The internet has made everything so easy. Nowadays, you can order stuff from stores online and have them brought to wherever you are. It’s convenient but still comes with some challenges.

This is true, especially when it comes to buying a ring. Whether you want to buy a ring for yourself or someone else, you need to know your ring size.

Buying one without measuring the size can result in you buying a tight-fitting ring that feels uncomfortable or a very big one that falls off. How can you measure your ring size?

Most Common Ring Sizes

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The average ring size of men ranges from 8-15. For women, it is 6-8. Men tend to have longer and thicker fingers than women. The size for women also tends to change with time since they experience weight changes more than men.

That’s why it’s recommended for women to keep on measuring their finger sizes and not depend on measurements they took long ago.

Various Methods Of Measuring Ring Size

There are several ways to measure your ring size. These include:

Using A String


  1. Get a piece of string or a paper strap
  2. Wrap it around the finger you want to put a ring. Make sure the string sits firmly on the finger. It should not dig into it.
  3. Mark the point where the paper or string overlaps after forming a full circle using a pen
  4. Use a ruler to measure the length of the string or paper in millimeters, from its start to where the mark is
  5. Find the corresponding ring size using a ring size chart

Measure The Size of a Ring You Already Have

Do you have a ring that fits you perfectly but you don’t know its size? You can use it to know your ring size measurement. Take the ring and measure it from edge to edge across its inner part using a ruler. Take the diameter in millimeters and use a measurement conversion chart to know your size.

Get A Ring Sizer

If the two options don’t work for you, a ring measurement tool will work just fine. There are several options available, and they are not expensive.

Ring sizers come with usage instructions, and the best thing about them is that you can reuse them when measuring your ring size in the future or measure that of others.

Tips To Ensure You Get an Accurate Measurement

When using a string to measure your ring size, you can easily make mistakes if you are not careful. Here are some tips to help you get accurate measurements.

  • Your dominant hand is usually bigger than the other one. Make sure you measure the size of an individual finger.
  • Your finger knuckle might be bigger than its base. In such a case, measure the size of the knuckle and that of the base, and get a ring size that is an average of the two.
  • Don’t let the paper or string sit too loose on your finger, as you might end up with an oversize ring. Don’t let it get too tight, too, as you might end up with an undersized ring.
  • Don’t measure once. your finger Do it around three times, then compare the results

Can A Ring Be Resized?

Can A Ring Be Resized
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It’s very important to measure your ring size before ordering for one to avoid resizing issues. But at times, things can happen, making you get the wrong size ring. If it is too small, you can have it resized to become larger. If it’s very small, the jeweler will have to add more materials to it, making it very expensive. Some rings also have sophisticated designs that make resizing difficult. Others cannot be made larger.

Correcting a very large ring is easier than correcting a very small one. A jeweler only needs to cut off a piece then connect the edges. If it has details all around its band, it becomes harder. Some types of rings are also very hard to resize. For example, it’s almost impossible to cut a ring made of titanium. Methods like stretching, adding extra material, or carving out may be used but are not as effective as cutting.

Resizing a ring might also lead to problems, especially if a jeweler is not experienced. How can you know a ring has been resized properly? Look at the point where the two ends of a ring were joined.

If it has depression, it’s very clear that it has not been soldered properly and might break with time. A properly resized ring should have a flat surface.

Is There a Normal Finger Size?

It would be very wrong to say there is a normal finger size. This is because people have different finger sizes. Some have long, thin fingers while others have short thick ones or vice versa. Some have small knuckles, while others have large ones.

Does The Shape of a Finger Impact Its Ring Size?

Does The Shape of a Finger Impact Its Ring Size
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Finger shape has a very large impact on your ring size. If your finger is tapered, meaning its base is wider than the knuckle, a ring might keep on falling off. To avoid this, get a snug fit.

If the knuckle is wider than the base, there comes a problem too. You can get a ring that fits well on the finger but is very difficult to get in. You can also get a ring that goes past the knuckle without difficulties but fits loosely on the finger base.

Luckily, you don’t have to go through that. You can get sizing beads added to your ring to keep it in place.

How Can You Know the Ring Size of Another Person Without Asking Them?

If you want to get a ring for someone as a surprise, you have to be a little bit creative. Talk to their friends or relatives and ask them the size. Of course, this should only happen if you want them to be aware of your intentions to buy a ring.

If they have other rings, take their measurements. You have to be sure that the rings you use fit them properly to avoid getting a very small or large ring, which would ruin your surprise.

Ring Measuring Systems

In Canada and the US, ring sizes range from 3 to 13. They are measured in inches or millimeters, depending on a ring’s circumference or diameter. The circumference of a ring is the measurement of the entire band, while the diameter is the measurement of a ring from edge to edge on its inner part.

In Australia and the United Kingdom, the sizes are in an alphabetical sizing system. International sizing uses the same measuring process, but the sizes are read on varying scales.

How Should a Ring Fit?

Mostly, you should wear a ring that feels comfortable on your finger. However, don’t go for a very tight one that won’t go past your knuckle without difficulty. Similarly, it should not be too loose that it comes out on its own.

Does The Size of a Finger Change?

Fingers tend to be larger in the evenings than in the morning. Warm weather makes fingers swell, while cold weather makes them shrink. When measuring your ring size, take the measurements at different times of the day and compare the results.

What Can You Do If a Ring Refuses to Come Off?

If you buy a very small ring and force it into your finger, getting it out can be a real hassle. A ring can also refuse to come off if your finger swells due to biological conditions. Here are some of the things you can do to get it off.

Use Soap and Water

A solution of soap and water is usually slippery, which reduces the friction between the finger and the ring. However, you need to use a safe product such as dish soap.

Remove It with A String

Put one end of a string under your ring, then wrap the string around your finger until it reaches your knuckle. Make sure it is tight but not too tight to cause pain.

Unwind it, starting from the end where you placed it under the ring. The ring is going to move together with the string, slowly. You might have to repeat the procedure several times to get it out, though.

If it doesn’t get out after several attempts and is causing you pain, it might be time to head to the jeweler for cutting. The decision might be frustrating, but sometimes, it’s the only option. They will cut the ring and resize it if you want to continue wearing it.


Measuring your ring size is not difficult. You don’t need special tools since most of them are available at home or in stores. Don’t ever make the mistake of ordering a ring if you don’t know your measurements since the chances of getting the wrong size are very high.

If you have a ring that does not fit you properly, all is not lost. Ask a jeweler if it can be resized. Do background research on them to avoid taking your ring to an inexperienced jeweler who might damage your ring.

If you have any questions about measuring your ring size, please feel free to ask. We are always ready to answer you and give you solutions. We also encourage you to leave any comments in the comments section below.

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