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Napkin folding is fun, isn’t it? Well, you might be murmuring ‘Only when you know how to do it!’. Get ready to be surprised because napkin folding is not as complicated as many assume it to be.

10 Ways to Fold a Napkin With a Ring 1

Here, we will guide you through 10 ways to fold a napkin with a ring. We will provide you step-by-step instructions on different napkin folding techniques using a napkin ring with complete freedom and plenty of options to choose from.

1. Bow napkin fold with a ring

Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Well, it is equally easy to make. You can follow either of the following two methods to fold a napkin into a bow.

Method 1: Firstly, join two opposite corners of your napkin to form a triangle. Then, fold back the joint corner up to ¾ of the triangle and fold the base upwards twice to form a slim boat-shape. Now, fold both of the ends downwards at around 45º angle.

Finally, squeeze the napkin in the middle and insert a napkin ring from one end of the napkin until it reaches the middle of it. Congratulations! You just folded your napkin into a beautiful bow.

Method 2: If you found the first method complicated, we’ve got an alternative for you. This method, unlike the first one, results in a bow tie-shaped napkin.

Fold one corner of your napkin up to the middle. Repeat the same for the opposite corner. Now roll the napkin from both sides until they reach the mid-point and secure the mid-point with a ring. Lastly, insert the ends of the napkin inside the ring and there you have it.

2. Make two feathery leaves out of a single napkin

Though this napkin shape sounds fancy, you can easily fold a napkin into a feathery leaf without any origami skills.

Firstly, start by taking one corner of your napkin and fold the napkin back and forth until it reaches the center. Hold the napkin fold in place with a heavy object and repeat the same process for the other half of the napkin. Remember to start at the opposite corner.

Now, hold the center of the napkin, invert the two folded halves away from the center, and sandwich them together again.

Finally, pull both sides of the napkin into one direction holding the center with your thumb and a finger, and insert a ring by pushing the center of the napkin out of the ring using your thumb.

If you desire, you can give a finishing touch to the napkin to make its folds more prominent once you place it on the table.

3. Fold your napkin into a cone-shape

At first, bring two opposite corners of your napkin together to form a triangle. Then, join both of the base corners to the tip of the triangle to create a diamond shape. Fold the diamond-shaped napkin in half and then fold one of the short sides in such a way that it aligns with the longest one and gives a pointy edge. Secure the shape with a napkin ring and you’re done!

4. Fold your napkin into a fan

Fold your napkin into a fan
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It might be the simplest way to fold a napkin with a ring. Starting from one side, convert the entire napkin into accordion pleats. Make sure to keep the folds in place.

Now, fold the pleated napkin in half and insert a napkin ring about 1 inch inside from the folded side. Place the napkin on the table and make the folds more prominent by giving a finishing touch.

5. Make a leaf

Make a leaf

We have discussed how to fold a napkin into two feathered leaves. This method, however, results in a beautiful single leaf-shaped napkin. Firstly, fold the napkin diagonally to form a triangle. Then, fold the triangle in half by joining the two base corners into a smaller triangle.

Now, start by pinching the vertical section in the middle of the triangle and fold one half of the triangle into accordion pleats. Rotate the napkin and repeat the same on the other side. Finally, align the bottom of the napkin and secure it with a napkin ring.

6. Make a dress

Yes, you read it right! You can even turn your napkin into a pretty dress. For this, you have to take a napkin and fold it in half at first. Then, starting from the closed end, fold your entire napkin alternately back and forth as in accordion folds.

Fold the pleated napkin in half just as you did while folding your napkin into a fan. Now, insert a ring from the folded portion until it reaches the middle of the napkin.

After you secure the napkin in the middle, spread the top part into two sections, thus, flattening the previously folded area. Now, slowly fold the flat section inwards. Lastly, make the pointed edges formed on the tip more prominent by pressing it hard to make a beautiful napkin dress.

7. Simply roll and secure your napkin

It is one of the most basic napkins folding ideas. There are two ways in which you can give your napkin unique shapes by merely rolling and securing it. Both the methods are effortless to follow along and result in unique napkin shapes.

Method 1: Start by folding your napkin ¼ into a small square. Now, starting from one side, roll the napkin up to the middle. Repeat the same for the other side. Secure the shape by inserting a napkin ring until it reaches the center. So easy to follow along, isn’t it?

Method 2: In this method, you will start by folding your napkin diagonally into a triangle. Now, take the base of the triangle and roll it to the top. Finally, fold the rolled napkin in half and slide a napkin ring from the folded portion until it reaches about 1 inch inside of the napkin.

8. Fold your napkin into a maple leaf

Fold your napkin into a maple leaf

To fold your napkin into a maple leaf, start by folding both corners of your bottom edge diagonally up to the center of the square napkin and the top edge horizontally up to the middle. Then, flip your napkin and twist it 180º. Fold the top edge of the napkin once again; along the mid-line.

Make sure that your napkin at this stage looks like a sidewise sombrero hat with a little pointy tip. Now, fold one base corner of the upper layer of the napkin in a way that it forms a crease along with the center point of the bottom edge and the top corner right above it. Repeat the same process for another base corner.

Now, flip the napkin and make sure that your napkin by this stage has three pointed peaks. Twist the napkin by 90º and accordion fold the entire napkin. Finally, pinch the bottom of the napkin, secure it with a napkin ring, and you’re done!

9. Prepare a Fleur-de-Lis napkin

Prepare a Fleur-de-Lis napkin

The French word Fleur-de-lis translates to ‘Flower of the lily’ in English. It is a decorative symbol that resembles a stylized lily. Surprisingly, though it sounds complicated, it is relatively easy to fold your napkin into a Fleur-de-lis symbol.

Firstly, fold your napkin in half into a rectangle. Now, fold half of the rectangle diagonally up to the mid-line. Repeat the same process for the remaining half such that your napkin forms a triangle.

After you’ve formed a triangle, take both the base corners of the triangle and fold them diagonally upwards such that your napkin resembles a diamond. Fold the same corners around halfway down the slant. A quick press with iron at this stage helps the napkin hold the shape.

Secure the shape with the help of a napkin ring at the bottom and decorate the table using elegantly folded Fleur-de-lis napkins.

10. Pinch and secure

If all of the above ring folding techniques felt complicated and you quit halfway along, this technique is the best one for you. This method is also excellent in case you have fancy napkin rings. It is easy-breezy to follow along since it comprises of only two steps.

Firstly, you pinch the napkin around the center. After that, you insert the ring from the pinched portion and slide it in up to the middle. Though this technique is the easiest, the napkin turns out to be very simple yet elegant.

One quick and final tip to make your napkin decoration outstanding is to iron the napkin beforehand. On top of that, you can also iron the napkin in-between the folding process to make creases more prominent.


As we provided you with plenty of options to fold a napkin with a ring, you should do your part by grabbing a napkin and trying the technique that caught your eye the most.

Whether you love folding napkins during your free-time or if you needed some techniques for some upcoming occasions, these easy methods can come handy any way around.

10 Ways to Fold a Napkin With a Ring 2

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