How Much is an 1937 Mercury Dime Worth (Price Chart)

The US Mint was founded over 200 years ago and produced numerous unique coin designs Americans are proud of. However, Mercury dimes are something special by all possible criteria and are still a prize for collectors. Luckily, plenty of these pieces are available, so their price is not particularly high.

Highly collectible silver cents are always in the mint state, so you can assume that the 1937 Dime value directly depends on its condition. You should also pay attention to the mint mark and possible errors to get the best price for your money. Let’s take a look.

1937 Mercury Dime History

The silver Mercury (Winged Liberty head) dime is probably the most beautiful coin the US Mint ever struck. The minting started in 1916 and lasted by 1945.

1937 Dime

Location Year Minted Value
Philadelphia 1937 56,865,756 $4
Philadelphia 1937 proof 5,756 $900
San Francisco 1937 S 9,740,000 $5
Denver 1937 D 14,146,000 $6
Total / 80,751,756 /

Mint Chief Engraver Charles E. Barber designed Lady Liberty wearing the hat reminding the Petasus. The added crowning wings were a symbol of freedom.

However, the image reminded Americans of the Roman God Mercury, so the coin has stayed remembered by its nickname. You can see the faces and a battle-axe surrounded by olive twigs on the reverse.

1937 Dime

Face value $0.10 (10 cents)
Compound 90% silver and 10% copper
Coin weight ­­0.08037 troy ounces (2.5 g)
Silver weight 0.07234 troy ounces (2.25 g)
Coin diameter ­­­0.70512 inches (17.91 mm)
Coin thickness 0.07677 inches (1.95 mm)
Shape Round
Edge Reeded

The dime production was lower in 1937 than in the previous year, but the mintage of about 80 million was typical for the series. The regularly issued pieces typically cost $50 in an MS 65 grade, but you will need to pay more for a specimen with fully split bands.


1937 Mercury Dime Types

1937 Mercury dime

1937 Mercury dime

The piece minted in Philadelphia doesn’t have the mint mark and typically costs at least its weight in silver or more, depending on the preservation level. On the other hand, those in excellent condition will cost more because of their numismatic value.

1937 Dime value*

Quality 1937 1937 S 1937 D
Good $2.1 $2.1 $2.1
Very good $2.7 $2.7 $2.7
Fine $3.2 $3.2 $3.2
Very fine $3.3 $3.3 $3.3
Extra fine $3.4 $3.7 $4.2
About uncirculated $6.6 $11 $12
MS 60 $12 $23 $24
MS 65 $34 $45 $50
Proof 65 $888 / /

*by USA Coin book

1937 proof Mercury dime

Besides regular mintage, the Philadelphia mint struck 5,756 proof Mercury dimes in 1937. Their average value is $525+, but you can expect to pay more for a well-preserved piece in high grade.

1937 D Mercury dime

1937 D Mercury dime

In 1937, the Denver mint produced 14,146,000 Mercury dimes, and many have been saved until these days. An average coin is worth at least $3, but you can expect to get $45 for the piece in the MS 65 grade.

1934 Buffalo nickel value*

Year Good quality Fine quality Extra fine quality Mint state
1937 $2.25 $3 $3.5 $7
1937  S $2.25 $3 $3.50 $12
1937  D $2.25 $3 $4 $12

*by JM Bullion

1937 S Mercury dime

1937 S Mercury dime

Since San Francisco minted 9,740,000 Mercury dimes in 1937, these coins are not considered scarce. Their average price is about $3 for pieces in very fine condition. However, you should set aside $20 to $40 for an uncirculated coin.


1937 Mercury Dime Rarities and Key Dates

1937 Mercury Dime Rarities and Key Dates

Since the US Mint didn’t make any mistake while minting Mercury dimes, you couldn’t find any key date or rare error produced in 1937. The good news is that it is almost impossible finding counterfeit or altered coins minted this particular year.

1937 Dime value*

Quality 1937 1937 S 1937 D
Good $2 $2 $2
Fine $2 $2 $2
Very fine $3 $3 $3
Extra fine $3 $6 $6
About uncirculated $8 $15 $15
MS 63 FB $12 $33 $31

*by COIN HelpU

Even though the Mercury dime series has a few expensive key dates, none was minted in 1937. However, you should be prepared that pieces with full bands are scarce and worth more than standard coins.

The most precious 1937 S Full Band Mercury dime can reach the price of an impressive $15,600. Unfortunately, finding a piece in the full band range on the current coin market is almost impossible.


Mercury Dime Set

The Mercury dimes are trendy nowadays, and many collectors try to get the entire set. Surprisingly, you can find the one with all rarities for only $1,500, but the key dates are typically in the low condition in such a case.

If you want to buy the set in at least a good grade, you should set aside more than $2,000. Keep in mind that 1916 D, 1921, and 1921 D dimes can be pretty expensive.

1937 Dime value

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1937 $1.66 $1.78 $2.00 $5.96
1937  D $1.66 $1.78 $2.37 $19
1937  S $1.66 $1.78 $2.00 $17

*by CoinStudy

There is also an option to buy short sets that include coins minted from 1934 to 1945. Another solution is to pick out those from the war years produced between 1941 and 1945.

Both choices are attractive, and many collectors on a budget make one of these two choices. A set in the good grade without the keys will cost you only ten bucks over their silver value.


1937 Mercury Dime Grading

1937 Mercury Dime Grading

Appropriate coin grading will help you determine the precise 1937 Mercury dime value. It is necessary to thoroughly inspect any signs of wear, possible scratches, or significant damage on the coin surface.

Remember that the dime condition is the primary factor for determining its price in addition to the year of minting and the mint mark.

Uncirculated – An uncirculated Mercury dime never spent time in circulation. Therefore, you should pay attention to the original luster and intact surface. Since such pieces are the most appreciated among collectors, you can expect that their price is high accordingly.

Sometimes the bag for keeping coins can leave light traces in direct contact with the dime surface. Unfortunately, it will affect the MS level of preservation.

1937 Mercury Dime value*

Quality 1937 1937 S 1937 D
Good $2.4 $2.4 $2.4
Very good $2.4 to $2.5 $2.48 to $2.5 $2.48 to $2.5
Fine $2.9 $2.9 $2.9
Very fine $4 to $4.4 $4 to $4.4 $4 to $4.4
Extra fine $5 $6.7 to $8.9 $6.7 to $8.9
AU $5.1 to $6.9 $8.1 to $21 $8.1 to $21.8
MS 60 $8.1 to $9.7 $22.9 to $27.5 $23.6 to $28.3
MS 61 $8.1 to $9.7 $24.3 to $29.1 $26.6 to $30.8
MS 62 $8.1 to $10.8 $25.6 to $30.8 $28.3 to $34
MS 63 $9.4 to 12.1 $27 to $32.4 $32.4 to $38.9
MS 64 $17.5 to $21 $36.4 to $43.7 $33.7 to $40.5
MS 65 $22.9 to $29.7 $37.8 to $45.3 $44.5 to $53
MS 66 $40.5 to 48.6 $94 to $113 $68 to $81
MS 67 $81 to $97 $130 to $156 $150 to $179

*by Greysheet

Extra fine – Even though this piece spent a short time in circulation, it has kept fine details and is not heavily damaged. You can see that luster is not so excellent, like in the dime in the mint mark, and slight signs of wear are visible, but it is still a beautiful coin.

Pay particular attention to details on the wing’s feathers above the Liberty’s ear and a light cheek flatness typical for this grade.

Fine – This dime was in use for a long but wasn’t significantly damaged. However, you can’t recognize all the details, like wing feathers above the Liberty’s ear or the curls framing her face. All in all, the signs of wear are light without deep scratches, remaining this piece really beautiful.

1937 Mercury Dime Full Bands value*

Quality 1937 1937 S 1937 D
MS 63 $32.4 to $38.9 $55 to $64 $36.4 to $43.7
MS 64 $40.5 to $48.6 $115 to $130 $61 to $73
MS 65 $47.2 to $54 $221 to $265 $122 to $140
MS 66 $68 to $88 $358 to $411 $150 to $179
MS 67 $162 to $195 $897 to $1,020 $390 to $455
MS 68 $1,620 to $1,880 $12,000 to $15,600 $3,250 to $4,250

*by Greysheet

Good – When you notice the lettering and date merging, you will know that the coin you inspect belongs to the lowest possible grade for a collectible item. It spent years in circulation, resulting in heavy wear and damage visible on the coin surface.

The Liberty bust has lost typical design features. Therefore, you can’t recognize outlined characteristic hair and wing elements.



The 1937 Mercury dime can be worth some money for the highest graded pieces. Keep in mind that there are several things you need to check before trading these coins, including the condition, the coin type, and unique coins with an error.

If you possess one of these specimens, you can’t become rich after selling it, but the final price will always be at least as much as the value of the silver it was made of.

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