12 Ways to Stack Rings

If you are looking for the best ways to stack rings, this article is just for you. Most Jewelry enthusiasts don’t know how to wear multiple rings to make it look attractive. However, learning how to stack rings is easy if you are willing to make your choice of rings compatible.

12 Ways to Stack Rings 2

Achieving this look isn’t so difficult. The trick on how to wear stack rings is blending your assortments in just the right amount. One should always remember, in this case, that less is more.

For moderation purposes, you can use thin rings and wear multiple rings on a finger. Let’s show you some basic ways to stack rings on your finger to make it look attractive.


1. Color & Metal Stacking

Color & Metal Stacking

It wasn’t so long ago that wearing two different ring colors was considered a fashion blunder. That isn’t the case today, as you can combine your silver or platinum rings with your gold rings. If you’re not so versed on how to stack rings, you should try stacking by the metal color. Combining silver and platinum with white gold is a great option to start with.

You can also stack your rings in orderliness of metal grade. An elegant option would be to combine your yellow or white gold rings with your rose gold ring.

If it is feeling a little bold, you can wear your silver ring on the same finger as your gold ring. The goal here is to achieve consistency and continuity. Always remember to slip on a middle piece to perfect the transition.

For instance, fit in a silver ring at the base of your finger. You then nicely place a textured gold ring or white ring on top of it. Then cap it off with a complimenting yellow gold ring. The purpose of the middle piece is to tie the jewelry together.

Keep this mind that if you have stacking ring sets on both hands, they must be even. Thus, you shouldn’t have a gold stack on the one hand and a silver stack on the other.


2. Make A Statement

Make A Statement

If you desire a beautifully stunning ring stack, try out wishbone rings. These are sure to give you a delightful and graphic look. Wishbone rings stand out as one of the most versatile rings. This is due to their unique shapes, which work great for stacking rings.

For a more uniform look, try the Sterling silver rings. But ensure you keep your wishbone rings inverted to achieve that geometric effect. Begin with your ring finger, then combine the inverted wishbone ring to a stunning finish band ring. Step it up a notch by coupling two wishbone rings, one inverted, on your middle finger.

To achieve a bold and elegant look, pair up a band design and a statement ring. Perhaps you feel your finish is a bit too showy or glamorous. You can always dull it down with a knuckle ring in your middle finger.


3. Let It Sparkle

Let It Sparkle

Your outfit is often an interpretation of your personality. The same should go even for how you stack rings on your finger. Allow your middle finger to stand out with a fine blend of simple band rings, sterling silver crown styles, and wishbone rings.

It goes without saying that as you style your rings along with your fingers and across. Visualize a triangular finger form, for instance. You can fit the heavier pieces at the finger’s base, adding a lighter piece as you go up.

On your index finger, wear another sterling silver ring for a generalized look. Finally, you can step your stacking ring game with the addition of a clashing ring with a different metal blend.


4. Tinker with Geometry

Tinker with Geometry

Give in to your minimalist nature from time to time. Mess around with a geometric ring set. It’s all up to you to stack rings with stone color and metal, but you can try out different sizes and shapes.

Align a stacking band perfectly to the contours of a pear-shaped ring. Put on an elegantly topped emerald cut right next to a bitsy round stone. Whatever combination works best for you, you’ll achieve it by mixing them up.

It should be noted that there are plenty of combination opportunities between open front rings, and knuckle to knuckle and contrasting combinations.


5. Stack the Ring in Style

Stack the Ring in Style

Stacking ring sets on your fingers don’t mean you should wear the same piece or random band rings together. An antique ring put together with a geometric and minimal ring is a bad assortment and looks unattractive.

The best way to stack rings is by combining pieces that have similar or matching designs. Stacking a geometric ring with simple designs will look beautiful. An art decorated ring can also complement your outfit and make you appear elegant and romantic.

Your ring stack must look simple and attractive. Remember that less is more and the new cool.


6. Classic Matching with Monochromatic Metals

Classic Matching with Monochromatic Metals

Have you ever thought of having a unifying color of your monochromatic metals? Just like your bag and shoe sets. Wearing simple stacked bands to a particular finger would give you a subtle and cohesive touch.

Spacing the rings upon your fingers would be attractive in case you want to dial it up. Identical rings that have different textures can also be a great combination of monochrome jewelry.


7. Matching Different Stone Rings

Matching Different Stone Rings

When you get accustomed to matching metals, then it will be good to add stone-encrusted rings. You can make the stack look dramatic by matching up varieties of pebble-encrusted rings with different cut and shapes. You would do it better as you learn how to wear stacked rings. 


8. Stacking Ombre Ring Set

Stacking Ombre Ring Set

If you want to stack multiple rings of various metals, then you shouldn’t just pick up different rings and stack them your fingers. Even If they turn out great, then that could be a coincidence. To perfect this style and look attractive, you need to learn more.

Know the pattern to follow, the design, and how many to wear. Try placing silver, rose gold, and yellow gold accordingly across several fingers. However, if you decide to wear them on different fingers, you can place in orderliness or interchange the order for a more twist.


9. Curation Approach

Curation Approach

Even when you have perfected the art of stacking rings and wearing multiple of themtaking a curated measure is also a good idea. Try having your style and pattern inspired by the things you love and have interested in. It could be a color, season, or an occasion, but make it a little bit contrasting.


10. Play Eternity Ring

Play Eternity Ring

For someone who loves rings, you should try getting an eternity branded ring. You do not have to ponder much on the idea of getting one. These rings have a pure sparkle and would make you elegant.

Moreover, everyone wants to have an eternity band on their stack set. It is one of the things every ring lover would ever wish for. Hence, try getting a few it and adding to your stack of simple varieties.


11 Reveal your Skin

Reveal your Skin

The most common mistake people make when stacking rings is that they put multiple rings on a finger without spacing them. While it is not bad to wear multiple rings on a finger, it is best to give adequate space between the rings.

You could combine two rings on a finger by using a regular band alongside a ring with a peculiar design. But it is essential to pay attention to your nail length, so keeping your nails short or of medium height is an advantage.

Additionally, not all nail colors will be perfect for this style, so it is best to use neutral colors like white, grey, black, ivory, and nude.


12 Match your Gemstones

Match your Gemstones

It is of utmost importance to find out how best to match gemstones. For starters, you should know that not all gemstones look attractive when stacked together.

Ordinarily, neutral colors like those of diamonds would fit any other gemstone without looking absurd. However, it will be won’t a good idea to wear rubies ring together with turquoise. But you can wear a combination of sapphires and diamonds.

Having a blend of matching colors is an excellent way to stack your gemstones without conflicts. For example, you can combine gems with a red hue like coral, star ruby, fire opal, or garnets.


How to Stack Engagement Rings

It is one thing to learn how to wear stack rings, but another thing to know what matters for engagement rings. Well, stacked engagement rings are a beauty to behold. There are a few important things to consider when stacking engagement rings.


Choosing a bulky diamond eternity band is the first right move towards having a beautiful stack. A stack of thick diamond eternity band with a wedding band is an amazingly bold style.

Delicate Stacks

If you intend to make a mild statement with your rings, you could add delicate rings, leaving the engagement band as the major source of that sparkle. This stacking method always looks fashionable and stylish.

What about Antique Rings?

Most people love antiques because of their rarity and uniqueness, and it’s not a bad idea to stack engagement rings.

Modern Stack is Classy

Aside from using antique designs, you can embrace the modern ways to stack your rings. This style uses regular shape rings like the hexagon diamond rings or the pentagon diamond rings. You can decide to use to go other different shapes and designs.

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