28 Homemade Jewelry Cleaners You Can DIY Easily

If your jewelry has sarted looking dull, worn-out, and tarnished, it’s about time you give them a deep clean.

Worried that you’ll have to buy costly jewelry cleaners? Well, don’t! To your rescue we’ve prepared a list of best 28 DIY jewelry cleaner ideas available on the interenet.

Just follow any one of these DIYs and witness how your jewelry pieces will come out shiny, sparkly, and happy! Let’s get started!

1. How To Clean Jewelry With Coca-Cola And Baking Soda, Plus More Hacks | TODAY

Are you wondering if all the crazy DIY jewelry cleaner ingredients you’ve frequently heard here, and there really work? If yes, this video is a must-watch! In this Youtube video, Anna De Souza tests several DIY jewelry hacks. A bonus – also learn how to remove a stuck ring using dental floss!


2. How to Make Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

How to Make Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

You’re only a few ingredients and a few minutes’ worths of the DIY process away from bringing the sparkle back to your jewelry. What’s more, all the ingredients used in this DIY jewelry cleaner are readily available at home! Use this recipe for gold, silver, diamonds, and gemstone jewelry.

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3. 3 Ways To Clean Cheap Jewellery💍 DIY Jewellery Cleaner | Fake Costume High Street Jewelry Cleaning

Do your cheap jewelry items loo dull and dirty? Well, don’t throw them away yet! Just because your jewelry pieces are cheap doesn’t mean they don’t deserve equal love and attention! Watch this video by Haloskeeper1 to find out three ways to bring the sparkle back to your cheap jewelry.


4. How to Clean Jewelry at Home: 14 Household Items That Work Miracles

How to Clean Jewelry at Home 14 Household Items That Work Miracles

You might have noticed by now, most of these DIY jewelry cleaners feature baking soda. But if you’re running out of baking soda, we’ve got you covered!

In this post by Reader’s Digest, you can find 13 more household items, besides baking soda, that can be used to clean your jewelry miraculously. Be it pearls or gemstone jewelry; find a way to clean them all!

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5. DIY JEWELRY CLEANER! Look how shiny my jewelry came out!

Make your jewelry new again by following this DIY by Haloskeeper1! The supplies list is pretty basic: a small bowl, salt, baking soda, dish detergent, hot water, aluminum foil, paper towel, and an old toothbrush.

Who knew such cheap and readily available items could bring back shine to your precious jewelry pieces!


6. Homemade jewelry cleaner: How to keep everything sparkling!

Homemade jewelry cleaner How to keep everything sparkling!

If you didn’t know, gold, silver, custom, pearl, and stone jewelry require different cleaning DIYs. Especially delicate and soft gems like pearls should be cleaned and handled with utmost care. Well, worry not! Citrus Reef has got you covered!

Find fantastic homemade jewelry cleaner recipes to keep every jewelry item you own sparkling in this post.

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Having your jewelry cleaned by professionals is no doubt rewarding – they really return your jewelry sparkly and shiny! But if you are running late for a party and have no time to take your jewelry to the professional, this quick-fix is a life-saver!


8. How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home

How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home

If you’re someone who wears your diamond engagement or wedding ring all the time, it might need some cleaning and polishing every now and then. Learn how to take care of your diamond ring and clean them appropriately. Select the DIY recipe based on the type your diamond ring has.

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9. How to Clean Tarnished PANDORA Silver Charms, Bracelets and Other Jewellery

Unlike artificially added controlled or rainbow patina, the tarnish that occurs naturally on silver jewelry is never good! If you think so, too, you might definitely want to get rid of those ugly black tarnish from your precious sterling silver. Christine Jewellers shows you how!


10. Using a Homemade Jewelry Cleaner? Avoid These 3 [VIDEO]

Using a Homemade Jewelry Cleaner Avoid These 3 [VIDEO]

Finding a DIY jewelry cleaner recipe on the internet is not at all a challenging task, but finding the one that doesn’t damage your jewelry, it’s pretty daunting!

Here, you can find 3 homemade recipes that Jewelers Mutual suggests their readers to avoid. They have given quite convincing reasonings, in case you’re interested. They recommend using dish soap and warm water instead.

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11. The Best-Kept Silver Cleaning Secret Ever! Clean My Space

The best-kept silver cleaning secret is out no! In this video by Clean My Space, cleaning expert Melissa Marker shares her best-discovered jewelry cleaning DIY with you. She further mentions that this DIY works with all the silver pieces from all of your favorite jewelry designers. Give it a try!


12. How To Make DIY Jewelry Cleaner with Ingredients from Your Pantry

How To Make DIY Jewelry Cleaner with Ingredients from Your Pantry

Snack time? Take a quick trip to the pantry! Dull and tarnished jewelry? Again, pantry! Use ingredients readily available in the pantry to clean your jewelry nice and clean by following this simple DIY by the kitchn. Disclaimer – this DIY jewelry work best for silver jewelry pieces.

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You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the before and after difference in this video! If you have lemons in your refrigerator, that’s all the ingredients you’ll be needing for this homemade jewelry cleaner.

Soak your silver overnight in lemon juice and wash them with cold water afterwards. If you see some stubborn tarnish feel free to use a soft toothbrush on it.


14. This Easy DIY Jewelry Cleaner Can Be Made in Minutes — Here’s How

This Easy DIY Jewelry Cleaner Can Be Made in Minutes — Here’s How

You’re four steps away from cleaning and refreshing your sad and dull jewelry! Follow the directions elaborated in this blog by Popsugar. You’ll need salt, baking soda, aluminium foil, a soft toothbrush, dish detergent, and a small bowl; just basic pantry essentials.

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15. Jewelry Polishing Cloth DIY Tutorial – Jamie Santellano

There’s no denying the fact that a polishing cloth does a great job. But the downside – it can be quite costly! To your rescue, the Youtuber Jamie Santellano has demonstrated how to DIY jewelry polishing cloth using basic and inexpensive ingredients in this video. We guarantee you’ll love it!


16. How to Clean Your Jewelry Like a Pro

How to Clean Your Jewelry Like a Pro

If you want your silver, gold, diamonds, gemstone, custom, and pearl jewelry to sparkle like brand new, this post by Good Housekeeping is for you! And the best part is that you don’t need any fancy ingredients for this DIY, just some basic household items. Also, learn tips to take care of your jewelry properly.

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17. How to clean Silver items at home | How to clean silver Jewellery | Madhurasrecipe

All you need is some salt and a facewash for this DIY! Instead of using a toothbrush to clean silver items, this Youtuber from Madhurasrecipe uses a sponge. We’d recommend you to do the same as abrasion of a toothbrush are often known to cause minor damage to the jewelry.




Why buy costly jewelry cleaner when you can totally DIY an incredibly cheap cleaner just by using two basic ingredients! Baking soda and water – that’s all you need to bring back the shine to your old, dirty, and sad jewelry. This method works great on your gold, silver, and diamond jewelry.

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We’ve mentioned before that scrubbing your jewelry pieces with coarse particles or a toothbrush might leave minor scratches on them. That’s the reason why many jewelry experts urge their clients to avoid such DIYs that include harsh abrasion techniques.

This blog post by Life’s Carousel features a fantastic DIY jewelry cleaning technique that doesn’t require you to scrub your pieces. Make sure you check it out!

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20. Jewelry Cleaning Hack!! (Easy DIY) So SHINY & NEW | Andrea Jean Cleaning

Rubbing alcohol cleans your platinum jewelry almost perfectly. If you don’t believe us, check this video by Andrea Jean cleaning out. The ring came out so shiny!

Use a toothpick to clean all the gunks from nooks and crannies and gently scrub the items using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Spray some rubbing alcohol in between the cleaning. A few minutes of work and shiny, bright, eye-catching result – how easy is this DIY!


21. How to Clean Jewellery: DIY Jewellery Cleaner

How to Clean Jewellery DIY Jewellery Cleaner

If you don’t want to restrict yourself to homemade jewelry cleaner and are willing to try some professional jewelry cleaners, this post by Marie Claire has mentioned some other techniques as well.

For the DIY, they’ve recommended the aluminium foil and baking soda method. If you have plenty of tarnished jewelry, you’ll thank them for this fantastic DIY. It works wonders!

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22. How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry With Gemstones : Jewelry Making & Maintenance

Unlike solid metals, gemstone jewelry requires a careful and gentle cleaning session. So, if you’re wondering how to clean your sterling silver pieces that have gemstones, eHow has got you covered!

You don’t need to go overboard; all you need is liquid dish soap and warm water. More details on the video.


23. All Effective All Natural Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

All Effective All Natural Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

If you’re someone who prefers natural cleaners to commercial cleaners, this homemade jewelry cleaner by DIY Natural is a must-try! Deep clean your worn-out jewelry using all-natural witch hazel, tea-tree oil, and vinegar jewelry cleaner.

Follow the 4-step directions provided on the blog and make sure you read what role each ingredient play in this natural jewelry cleaner. You can find the information in the ‘Explanation of the ingredients’ section.

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24. 9 Life Saving jewelry cleaning hacks You Must Try! DIY | Artkala


While most of the DY jewelry cleaning ingredients are readily available in the pantry, it is not uncommon to run out of a few of them once in a while.

But you have nothing to worry about! In this YouTube video by Artkala, you’ll get to know not one but nine fantastic jewelry cleaning hacks. Trust us, this video is worth your time!


25. How To Clean Your Jewelry Without Jewelry Cleaner

How To Clean Your Jewelry Without Jewelry Cleaner

Eight homemade ways to clean jewelry; how great is that? Find out all eight brilliant DIY jewelry cleaners and the directions to use them appropriately in this post by Huffpost.

The blogger has also mentioned what type of DIY to use for what type of jewelry. So, in order to prevent yourself from damaging your precious metals and stones, make sure you read this post with absolute attention.

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26. How to Clean Your Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold has a small percentage of copper in it, hence the coppery pink color of rose gold. Copper tends to tarnish a lot faster than other precious metals. So, it goes without saying that cleaning them requires different techniques.

In this video by Atlanta Diamond Designs, a jewelry expert shares with you exactly how you should clean your rose gold jewelry. Moreover, the description section is quite insightful. Make sure you give it a read.




If you have a bunch of tarnished jewelry, look no further than this DIY. The aluminum foil and baking soda method work great to remove tarnish from jewelry, especially if it’s silver.

The best part about this method is that it is a non-abrasion cleaning method and doesn’t require you to scrub your precious stuff. Follow this written tutorial by Thrifty Décor Chick if you already don’t know the how-tos of this technique.

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28. 💍💍 2 Ways to Clean Your Real/Fake Jewelry. DIY Jewelry Cleaner. [Just Baking Soda and Dish Soap]💍

In this video by MEL X NANI, the Youtuber shares two methods to clean your real and fake jewelry, the first one being a baking soda method, and the second one is the dish soap method.

What we liked the most about this video is that she uses a cue tip instead of a toothbrush to make the scrubbing process more gentle.


Cleaning jewelry is a minutes worth of work. And if you keep it clean and dirt-free, using milder cleaning techniques every once in a while, you won’t have to reach the stage where you have to take harsh cleaning DIYs into consideration. So, we’d highly recommend you give your precious metals the love and care they deserve!

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