The Winged Liberty collection has both historical and numismatic value. This series is also known as the Mercury set because of its interesting design.

Many collectors desire to find all the coins from the set in the best grade available, and they are willing to pay a significant sum for them. However, some dates are scarcer than others, and their price grows along with demand. A 1926 dime value also depends on the mint that produced it. Let’s see.


1926 Mercury Dime History

1926 Mercury Dime History

The US Mint issued the Mercury collection from 1916 to 1945. Three mints, Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco produced these ten-cent silver coins.

Adolph Weinman created a new dime design to replace previous Barber dimes. His other coin, the Walking Liberty, also went into circulation that year. Interestingly, the designer used Lady Liberty for the obverse of both pieces and included his initials in the design.

1926 Mercury dime

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1926 32,160,000
San Francisco 1926 S 1,520,000
Denver 1926 D 6,828,000
Total / 40,508,000

The 1926 dime shows Winged Liberty on the obverse, just like the rest of the collection. Symbolizing freedom of speech and thought, she wears a cap with wings, reminding many of the Roman god Mercury. Therefore, this coin became known as the Mercury dime.

There is the engraved word LIBERTY above the image on the coin obverse and IN GOD WE TRUST and the mintage date below it.

1926 Mercury dime

Face value $0.10
Compound 90% silver with copper
Coin weight 0.08038 troy ounces (2.5 g)
Coin diameter 0.70472 inches (38.1 mm)
Coin thickness 0.05315 inches (1.35 mm)
Shape Round
Edge Plain

Interestingly, the reverse side contains both symbols of war and peace. The central figure is a Roman fasces with the war ax on top, the traditional token of power, strength, and justice.

1926 Mercury dime value*

Quality 1926 1926 S 1926 D
Good $3.4 $15 $3.6
Very good $3.6 $18 $5
Fine $3.9 $30 $6.4
Very fine $6.1 $67 $12
Extra fine $7.3 $286 $32
AU $18 $508 $56
MS 60 $28 $941 $141
MS 65 $286 $3,193 $658

*by USA Coin book

The designer mitigated war symbolization with olive branches surrounding the faces. Below is a TEN CENT denomination with two five-point stars. You can also read the words the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM on the reverse.


1926 Mercury Dime Types

With a total mintage of 40,508,000, the 1926 Mercury dime is not as common as other dates in the series. Most coins went straight to circulation, and you can find them damaged, with plenty of scratches and stains.

Since there are no proof dimes from that year, it increases the demand for standard coins in the mint state. They are typically many times more valuable than pieces in lower grades.

1926 Mercury dime value*

Year Good Fine Extra fine Mint state
1926 $3 $3.5 $7 $16
1926 S $13 $26 $250 $450
1926 D $3.2 $6 $28 $50

*by JM Bullion

Even the worst preserved 1926 Mercury dime is worth at least its melt value, depending on the fluctuating silver price. Nowadays, you can get $1.78 for a non-collectible piece since the current silver price is $24.62 per troy ounce.

1926 Mercury dime no mint mark

1926 Mercury dime no mint mark

The mints play a significant role in defining a 1926 Mercury dime value due to the considerable differences in their production. The Philadelphia mint made 32,160,000 coins without the mint mark that year.

1926 Mercury dime value*

Quality 1926 1926 S 1926 D
Good $2 $5 $2
Fine $2 $30 $2.5
Very fine $3 $115 $3.5
Extra fine $10 $175 $75
AU $21 $402 $207
MS 63 FB $64 $1,380 $373

*by COIN HelpU

As you can guess, they are pretty common, and you can quickly find a dime in low grades for less than $20. Pieces in the mint state are more expensive, with prices up to $650.


1926 S Mercury dime

1926 S Mercury dime

You can consider yourself lucky if you have the 1926 Mercury dime minted in San Francisco. This mint produced 1,520,000 coins, making them extremely valuable. It is possible to recognize these pieces by the S mint mark on the reverse, next to the denomination.

1926 Mercury dime value*

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1926 $1.8 $3.4 $3.4 $27
1926 S $9.2 $28 $151 $1,124
1926 D $2 $3.4 $24 $181

*by CoinStudy

Most coin dealers will offer you at least $5 for a specimen in the lowest grade. As always, the more preserved the coin, the more it is worth. For instance, the 1926 S MS 67 Mercury dime reached an auction record of $54,625.

1926 D Mercury dime

1926 D Mercury dime

The Denver mint struck 6,828,000 Mercury dimes in 1926 with the D mint mark on the reverse. Although not as rare as S-marked coins, they can reach up to $75 in extra fine grade.

1926 Mercury dime value*

Date Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1926 $1.7 to $2.2 $2.2 to $2.7 $6.5 to $7.5 $22+
1926 S $9 to $10.5 $18 to $21 $160 to $185 $875+
1926 D $3.2 to $3.7 $6.5 to $7.5 $18 to $21 $90+

*by Coinflation


1926 Mercury Dime Rarities

1926 Mercury Dime Rarities

All Mercury dime dates occasionally come with rarities, like double die and die cracks, and these errors can multiply their value. The most precious 1926 Mercury dimes are those will Full Band Lines. They got multiple strikes on the reverse, making bands around olive branches more pronounced.

1926 Full Bands Mercury dime value*

Quality 1926 1926 S 1926 D
MS 60 / $1,400 /
MS 61 $40 $1,600 $250
MS 62 $55 $2,000 $310
MS 63 $65 $2,800 $460
MS 64 $140 $4,200 $550
MS 65 $240 $6,600 $1,500
MS 66 $540 $14,400 $3,200
MS 67 $2,400 $45,000 $30,000

*by Greysheet

It is possible to find poorly preserved 1926 FB Mercury dimes for a few hundred dollars, while the price of those in the mint state reaches several thousand bucks. For instance, the most pricey 1926 S FB Mercury dime in the mint state is worth $45,000.


Mercury Dime Series

Mercury Dime Series

Three US mints struck Mercury dimes from 1916 to 1945, and this series contains 77 regular-issue coins with different dates and mint marks. Plus, dedicated collectors prefer adding the most known variations to their sets, gathering over 80 dimes in the collection.

The set with all dimes in the mint state is worth approximately $25,000 to $75,000. However, most collectors can’t start with such an expensive option, and they are happy to collect coins in very good or fine grades.


1926 Mercury Dime Grading

1926 Mercury Dime Grading

Besides the mint mark, the 1926 Mercury dime condition is the critical factor determining its value. There are a few crucial details that coin dealers pay attention to before defining a particular coin grade.

Uncirculated – This perfectly preserved dime never spent a moment in circulation and is highly desirable among collectors nowadays. You can’t find scratches and signs of wear on its surface, and the date and all letters are clearly separated and readable. 

1926 Mercury dime value*

Quality 1926 1926 S 1926 D
Good $2.1 $8.5 to $9 $2.3
Very good $2.1 $12 to $13 $3
Fine $2.2 $23 to $32 $3.5 to $6
Very fine $3.1 to $3.2 $50 to $125 $10 to $19
Extra fine $6 $225 to $270 $24 to $27
AU $8.4 to $16 $340 to $900 $32 to $70
MS 60 $19 $1,000 $110
MS 61 $24 $1,100 $150
MS 62 $30 $1,300 $200
MS 63 $40 $1,500 $220
MS 64 $78 $2,150 $250
MS 65 $185 $2,850 $400
MS 66 $250 $4,200 $1,150
MS 67 $650 $9,000 /

*by Greysheet

Extra fine – You can see smooth areas on Liberty’s face while her eye and hairline lost their delicacy. The same goes for the olive branches on the coin reverse. However, the design is generally well-preserved with perfectly readable engravings.

Fine – Look at the feathers on the Liberty’s cap while you examine a fine 1926 dime. They start to merge with the rest of the top area and become smooth under fingers.

This coin went through many hands, causing the details on the reverse, like the ax and olive branches, to disappear. Letters are mainly flat, and it is practically impossible to notice the designer’s initials.

1926 Mercury dime value*

Quality 1926 1926 S 1926 D
Good $3.3 $9.5 $3.3
Very good $3.6 $16.2 $5.7
Fine $3.8 $33.3 $7.6
Very fine $4.8 $71.3 $14.3
Extra fine $7.6 $308.8 $33.3
Uncirculated $24 $855 $128
Brilliant uncirculated $238 $2,850 $570
Brilliant uncirculated FB $523 $7,125 $2,375

*by Hobbizine

Good – All major details are gone, including hairlines and feathers. Both coin sides are smooth, and the letters are hardly readable. You can recognize the date, but the last two digits merge with the coin rim.

The original luster is entirely disappeared, and you can notice stains and discoloration on the surface. Such a coin is not worth much, but rather somewhere around the silver melt value.



Even the most damaged 1926 Mercury dimes are worth the silver melt value, which is currently about $2. However, pieces in the mint state have high value, especially FB varieties. Three mints struck these coins, yet those with the S mint mark are the most expensive.

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