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Many women would like to wear a stylish diamond necklace or earrings for exceptional events but have no extra money for such extravagance. In some cases, they need jewelry only once on a particular day without a necessity to possess such an expensive piece. Following these needs, some exclusive entrepreneurs offer rented jewelry for weddings and other special occasions.

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That way, even the designer’s rings, bracelets, and tiaras become attainable for everyone at an affordable price. For example, you can rent Chanel earrings worth $500 for only $30 a month. Can you believe it? The only thing you need to do is find the right renter online and choose a desired piece of jewelry. Let’s see 10 best places to borrow or rent jewelry online.


1. RocksBox

RocksBox Jewelry Rental

RocksBox established quite a simple billing system for jewelry lending while helping you by providing professional help and consultation. Once you choose this company, you will get a kind online jewelry expert and stylist at your disposal.

The concept is not complicated at all. You will start by paying $15 per month for the right to become a member. They will send you a few pieces of designer jewelry valued at approximately $200.

That way, you can wear these pieces for up to two months before returning them. It is then time for a new box full of jewelry you can wear for the next two months. Another option is to purchase one or more pieces at 20% off.

However, you can also return the box earlier and ask for the new one whenever you want. The best thing is that you can contribute by giving the company suggestions about your style preferences. That way, you will always get the jewelry you like the most.

By choosing their services, you will have unlimited access to designer jewelry. You can also count on a $21 monthly credit to buy desired pieces of jewelry and member discounts in their shop.

2. Haute Vault

Haute Vault Jewelry Rental

This ultimate company established a married couple, Jonathan and Taylor King. They can fulfill all your wishes regarding the jewelry, including precious designer pieces.

It’s up to you to rent a piece of costume jewelry for $30 to $35 for a daily outfit or a $100,000 diamond necklace for a special occasion. The best part is that you can get such precious for only $2,500.

Thanks to their cooperation with the popular brands in the jewelry and watch manufacturers, they can offer you luxury timepieces, exclusive diamond jewelry, and accessible fine and fashion pieces whenever you need them.

The only thing you should do is apply for a membership online, choose one of the options they offer according to your lifestyle and budget, and reserve jewelry or the watch from their collection.

3. Adorn

adorn Jewelry Rental

If you need to rent bridal jewelry, this is definitely the right place for you. However, they can offer you elegant pieces for any other possible occasion, including anniversary and your birthday. For example, you can borrow a $10,000+ worth diamond necklace for only $200 instead of buying it.

The entire process is not complicated at all, and they will send you the desired piece to your home address. Start by choosing the particular jewelry and adding it to the ‘shopping bag’ after checking its availability on the event date.

Please review their Terms & Conditions and check out by using a credit card to make an order. One of the employees will call you several days before the event to confirm shipping information.

Expect the package two business days before the moment you need the jewelry. Since the rental price includes insurance, they will charge a 33% deductible if you don’t return the jewelry.

It will be possible since the company will reserve 5% of the retail jewelry value on your credit card as a security deposit until you sent it back. As soon as they receive the jewelry, the security deposit will be removed.

4. Borrowed Bling

Borrowed Bling Jewelry Rental

If you prefer a monthly membership program, this option is excellent for you. Borrowed Bling will borrow you two to three pieces of jewelry at a time with a membership fee starting at $30. There is also a possibility to buy any pieces for 25 to 50% lower price than the regular one.

You can count on elegant jewelry with prong-set synthetic stones that convincingly imitate real diamonds. All jewelry is made of nickel-free Sterling silver sealed in 18K yellow or rose gold, black rhodium, or rhodium-platinum, depending on your preferences.

5. Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway Jewelry Rental

Rent the Runway has one vision – to make women feel self-confident, happy, and empowered every day. They will offer you a unique ‘closet in the cloud’ full of designer clothes and elegant jewelry.

This peculiar fashion revolution provides a closet with an unlimited choice of all things a modern woman can rent for a typical working day and memorable occasion.

Come here and pick out outstanding bridal outfits, precious jewelry for the bride-to-be, and all necessary accessories you may need. The only thing to do is request a one-time rental or sign up to receive beautiful jewelry monthly for only $6 per piece. Outstanding offer, right?

6. Flont

Flont Jewelry Rental

The Flont is a magical place that rents designer jewelry for any possible occasion you can imagine. Become a member for only $59 per month and get the opportunity to borrow desired jewelry whenever you want. However, you can also rent a particular piece only once without a membership if you prefer that way.

Believe it or not, they can provide the desired piece without any complications or committing to buy it. Go to their website and choose among over 65 brands, including famous ones like Tiffany, Cartier, and Bulgari.

Another option is to go to their showroom with a full-service workshop in Manhattan. Visit them and discover a new world of contemporary brick and mortar traffic, fair trade, sustainability, and enjoying in precious jewelry.

7. Red Carpet Rocks

Red Carpet Rocks Jewelry Rental

If you are a shopaholic on a budget, Red Carpet Rocks is an ideal place for you. You can rent luxe costume and demi-fine jewelry for four days at a modest price of $39.

The process is more than simple. Check the collection of designer pieces, reserve the one you like the most, pay $39 for one piece, $59 for two, and $79 for three. After four days, use the prepaid label and return the jewelry at a FedEx location.

The best news is that delivery is within 48 hours if you live in the US, and it is free of charge. Their offer includes artisanal designers’ jewelry from the US, Turkey, Bali, and India.

8. Switch

Switch Jewelry Rental

Switch specializes in renting precious jewelry for weddings and other special occasions. They offer three membership plans that help you find designer jewelry and borrow one, two, or three pieces depending on your preferred option.

The first way is to become a regular member and choose the plan, starting at $29 per month. Then, explore their jewelry collection and pick out the piece you want, regardless of its price or the method you have chosen. There is an option to adjust your membership plan if needed.

Wait for a few days for your first box, and enjoy the jewelry for as long as you want. Ask for the new pieces when deciding to change the contents of your package. Plus, you will earn credit for buying desired jewelry at a special member price every month if you choose to keep a particular piece.

9. Happily Ever Borrowed

Happily Ever Borrowed Jewelry Rental

Who says a wedding budget has to be astronomical? Try Brittany Finkle’s way, and you will look astonishing without spending thousands of dollars on pieces you will wear only once in life!

The Happily Ever Borrowed offers you an opportunity to borrow wedding jewelry. Take the Bridal Style Quiz this e-boutique provides and discover pieces that suit your taste. The best of all is that you can use the ‘Send Before You Spend Box’ and try three pieces to pick out the one that fits your wedding dress best.

The rental price is really modest, even for the designer items. Besides premiere jewelry, you can also rent bridal veils and other necessary accessories you wish. That means you can get luxury for less money than ever.

10. Verstolo

Verstolo Jewelry Rental

Verstolo offers you a unique opportunity to rent diamonds effortlessly and at an affordable price. The procedure includes booking an appointment and picking out the desired jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Your next step is to reserve anything you want for your wedding weekend, and the only responsibility is to return the jewelry within five days.

I like the fine jewelry this store offers because the employees pay attention to details and provide expertise, the will to help, and precise artistry. Visit a showroom in New York City’s Fifth Avenue and make your day with – diamonds! The best part is that these stones are 100% natural, obtained on legitimate mean, and conflict-free.

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