How Much is 10 Carat Diamond Worth (Chart)

Thinking about buying a 10 carat diamond for a special occasion? You have probably set a budget for it and your objective is to buy the best, biggest, and sparkliest diamond for the money.

We are going to give you tips for doing that. We will also answer one of the questions you may currently be asking yourself, “Exactly how much is 10 carat diamond worth?” So, keep reading.

Factors to Consider When Buying a 10 Carat Diamond Ring

Factors to Consider When Buying a 10 Carat Diamond Ring
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One of the things you need to know about 10 carat diamonds is that stones this size are very rare and extremely beautiful and their price reflects this. That said, there are a few things you should keep in mind during your purchase to ensure you are getting the highest quality gemstone. These include:


Contrary to what many people think, carat does not represent the size of the diamond; it represents its weight. 1 carat is made of 0.2 grams of diamond, meaning, a 10 carat diamond will weigh 2.0 grams.

There is a notable relationship between the size of a diamond and its carat value. A 10 carat diamond will certainly be much bigger than a 1 or 2 carat diamond. However, the exact size will depend on the shape of the diamond and how it is cut.

Usually, the higher the carat value, the bigger and more expensive the diamond will be. A 10 carat diamond will, therefore, cost you more.


Diamonds come with a clarity grade that indicates the amount of flaws or blemishes a stone has. When buying a rare and expensive diamond like a 10 carat, clarity grading is one of the things you should take notice of. You want the shiniest stone, not a dull, lifeless one.

High-grade diamonds will be flawless while low-grade diamonds will have obvious inclusions that can easily be spotted by the naked eye. This grading was invented by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to help customers buy quality diamonds. The grading scale is as follows:

Grading Common Acronym
Flawless FL
Internally Flawless IF
Very Very Small Inclusions 1 VVS1
Very Very Small Inclusions 2 VVS2
Very Small Inclusions 1 VS1
Very Small Inclusions 2 VS2
Small Inclusions 1 SI1
Small Inclusions 2 SI2
Inclusions 1 I1
Inclusions 2 I2

This grading plays a huge role when it comes to the diamond’s beauty and price. A 10 carat diamond graded as Flawless (FL) will cost so much higher than one graded as Very Small Inclusions (VS). Inclusions 2 (I2) is the lowest grade and will be the cheapest.

When buying a diamond as heavy as 10 carat, try not to go for clarity that is too low. Any blemishes that may not be spotted in a smaller sized diamond will be much noticeable in a 10 carat stone.

Similarly, it certainly won’t make sense to go for a diamond with the highest clarity grade. Beyond a certain level, there won’t be any notable disparity to the naked eye. A diamond with a minimum of VS2 in clarity would be a great stone. Just make sure to examine it closely to ensure it doesn’t have any noticeable inclusions.


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As with clarity, the color of the diamond enhances the beauty of the gemstone, which increases its price.

The GIA provides a color grading system to indicate how clear or yellow a diamond is. The grading ranges from D to Z, with D being the highest grade and Z the lowest.

A 10 carat diamond marked D will mostly be clear and colorless while one marked Z will have a visible yellow or brown tint.

The best diamond will be one that appears colorless. But this doesn’t mean you should go for the highest grade in the chart. The grade just needs to be high enough that no color is visible to the naked eye.

Generally, any stone between G and I will be perfect. Anything beyond this level will not look much different; you will just be paying considerably more.

You may also want to check the diamond settings. A darker setting like yellow gold or rose gold may make a lower color grade tone look whiter. By picking one of these, you may be able to get away with lower grade diamonds while the same diamond in a brighter setting may have a more visible yellow/brown coloration.


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A diamond cut is simply how well a diamond is cut. This usually determines how symmetrical and proportional the diamond is, which in turn affects how well it reflects light.

There is often a huge difference between a diamond that is poorly cut and one with a clean cut. This disparity is even more noticeable in 10 carat diamonds because they are bigger. So, if you are eyeing a 10 carat stone, it is important that you go for the cleanest cut, or rather, the highest grade possible.

The GIA grades diamond cuts from Poor to Excellent, whereas the American Gem Society (AGS) grades from Poor to Ideal. When it comes to buying a 10 carat diamond, we advise you only consider stones that are graded as Excellent or Ideal for cut.


If you are buying an engagement ring, you probably already know what shape the wearer prefers. Round diamonds are the most common and most expensive. The round shape gives the stone incredible brilliance and looks good on any skin tone.

If you think, however, that the wearer will appreciate a more unique shape, there are many options available that may be more pocket-friendly than round like:

  • Princess cut diamonds: Feminine and delicate diamonds that are almost as shiny as round diamonds. They are the second most popular and will be a more viable option for people looking for a more edgy and contemporary shape.
  • Oval diamonds: Perfect for the girl who appreciates a little bit of tradition but also likes to exhibit individuality. Some oval diamonds can be as sparkly as rounds and with their modern, elegant twist, they will look beautiful on any skin.
  • Pear and marquise: If your lady likes to stand out, the pear and marquise shapes could be a great choice, as these fancy cuts really scream for attention. They are also ideal for someone who likes larger stones because the shapes often look bigger than rounds of the same carat settings.
  • Radiant or cushion: A girl who fancies princess cuts but wants something that is not too mainstream will always appreciate rectangular shapes like radiant and cushion.
  • Asscher and emerald: These are for elegant ladies who like sophisticated, vintage styles.

Depending on where you are buying your 10 carat diamond ring, you can save up to 40% by going for a shaped stone other than round.

How Much Does a 10 Carat Diamond Cost?

How Much Does a 10 Carat Diamond Cost
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Based on the above factors, we have created the following table so you can have an idea of how much a 10 carat diamond might cost and make the best buy. It is worth mentioning that the prices indicated on the table are for the traditional round diamonds. Other shapes may cost a little less.

10 Carat Diamond Price in USD

Color IF VVS1 VVS2 VS1 VS2 SI1
D $ 159, 629 $ 119, 125 $ 104, 830 $ 95, 777 $ 84, 341 $ 52, 892
E $ 114, 105 $ 105, 450 $ 95, 475 $ 86, 450 $ 74, 100 $ 48, 925
F $ 99, 958 $ 94, 300 $ 84, 870 $ 75, 912 $ 63, 181 $ 44, 793
G $ 83, 987 $ 79, 716 $ 72, 599 $ 63, 583 $ 55, 042 $ 40, 333
H $ 66, 570 $ 62, 291 $ 57, 536 $ 52, 781 $ 43, 746 $ 33, 761
I $ 49, 244 $ 46, 403 $ 44, 509 $ 42, 142 $ 35, 513 $ 28, 884

While this table gives an approximation of how much a 10 carat diamond may be worth, note that diamond prices will vary greatly based on the grades and quality of the stone you choose.

A diamond ring with low grade clarity and color may cost up to $ 20, 000 per carat while a truly spectacular 10 carat ring can cost you even more than $ 500, 000.

Sites like Rapaport and Index can help you figure out how much you are likely to spend on a 10 carat diamond. But the most effective way to know for sure how much the stone will cost you is by visiting a reputable jeweler.

Also, we advise buying only diamonds that are GIA or AGS certified. These are the two most authentic diamond grading systems worldwide and have the highest and most reliable scaling standards. It is the best way to ensure you are not paying for a poor-quality stone that only looks good on paper.

Have you bought a 10 carat diamond recently? What factors did you consider to ensure an effective buy? Tell us in the comments.

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