to Clean Diamond Earrings

When you spend a considerable amount of money on a pair of diamond earrings, you want to give it the best care so it can serve you for a long time.

Remember, like all earrings, diamond earrings will pick up oil from the surrounding skin and hair, causing the stones and metal to lose their sparkle.

It’s, therefore, important that you learn how to clean diamond earrings so you can prevent your precious jewelry from becoming dull and dirty. Here, we share some foolproof methods of cleaning diamond earrings to help you keep your pair looking brand new. Let’s start!

Why It’s Important to Clean and Properly Care for Your Diamond Earrings

One of the reasons you should keep your diamond earrings clean is to maintain their shine and brilliance. The diamond’s sparkle is what makes the stone beautiful and sets it apart from other gemstones. You want to clean your earrings regularly to keep the stones looking as sparkly as possible.

Cleaning also enables the diamond to maintain its value. This is particularly important if you plan to sell your earrings in the future. Cleaning ensures that the stone’s brilliance stays intact, which makes it possible for you to sell the earrings at a decent price.

Moreover, regularly cleaning and caring for your diamond earrings prevents scratches and blemishes that cause the stones to look old. On the other hand, lack of maintenance may result in damages that require expensive repairs.

5 Ways to Clean Your Diamond Earrings At Home

Clean Your Diamond Earrings At Home

The best thing about cleaning diamond earrings is that you don’t necessarily have to enlist the services of a professional. You can easily get rid of the dirt using simple products found in your household. Here are the different methods you can use to restore the luster of your diamond earrings.

Method 1: Dish Soap and Warm Water

Pour one cup of warm water into a small bowl and add a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid. Stir the solution with your fingers until it has formed some bubbles.

Next, soak the earrings for about 5 minutes to loosen up any oil and grime. Then dip a soft brush into the solution and gently rub the diamonds. Soak the earrings again for 2 minutes before rinsing them off with clean water. Then buff them dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

Method 2: Ammonia and Warm Water

Ammonia may sound too harsh but it has been found to be a great product for cleaning diamond jewelry. To get started, mix three cups of hot water with a half cup of ammonia in a bowl. If there are other gemstones in the earrings, use cold water instead to avoid damage.

Next, put your earrings into the mixture and let sit for about 20 minutes. While you wait, put one cup of lukewarm water in a bowl and add half a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.

Then, once the twenty minutes have elapsed, transfer the earrings into the new solution and scrub with a soft brush. Now, rinse the earrings with cool water and wipe them dry.

Method 3: Club Soda

You can get your diamond earrings sparkling again by soaking them in club soda. Simply pour some in a glass and soak your earrings. Let it sit overnight. In the morning, rinse the earrings with warm water and buff dry with a clean cloth.

Method 4: Hydrogen Peroxide

Put half a cup of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl. Next, soak your earrings in the liquid for around 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean piece of cloth.

Method 5: Vodka

If you don’t have any of the above materials, dip your earrings in a glass of vodka. Let them soak for about 3 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Dry and polish the earrings with a lint-free cloth.

While there are many cleaning agents you can use to keep your diamond earrings dirt- and grime-free, above are the most commonly used. This video explains how to use some of these products. It also provides further tips for cleaning your diamond earrings and jewelry in general. Check it out!

Cleaning Products That Are Bad for Your Diamond Earrings

One thing worse than earrings that have lost their sparkle are earrings that have been damaged as a result of improper care. An important thing to remember, when cleaning your diamond earrings is to use the right products like what has been used in the above methods.

Never use household cleaners like acetone, bleach, and chlorine, as they contain harsh chemicals that could severely break down and wear out some of the base metals used in your earrings.

Also, do not use abrasive products like baking soda, toothpaste, or powdered cleaners; these can easily scratch the earrings especially if the majority of the base metal is gold.

How About Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners?

Good question! You see, an ultrasonic cleaner performs its job by transmitting vibrations through the water. While it does leave your jewelry sparkling in just a couple of minutes, this rapid and vigorous movement can cause the diamonds to loosen up or even snap out of the earrings.

A professional jeweler cleaner can examine the stones to find out if they are all there and secure any loose ones. But if you are using this machine at home, you may never know whether some of the stones fell out in the machine.

So, if you are planning to clean your diamond earrings in an ultrasonic machine, it is best to have a professional do it. It is the only way to ensure the stones stay intact.

Other Tips for Cleaning Your Diamond Earrings at Home

  • Before you start, make sure to examine the earrings for any loose diamonds or parts that are not properly secured. It may sound obvious but this simple step can prevent you from losing your precious stones.
  • Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean or wipe your diamond earrings to avoid specks of lint on the earrings.
  • Rinse any solution thoroughly with clean water. You don’t want any residue cleaning product, as this could leave your earrings looking dull.
  • Do not clean your earrings in or near the sink; you may end up losing them down the drain.
  • Clean your earrings in good light. It will help you see all the nooks and crannies where dirt and grime could be hiding.
  • Make sure any detergent you use does not contain dye or perfume, as these could damage the earrings.
  • Pat the earrings dry before storing them away to help prevent molding.
  • Use a black background. It will make it easier for you to examine your earrings.

When Should You Have a Professional Clean Your Diamond Earrings?

If your earrings are designed in such a way that makes it difficult to get into the nooks and crannies where dirt has built up, it would be wise to take them to a professional jewelry cleaner.

Having your good earrings cleaned professionally at least once a year will not only maintain their beauty; an expert can help you identify wear and tear that could be too small for the naked eye but likely to reduce the value of the earrings or put them at risk of chipping.

So, where can you get a professional jewelry cleaner, you may ask?

If you bought your earrings from a local jewelry store, chances are good that professional cleaning is provided as a complimentary service.

Taking your earrings for cleaning at the same place you bought them would be a great idea because the jeweler will mostly be familiar with the setting of your specific earrings and how to best care for them.

If you are looking for a new cleaner, get recommendations from people you know like family and friends. Also, talk to the person who will actually be doing the job. You will want to make sure they have experience cleaning and caring for earrings similar to yours and will offer the best service.

How Often Should Diamond Earrings Be Cleaned?

There is no single rule that governs how often you should clean your diamond jewelry. Give your earrings a wash if you feel they need one. We recommend once a month but if you have a special event coming up and you want them to have that extra brilliance, you could do it sooner.

Also, if you use hand cream a lot, avoid touching your earrings often, as this will get them losing their shine fast, which means you will be cleaning them more than you actually need.

The Takeaway

Cleaning your diamond earrings regularly keeps them shining brighter, longer. The good news? You don’t need expensive products. With a solution of water and dishwashing liquid, ammonia, club soda, hydrogen peroxide, or vodka, you can get your earrings shining again. For more intense dirt buildup, consider taking your earrings to a professional cleaner.

Do you clean your diamond jewelry at home or do you prefer having the job done by a professional? Tell us in the comments.

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