Swarovski Crystal vs. Diamond What's the Difference

Are you in the jewelry world and not sure about Swarovski and diamonds? Swarovski is a good copycat crystal for the diamond but is it better than a diamond? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know.

After deep research, we’ve realized that people who don’t know much about jewels and gemstones keep confusing between Swarovski crystal and diamond. For that reason, we find it essential to address the issue. Are you ready to learn about Swarovski vs diamonds? Let’s dive in!

What are Swarovski crystals?

What are Swarovski crystals
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For decades now, there is a wrong fact that Swarovski crystals are gemstones. A Swarovski crystal is in the form of glass made using very high temperatures and pressure. The chemicals used in the process are silicon oxide and lead. So, it’s not a stone but a crystal.

The person who began making them was called Daniel Swarovski back in 1891. Daniel wanted to ensure that people got diamonds without being involved in mining them.

When making them, the chemical components are melted at very high temperatures. Up to now, the ratio that Daniel used in this process remains a secret. The final polishing makes it look like a diamond.

After a good polishing, the company adds a covering on them called “Aurora Borealis.” From here, they look like diamonds 100 percent. In addition, this covering gives it a rainbow appearance when in the light.

Pros and Cons of Swarovski crystals


  • It is cheap- you can quickly get them on the market
  • They always have good clarity and a good level of brilliance


  • These crystals can get scratches after some time- requires replacement every time

What are diamonds?

What are diamonds
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For a very long time, ever wondered why diamonds are highly valued? Yes, you would want to know the reasons behind it. It’s because diamond is a rare mineral that is found naturally.

It has one of the most straightforward structures and compositions. It’s made up of pure carbon atoms arranged well to form a crystal. Part of the arrangement forms a structure called graphite.

Diamond is the hardest mineral on earth. This feature comes from it being able to resist chemicals and have a high thermal conductivity. It’s for this reason that diamond is a cutting tool.

Volcanic eruptions make diamonds come closer to the earth’s surface. It’s from the placement with rocks where people get from through mining. The different colors of diamond come from dirt that mixes with it during its formation.

We, humans, produce diamonds through mining. It’s from here that they are made to be more acceptable and more attractive.

Pros and Cons of Diamonds


  • They are the hardest in the market. This feature makes it the most expensive when sold or resold.
  • Diamonds never get any scratches or tarnish when you buy the ring.
  • Unique features of diamond make it a luxurious item that you would wish to own. If you own it, you will be having some level of respect in society.


  • Diamonds are costly in every market because of the quality they have. A good number of people can’t afford the price of an original diamond.
  • Many people have now majored in making diamond rings, thus being disadvantageous to other gems.

Similarities and differences between Swarovski crystals and diamonds

Similarities and differences between Swarovski crystals and diamonds
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Having looked at what diamond and Swarovski crystal it’s still possible for you to pass the diamonds. Let us take a look at how similar or different they are. It will help you make correct choices.

So, how is Swarovski crystal similar or different from diamonds?

There are factors that will help you know if the jewel is a diamond or a Swarovski crystal. You will be surprised that some are very easy to spot while others need a deep inspection to see them. Here is a detailed description of these factors.


The two jewels have a big color difference. Swarovski crystal is made of a chemical coating that determines its color after being created. You can find it in 84 different colors like khaki, ruby, and other varying clear ones.

On the other hand, diamond color chart grades are based on how colorlessness of the stone. These colors include colorless, almost colorless, blue, pink, yellow, purple, light, and fairly tint. Thus, diamonds don’t have a wide range of colors compared to Swarovski crystals.

With diamonds, the more colorless a diamond is, the more money you will pay for them. The price of Swarovski will almost be the same for most colors.


In terms of sparkling, it will be easy for you to choose between the two jewels. When Swarovski was first manufactured, it had a better sparkle than all the other crystals. This feature improved when Daniel started using an electric machine to enhance its beauty.

As for diamonds, you will notice an excellent sparkle. Unlike the Swarovski crystals, not all diamonds have an equal level of sparkling because the cut chooses how they will sparkle. Diamonds with a good cut have better sparkle than the others.

In general, we can say that both diamonds and Swarovski crystals sparkle better than other gems. So, the two are slightly similar. In fact, this factor is the first one to show that Daniel did an excellent job of making Swarovski sparkle. Through the electric machine that he invented, the company ensures that the jewel has a good sparkling.


Brilliance is also another critical factor to consider. On this, diamond has a better brilliance compared to Swarovski. It comes from their ability to refract light. Thus, the one with a highly refractive index is more brilliant.

Diamond has a higher index of 2.42. Like their sparkling ability, diamonds’ brilliance depends on the cut. The more light getting out of the gemstone at the back of it, the less glow it has.

Swarovski crystal has an index of 1.7. It shows that its brightness and contrast are not as good as that of diamonds.


Here, you can expect that diamond is harder than Swarovski. According to the Mohs scale of hardness, hardness comes from much the jewel can resist a scratch. The level ranges from one to ten.

Diamond has the highest with a rating of 10. It shows that it can’t quickly fade because of being able to resist scratches. This aspect is common to every diamond.

Swarovski crystal has a level of 6 to 7. It means that they can easily get scratched and cloudy after a given period. Hardness applies to every Swarovski jewel.


When it comes to clarity, the inclusions on the jewel are the critical determinant. All Swarovski crystals have the same level of excellent clarity. The company uses quality materials to ensure the gems are fine and tuned.

As for diamonds, they have varying levels of clarity. Therefore, you’ll notice that clearer diamonds tend to be more expensive. When shopping for a diamond, you’ll see grading for clarity written as FL, IF, VVS1, SI1, and I1.

The best diamonds have a 10x magnification. Eye clean diamonds are good, meaning that you can’t see the inclusions with your eye.


The cut is an essential factor when buying gems. Since Swarovski crystals are cut using a machine, they have a similar look. Hence, their precision is better than that of diamonds, which will undoubtedly make you admire them.

Diamonds can never have the same cut. It’s because different companies have different cut grading scales. Good diamonds are round and have the best cut.


Diamonds are more expensive than Swarovski crystals. It’s because diamonds have higher quality and long-lasting ability. As a result, you can buy a diamond at around $1000 at the lowest price in the current jewelry market.

If you are on a budget, go for the Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystals would cost $125, the same weight as the $1000 diamond. The problem with it is that you have to regularly replace the jewel because it won’t last as much as diamonds do last.

Which to choose: Swarovski crystals vs diamonds

Which to choose Swarovski crystals vs diamonds
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Selecting between the two gems, especially when on a tight budget, is hard. Both have excellent features that will suit your interests, thus pushing you to buy them.

Judging from the pros and cons mentioned for each jewel, you should go for the diamonds. This choice will be efficient if you have a reasonable budget for it. Besides, cheap is expensive, so buying the Swarovski will make you keep on buying them regularly.


Generally, you will see that diamond and Swarovski crystals seem to be very similar. This fact is because both of them have brilliant and sparkling features. However, there is a huge difference when it comes to pricing, hardness, clarity, and color.

If you are to buy, choose the diamonds even if they are expensive. Have you gained some insights about diamonds and Swarovski? We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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