How Much Is A 1921 Silver Dollar Worth (Chart)

Do you have a 1921 silver dollar that has been in your collection over the years, and you hope it is valuable? Well, you might be lucky to earn a lot of money from your treasure. However, that will depend on the type of silver dollar made in 1921 you have.

If you didn’t know, there are two different types of 1921 silver dollars: the Morgan and Peace series. The two are in great demand by dealers in the coin collecting market. For that reason, we think talking about the worth of these old coins will help many people who have a few in stock.

Are you one of these people? Then, read ahead to know how much is a 1921 silver dollar worth and so much more!

What’s the difference between a Morgan and Peace silver dollar?

Before you find out the worth of your 1921 silver dollar, it is essential you know the type of dollar you have. Is it a 1921 peace dollar or a 1921 Morgan dollar? It is effortless to tell. But be observant because there is only a slight difference between the two dollars.

The Morgan silver dollar is the most common one.  It features an obverse (head side) design of miss liberty and reverse (tails side) of an eagle. On the contrary, the 1921 peace silver dollars are only relatively common and scarce.

You’ll realize that the head side of the peace silver dollar features a young Miss Liberty, and the tails side a bald eagle. Also, the designer of Morgan silver dollar was George T. Morgan, while that of the peace dollar was Anthony de Francis.

What’s the value of a 1921 Morgan silver dollar?

What's the value of a 1921 Morgan silver dollar
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The least you can expect from your Morgan silver dollar is $23.68, but it all depends on the condition of the coin. Your coin will have a higher potential if it has an excellent quality of preservation. Most people possess 1921 Morgan dollars that are in worn and circulated condition, but collectors go for uncirculated condition.

So, what is the meaning of these different conditions? A 1921 Morgan silver dollar in uncirculated condition must have all the minted details and none exposed to wear and tear. Since it is the top range condition, the price is a little higher. Besides, dealers and collectors are willing to pay more for its preservation sets and great looks.

If a dealer tells you that your Morgan silver dollar is extremely fine, it means that the dollar has started showing slight wear. Overall flattening of the coin is evident, as well as the loss of roundness. However, the condition is still crisp and very sharp, meaning it will give you some good money.

A Morgan coin in “fine” condition has moderate wear with clear visibility. However, there are several noticeable flat parts on the head and tails sides. As a result, the amount you get from this dollar will be slightly lower than that in extremely fine conditions.

Lastly, if your Morgan dollar is in good condition means it has heavy wear and less valuable. The worth of this dollar is mainly tied to bullion silver price because it has lost most of its details.

Are you now eager to know the price of your 1921 Morgan silver dollar depending on the mintmark and condition? Check the table below:

Date Good condition Fine condition Extremely fine condition Uncirculated condition
1921 $23.68 $24.54 $27.24 $43.59
1921 D $23.68 $24.54 $27.24 $47.75
1921 S $23.68 $24.54 $27.24 $47.75

What’s the value of a 1921 piece silver dollar?

Finding a 1921 peace silver dollar is pretty hard, and probably that’s why it is highly regarded by dealers and collectors. The coin is very distinctive when comparing it to the following years. It has a boldly struck, profound design and other striking features that make it valuable.

Like with all old coins like the Morgan dollar, the condition is a critical factor in determining a 1921 Peace silver dollar value. If your coin does not have wear to its surface, then it is in uncirculated condition. It must have a layer of complexity, and from a slight angle, you should be able to see the entire design.

An extremely fine coin is slightly worn out with some flatness, as evident. However, you’ll notice that the roundness of the design remains the same. The many strands of Miss Liberty’s hair also show that the coin’s appearance is not all that bad.

If you notice that your 1921 Peace silver dollar is flatting and has some smoothness, then it’s a good indication it is in “fine” condition. For a coin that has plenty of wears and neck designates, then you’ll know it is in “good” condition. But, unfortunately, the coin is in a low-grade status, which means you’ll get less money from it.

Also, a coin that is more superior in the depth of strikes will likely appeal to most collectors compared to one with incomplete strikes.

The table below will tell you how much money you can make from your 1921 Peace silver, depending on its survival. You’ll be surprised by how much this type of silver dollar is worth.

Date Good condition Fine condition Extremely fine condition Uncirculated condition
1921 $62 $72 $93 $218

4 Tips to determine the worth of a silver dollar

At times, you would want to estimate how much you can get from the silver dollars you possess. Tentatively, the knowledge of their value will help you sell the bucks preciously or insure them with a trusted firm. Economists use many elements in evaluating the greatness of any silver dollar.

Despite the idea that many people stopped minting it, the coin still owns an intrinsic value even presently. So, are you concerned about what to consider when determining the worth of your silver dollar coins? Here are four key factors that will guide you to ascertain their value.

Know the date

The most popular way among many collectors is ranking the sets of silver dollars using the dates they got minted. However, one may wonder where to locate the specific dates when the coins were manufactured. These times are tagged on the obverse or the typical “head’s side” of the coin.

It’s pretty sensible to know that older coins have more value than the recently minted ones. A tangible example is the dates of the 1804 silver dollars; they are more worthy because only a few were minted. Generally, identifying the dates is crucial in determining the accurate value of your silver dollars.

Understand the mintmark

Once you have known of the dates, the mint which marked your coin will be your next element. Some people will check the dates but forget where the coin was made, which is found on the mintmark. During the construction of mints in the United States, striking the silver dollars was prioritized.

Every mint identified their coins with a unique mintmark using a particular design. Therefore, where your coin was minted can significantly affect its value. The marks from various mints include:

  • New Orleans mint using the letter “O” as from 1838
  • San Francisco striking their dollars with an “S” from 1859
  • Denver used a “D” mintmark in 1921
  • West Point chose on using “W” from 1984
  • Carson City marked their coins using “CC” from 1870
  • Philadelphia began with no mintmark but started using “P” in 1979.

Check whether there are unusual markings (errors and Varieties)

After checking on where it was minted from, you should value the surface condition of the coin. Coin collectors always want silver dollars in an attractive state engraved with the correct details because it contributes to valuation. However, be cautious of the weird drawings on your coins as someone outside the mints primarily creates them.

Know the overall condition

Always maintain the state of your silver dollars to improve their value. A coin having the original luster, with few marks on the surface, and free of wear is preferably in a good state. Take caution by cleaning your currency using a professional firm, as it will reduce the risk of losing its value.

Wearing the coin removes the tiny details that quickly diminish its value. Although the crucial information will remain intact, the fields of the currency will be roughened. In most cases, maintain the delicate state of the silver dollar the way you acquired it.


As you have seen, your 1921 silver dollar value will differ from that of your friend’s, depending on the type you have. Also, although we have mentioned the values of both Morgan and Peace silver dollars, the marketplace might change with time. So, keep checking for updates.

In addition to that, factors like date, mintmark, errors and overall condition will determine the value of your silver dollar. Did you find this information helpful? Please let us know by leaving a comment below. Also, let us know if you think your silver dollars are worth selling.

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