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In the world of fashion, curiosity often leads to breakthroughs. So, no one would blame you for asking one of the most enticing questions in the jewelry scene – What is a spinner ring? From the name, one can hardly fathom the importance attached to this current trend among the jewelry.

Spinner rings are rings that can spin on another with the finger as its axis. Spinning rings are famous for their visual beauty and remedy for an anxious person hence referred to as anxiety jewelry.

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Moreover, not only do they bring a sense of style and elegance to people, there is a spiritual significance attached to it. In some cultures, and religions, the ring plays a significant role in prayers and incantations. In this article, we would learn more about the spinning ring.

What is a Spinner Ring?

By simple explanation, a spinner ring is formed by combining two band rings so that one spins freely on the other. The finger is the usual axis on which the smaller ring spins on the base band ring. The one on the outside has several ornamental engravings making it look attractive when it rotates. So, while the inner noose grips your finger, the outer one spins to help you relax.

Researches carried over the years reveals that spinning the ring brings relaxation and calmness. Thus, it is also known as a worry ring, turning rings, swivel ring, motion ring, and prayer ring.

The spinner ring has so many varieties, including the flared band – this type has its revolving band wobbly on the outer ring. Then there are the flat edge rings, which are the popular spinner rings. The rotating bands on these are not visible till you spin it.

Besides, there are several ways you can design a spinner ring. All you need is to perfect the fundamental principles of constructing one. Then you are good to use as many materials are at your disposal.

There are several textures and metals used to create a spinner ring. You also have various patterns that you can use to make the band unique. Some people use gemstones, while some utilize other essentials of design to make it exceptional.

Silver and gold spinner rings require the use of the best quality elements. The silver base mostly consists of .925 base sterling silver while the spinning gold ring is made from 9k two tones of the element. The patterns created on the spinning ring band are mostly from creative designers, and they may be in the form of knots, bricks, tile design, or twisted braiding.

The trending method now is to inscribe names, verses, and wishes on a spinning ring. People engrave words of encouragement and love on the rings to help the owner overcome anxiety.

What is the Origin of Spinner Rings?

What is the Origin of Spinner Rings
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The ancient Tibetan tribes where it originated believed that the spinner rings are potent instruments of prayer. Similarly, people have come to believe that the spinner ring has supernatural healing powers. Some even say it can cure tension.

In true sense, the spinning ring has a history dating back to the Buddhists. They practiced their religion by reciting engraved words on a revolving cylinder. They believe that once you’re spinning the ring, it helps to calm your mind. It also expels bad energy while enhancing good karma; such is the content of the “wheel prayer” Literature.

This practice has continued after many years and even found its way into contemporary beliefs. People still believe and apply such doctrines as the soothing power of the spinner ring just by rolling the band on their fingers. However, several studies show that an object’s turning continuously can help reduce any form of grief or anger.

Hence, many people who buy the spinner ring use it as an anxiety control tool and not only for the fashion. Stress and fear go away whenever you spin continuously. Beyond the ring’s stylish appearance, there is a more significant benefit that awaits whoever gets this anxiety jewelry.  

Why People Like Spinner Rings

Aside from the fact that the bands are appealing to the eye, most people use the spinning ring for anxiety control. It has helped many anxious and stressed persons regain their calmness and control their level of worry. You may also use it to enhance your meditating moments for better results.

How Effective are Spinner Rings?

How Effective are Spinner Rings
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You don’t need to go thinking is spiritual because research has proved that there aren’t any magical powers in the spinner ring. But how do they work? By the principle of turning objects, simple. You could try staring continuously at a rotating ceiling fan or better still, try spinning two metal balls. Do you see how calming it is? That’s precisely how spinner rings work, and yes, they are super effective.

The mere knowledge that the ring brings calm to a troubled mind makes it work on you. It’s mere psychological manipulation. By thinking of a moment of pleasure while spinning the ring, you unconsciously relieve yourself of any worrisome or stressful thought.

How Do You Use a Spinner Ring?

Everyone has that one thing they do when tensed, anxious, or afraid. Some of us bite our nails or lips while some caress any jewelry they have on various parts of the body. The latter explains the procedure for using the spinner ring. You use it by spinning the band when you’re anxious and need to conceal it, and then calmness sets in.

What to Inscribe on a Spinner Ring?

Whatever makes you smile or makes you happy. There is no limit to what you can engrave on a spinner ring, either on the spinning band or the inner one. Some people inscribe the names of people they love while some prefer words or verses. You can place a customized image or the fingerprint of a dear person on the ring.

How to Make the Most of Your Spinner Ring

How to Make the Most of Your Spinner Ring
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No matter how brilliant you are, you need a guide in some areas of life. Our thinking faculties are prone to training and adaptation to situational changes. That is why a dog salivates when it sees an open treat bag because it has customized its mind that every bag has some chops.

In like manner, the human mind is shaped to react differently to a specific situation. You can also condition your mind to respond in a way to practice. For instance, in your highest point of anger, you already know that fiddling a piece of jewelry on your finger should bring calmness to you. And subconsciously, you become calm immediately.

Even if you don’t believe in the spinning ring’s soothing power, you can train yourself to react positively to the practice. That is what we call conditioning of the mind, and it is the best way to maximize your spinner ring.

Find the Association

First, you need to figure out how you want the ring to affect you. This means that you should associate an exciting experience, like a pleasurable moment with a very close person, to the ring. However, most people prefer chants and affirmations like “I have the key to my Happiness” and all stuff like that.

Moreover, some persons choose to flashback to a time of their lives when it was good. This way, they reassure themselves that the going will get better. All these associations are all in a bid to reduce the anxiety that comes with the present situation. So, you must find the one that suits you best and drive the worry away.

Spin Away the Anxiety

Whether as a lady, you got a classic women spinner ring for fashion purposes or just another design, ensure to spin it whenever you’re anxious. Always feel free to jiggle the ring any time of the day since it doesn’t cost anything. Besides, it is healthy to continuously play on your band as it drives down your level of worry and keeps you calm.

However, I don’t have to be all bad; there are also meditation spinner rings used mainly to maximize concentration. These unique spinner rings are also principal instruments of fun and enjoyable moments for the few people with no worries. With constant practice, you will find yourself controlling that worrisome thought that always weighs you down.

Get a Peaceful Surrounding

Go to a place that is peaceful and soothing to be alone. Ensure you go with anything that makes you excited, even if it is a cheap spinner ring. It doesn’t matter if you have something bordering you, just by spinning the ring makes you relax.

Then, try and view yourself in an anxious mood, you’d see how sapping it can be, which will help you focus on happier things.

Make Affirmations When Spinning the Ring

Start associating pleasurable memories to your spinning practice. You can also chant whatsoever affirmation phrase you have to induce calmness in you. This process often transcends just mere words to actions like slowing down your breathing to regain control of your emotions and the situation.

The spinning band idea is no magic or voodoo. Be it a fashionable men’s spinning ring or customized anxiety jewelry, it follows the process of association. First, you start the jiggling, then you try and think of an exciting thing – your lover, child, or anything that makes your balls float. Then you should calm your nerves and reduce your inhalation/exhalation rate, that’s it, your worries are no more!


Spinning rings have been in vogue from ancient times till now, but the question, what is a spinner ring keeps flooding the internet. Most people want to know the power behind the soothing effect it induces in an anxious mind. However, some who have understood the secret still doesn’t know how to maximize it.

All these queries about the anxiety jewelry have led to extensive research and studies. These findings are what we put together comprehensively. We hope this article did justice to your confusion. Do well to leave us a friendly comment on your thoughts or further question below.

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