How Much is a 1927 Peace Silver Dollar Worth (Price Chart)

The 1927 Peace silver dollar is almost a 100 years-old coin and one of the most appreciated and popular coins in USA history. It symbolized peace, value, prosperity, and freedom during the minting period.

As you can expect, the 1927 Peace silver dollar value can be high nowadays, depending on its condition. Even the worst pieces will be worth the same as silver bullion, while excellently preserved specimens with significant numismatic value can be pricey.

1927 Peace Silver Dollar History

The Peace silver dollar production started in 1921, after World War I ended. Since previously minted Morgan silver dollars were mostly melted down by the Pittman Act, the US market needed new silver dollars as a replacement in this post-war period.

1927 Peace silver dollar

Location Year Minted Value
Philadelphia 1927 848,000 $39
San Francisco 1927 S 866,000 $39
Denver 1927 D 1,268,900 $39
Total / 2,982,900 /

As you can guess, the name Peace had the symbolic meaning of the long-awaited end of a horrible period in human history. This unique coin’s minting years were from 1921 to 1928. Once the Great Depression harshly hit the US citizens, the US Mint stopped production for a while.

After those turbulent and striving years, the Peace dollar production started again, and the US Mint struck this coin once more in 1934 and 1935.

1927 Peace silver dollar

Face value 1 dollar ($1)
Compound 90% silver and 10% copper
Coin thickness 0,09 inches (2,4 mm)
Coin weight 0.85939 troy ounces (26.73 g)
Coin diameter 1,5 inches (38.1mm)
Edge Reeded
Shape Round

The ending of World War I had a remarkable impact on Americans’ lives, so the symbolism of Peace silver dollars supported people tormented by war. This coin was meant to commemorate the peace, and the design was created accordingly.

Sculptor and engraver Anthony de Francisci designed the obverse side showing the Lady Liberty profile with the favorite American word LIBERTY written over her head. According to historical data, he made the image of Lady Liberty by the look of his lovely wife.

He also added the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST in the central coin part, left and right of the Libarty’s head. The date was placed below her bust.

1927 Peace silver dollar value*

Quality 1927 1927 S 1927 D
Good $31 $31 $31
Very good $38 $38 $38
Fine $43 $43 $43
Very fine $49 $49 $49
Extra fine $52 $56 $56
AU $61 $89 $89
MS 60 $101 $234 $234
MS 65 $3,222 $11,141 $25,224

*by USA Coin book

The reverse coin side has a bald eagle holding the olive branch in its claws, symbolizing peace. The legend PEACE is written underneath, while the words ONE DOLLAR you can see on both eagle sides. The word ONE is on the eagle’s left side, and the DOLLAR is struck on the right.

You can find the mint mark under the bald eagle’s tail if there is one. The inscription the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA and the Latin motto E PLURIBUS UNUM are placed above the eagle’s head.


1927 Peace Silver Dollar Types

1927 Peace silver dollar

1927 Peace silver dollar

Precisely 848,00 Peace silver dollars without the mint mark were produced in Philadelphia in 1927. Nowadays, you can find these coins in decent condition for $30, but those in the mint state are more pricey.

1927 Peace silver dollar value*

Quality 1927 1927 S 1927 D
Very fine $30 $45 $35
Extra fine $45 $47 $56
AU $55 $70 $85
MS 63 $165 $375 $300
MS 65 $2,500 $9,000 $3,000

*by COIN HelpU

For instance, one 1927 MS 63 Peace silver dollar will cost you about $165, while you should set aside $2,500 to $3,000 for the one in MS 65 grade. Be prepared that a rare MS 66 specimen can reach $20,400 to $30,000 at auctions.

1927 Peace silver dollar proof

The Philadelphia mint didn’t struck proof Peace silver dollars in 1927. This coin type was minted only in 1921 and 1922.

1927 S Peace silver dollar

1927 S Peace silver dollar

The 1927 Peace silver dollar value gets higher in the case of mint sign S, suggesting that the minting took place in San Francisco. The mint produced 866,000 of these coins this year, and pieces in low grades are typically worth $30 to $90 on the current coin market.

1927 Peace silver dollar value*

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1927 $24.78 $25.76 $31.09 $47.23
1927  S $24.78 $25.76 $31.09 $197
1927  D $24.78 $25.76 $31.09 $202

*by CoinStudy

However, you should set aside at least $250 for the MS 60 rated specimen, while the 1927 MS 65 Peace silver dollar is worth more than $11,000. Rare pieces in MS 66 grade can reach $65,000 to $75,000 at auction.

1927 D Peace silver dollar

1927 D Peace silver dollar

The Denver mint produced 1,268,900 Peace silver dollars in 1927. One could think that they are worth the least as they are numerous, but it is not the case. The well-preserved uncirculated pieces can cost up to $3,000. In fact, the coin in MS 66 grade can reach the price of $20,500 to $39,000 at auction.


1927 Peace Silver Dollar Key Dates and Rarities

There are no Peace silver dollar rarities and key dates minted in 1927. Since no proof coins were minted this year, pieces produced in Denver and San Francisco have the highest value on the current coin market.


1927 Peace Silver Dollar Grading

1927 Peace Silver Dollar Grading

Grading and determining the coin value is complex since you should take care of so many variations. As you can expect, numerous details affect each piece’s value, so the best option is to get your coin professionally checked.

However, you can also do it yourself by following some primary rating rules. The goal is to place your specimen into the adequate grading group after thoroughly checking its condition, detail preservation, and possible damage on its surface.

Uncirculated – The 1927 Peace silver dollar in the mint state looks like it is just produced. Such a beautiful and well-preserved piece has no traces of any scratches, discolorations, or damage.

The Lady Liberty image, letters, and numbers should be impeccable and precise, while the coin rim is still intact and sharp. However, you can expect to see less original shade since this specimen is a century old.

1927 Peace silver dollar value*

Coin Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1927 $24 to $26 $28 to $30 $32 to $35 $55+
1927 S $24 to $26 $28 to $30 $32 to $35 $135+
1927 D $24 to $26 $28 to $30 $32 to $35 $140+

*by Coinflation

Extra fine – Such a coin is less representative but far from bad condition. It usually lacks the sharp edges of the Liberty’s face and hair, while eagle’s feathers tops are a bit flattened. This Peace dollar still has most of the features one coin should have, making it highly collectible and valuable.

Fine – This Peace dollar spent years in circulation so that you can notice the trace of time on its surface. It lacks sharp edges of Liberty’s image, while words look smoother and worn out. It is impossible to distinguish margins between hair strands, and you will find it very hard to spot an almost invisible mint mark on the reverse.

1927 Peace silver dollar value*

Quality 1927 1927 S 1927 D
Good $39.1 to $46.7 $39.1 to $46.7 $39.1 to $46.7
Very good $39.5 to $47.1 $39.5 to $47.1 $39.5 to $47.1
Fine $40.84 to $48.5 $41 to $53 $40.5 to $50
Very fine $45.9 to $65 $49.95 to $70 $49.9 to $70
Extra fine $61 to $81 $94 to $122 $94 to $122
AU $74 to $122 $162 to $312 $156 to $289
MS 60 $156 to $187 $325 to $390 $377 to $452
MS 61 $162 to $195 $358 to $429 $384 to $460
MS 62 $195 to $234 $448 to $516 $448 to $538
MS 63 $312 to $374 $845 to $960 $538 to $858
MS 64 $585 to $673 $1,310 to $1,690 $1,310 to $1,510
MS 65 $1,440 to $2,120 $6,880 to $10,000 $3,310 to $4,380
MS 66 $20,400 to $30,000 $66,000 to $75,900 $20,400 to $39,000
MS 67 / / /

*by Greysheet

Good – As you can expect, this severely worn-out coin is worth the least, and most collectors won’t consider adding it to the collection. You can see many signs of wear on the surface as it spent years in use.

The Liberty’s hair and cheek are smooth and lost their edges, and it is the same with eagle’s feathers. The original texture was lost, and the coin is now pretty flattened and a bit dull.



The Peace silver dollar history is genuinely fantastic. Even though they were supposed to celebrate peace, these unique coins were minted in a challenging period for all Americans.

It was particularly true for pieces produced in 1927, on the eve of a terrible Great Depression. Your goal is to find this coin in the best possible condition, depending on your preferences and budget.

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