energy.

The result will take your breath away. Not only does this workshop provides an ultimate experience tailored to each customer and their needs, but its owner is also available to you whenever you need any particular requirement. Choose one of their hand-selecting, one-of-a-kind pieces, and be sure that you can’t find something like that anywhere else.

Address: 1022 NW Lovejoy St Portland, OR 97209


8. Kassab Jewelers

Portland(PDX) Kassab Jewelers

Since 1990, when Kassab Jewelers was established, it has been a place to find uniqueness, style, and elegance. They aim to achieve the perfection of handmade jewelry, build trust, and customers’ ultimate satisfaction.

When you need a piece of world-class designed wedding tiara or an engagement ring with a perfect diamond, you should come here in Portland(PDX). This jewelry store is one of the most outstanding in the Northwest that provides exceptional products and personal service.

One thing is sure. Superior quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and impeccable design integrated with value, premier service, and proven reputation are definitely a win-win combination. Without any of these essential compounds, the superiority of perfection wouldn’t be possible. Luckily, mediocrity has nothing to look for in this place of style.

Address: 529 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97205


9. Allison Ulmer

Portland(PDX) Allison Ulmer

I like the style and elegance that makes jewelry that Allison Ullmer creates distinctive. No matter if she creates bracelets ornated with colored diamonds or Tahitian earrings with pearl cuff, this Lady celebrates the beauty and uniqueness.

Believe it or not, she uses 100% recycled pieces of Sterling silver and gold to metalsmith handcrafts versatile pieces of jewelry with unique patterns inspired by the unrepeatable Baroque era.

She is probably the only jewelry craftsmen offering talented and curious future newlyweds to create their wedding bands. Yes, it is possible after a one-day workshop and a little necessary help.

If you are one of these couples, come here to get a 14-karat gold piece and learn how to solder your bands. You should texture, sand, and polish them to get unique rings no one else has in the entire world. When required, the owner can also provide 18K gold from a mine in Peru.

This unusual Lady believes that each piece of jewelry should be one of a kind, handcrafted, and it needs to show the owner’s expression. Therefore, she makes each piece for her customers as a combination of art, skill, and superior design.

Allison is a member of the Ethical Sourcing Consortium that provides only artisanally mined gold. She supports companies sourcing paper from sustainable forestry, small manufacturers offering handmade products, and Vermeil plating conducted in the US.

Address: 922 Southeast Ankeny Street Portland, OR, 97214


10. TASI

Portland(PDX) TASI

When you need handcrafted jewelry with rare, antique, or even ancient beads and attractive natural gemstones, you should visit the TASI store and look at what talented Taya Koschnick and her sister Silvija create.

They are undoubtedly one of a few top-notch jewelry designers in Portland(PDX) who creates masterpieces for more than twelve years. You can see that TASI pieces are unique, stylish, and elegant, but you should also know that they are created of high-quality materials and have their own history.

Address: 81 SE Yamhill St. Portland, OR 97214

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