what are diamonds used for

Apart from being used to make jewelry, do you know what else diamonds can do? Everywhere you go, a diamond is seen as unique, especially in shops, hotels, movie places, and malls. So, in this article, we’ll explain what diamond is used for and why they are famous in the world.

what are diamonds used for

You can use diamonds in many different ways due to their toughness and excellent quality. Here are some of its innovative and creative applications:

1. Making jewelry

Making jewelry
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The diamond company De Beers terms diamonds as gems of love. Probably, this is because diamonds make beautiful and costly necklaces, wedding rings, pendants, and earrings. For instance, some of the wristwatches are made of pure diamond to suit the class of many rich and powerful people.

The gem is termed as ‘a diamond is forever’ by the De Beers company. It shows the beauty of diamonds being used in the world. These gems have a relationship with the bridal industry across the globe. So, if you are a woman and someone proposes to you with a diamond wedding ring, it will be a true sign of love.

2. Industrial purposes

Industrial purposes
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Besides making jewelry, diamonds are important in the industrial sector. Due to the high level of strength on the Mohs scale of hardness, at 10, companies use diamonds to do different things. It’s used in drilling, polishing other metals, and cutting.

Many industries like the moto vehicle, mining, and military prefer using diamonds when drilling. It helps them to drill and saw some hard metals as they process the final product. In this process, small diamond particles are placed in the drilling bits and sawing edges to make them more powerful.

Every industrial drill must have diamond bits, especially those used in mining because they need to crack the earth’s crusts. After all, it’s only a diamond can help in such work due to its hardness.

Do you know why cutting edges of many tools are strengthened using diamond particles? It’s because they are strong. The particles help in improving the time of diamond life. Also, the diamonds graded for industrial uses help in polishing most pieces of jewelry.

Still, in the industrial sector, lasers also use diamonds to improve their quality. Since these gems are strong and can resist high heat levels, they are used as windows. X-ray machines in hospitals and vacuum chambers in labs use diamonds to protect doctors from rays.

3. In Cancer treatment

Scientists from Cardiff University found out that some diamonds help in cancer treatment due to their tiny in size. These gems are a thousand times smaller than human hair, and they help in treating cancer.

So, how does this work? The doctors attach the pieces with cancer medications. Once in the body, the cancer cells will pump out cancer drugs as they release the diamonds in the body. Their ability to reflect light makes them detect and destroy every cancer cell in the affected body parts.

Scientists discovered this fact after monitoring all biological reactions when a patient is given a cancer drug. Therefore, it is the reflective ability of diamonds that help in such research works.

4. Maintenance of teeth and visual problems

Most dental tools are made of diamond tips. Do you have problems with your dental activities and alignment? Then worry no more; dentists now use an important tool that is made up of diamond bits.

This dentist’s drill has small pieces of diamond that shape the cavity with ease and allow the dentist to make a hole. Even better, the clarity of diamonds makes the tools shine in the light, making the tools work faster and safer.

Besides making your teeth be in good shape, those with eye problems can also be helped using diamonds. Since they have a good relationship with light, many doctors treat people with eye problems using diamonds. Even today, scientists are testing diamonds to see if they can act as artificial eyes and replace eyes in people.

5. Diamonds are used in making audio equipment.

Diamonds are used in making audio equipment.
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Some companies that make audio equipment trust diamonds to improve their sound qualities. Do you know why these quality speakers last for long? It’s because of the thin cover of the diamonds. The hardness of the diamonds makes the speakers work well without getting old and reducing the quality.

Moreover, the diamonds are thin but help in making the speakers more durable. These companies invest a lot in buying expensive industrial diamonds to support their products last as they produce quality sound.

If you have noticed, most DJs always buy mixers that are strong and durable. Those that have needles tipped with diamonds have good quality and last long. So, these mixers can handle stress as DJs use them.

How exactly do these diamond needles work? At a 10 rating on the Mohs scale of hardness, they prevent any tear. Yes, other options are used to make mixers of poor qualities that can’t provide excellent qualities for long.

6. Making beauty products

In recent times, there are many stories about a diamond being used in making beauty products. Back in 2011, there was a person, Mila Kunis, shocked the world by having $7000 diamond facials during an awards show. With this, it proves that you can use these gems to make you look beautiful.

The use of diamonds in making beauty products is not only present among celebrities. Most beauty companies use diamond dust in making their products which are now expensive.

Besides the facial enhancement products, there are also diamond sprays. You can be sure that these are luxurious but expensive items. These products are used by celebrities who are always keen on making their skin shine.

Do you fear wrinkles and worried that people will think you are very old? You can also use diamonds to reduce these skin problems. Besides, it is because of their excellent shinning feature that diamond is used in making beauty treatment products.

The speckled diamond particles are part of the ingredients used in making your skin glow. Try them out and see the wrinkles disappear like magic from your body.

7. Making computer products

Making computer products
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Do you have a computer that has some diamonds or gold in them? Then you are a lucky person because it’s only used in powerful PCs in companies. The diamond pieces can go through high temperatures, which makes them improve the stableness of these PCs.

The hardness and thermal power of diamonds make them applicable as good heat sinks in PCs. This action makes them handle high electric forces, thus making the PCs safe. Those making computers are also thinking about making diamond processors for them in the future.

So, if you ever wonder how many PCs can sustain heat, you have the answer with you. Diamond can be used to make your laptop beautiful, improve its performance, and make them last longer.

8. Making smartphones

Phones are also not left out by the goodness of diamonds. Due to the hardness of lab diamonds, they are used in making smartphone screens that are hard to crack and attractive. Besides making good screens, diamonds can also make smartphones’ processors that last long and work faster.

The ability to resist heat allows diamonds to make good phones that can handle a lot of work. It will also protect the small parts from getting damaged by powerful heat rays as you use your phone during the day.

Why are diamonds so popular?

Among all the other stones in the world, diamonds belong to a different class. But why are they so famous and memorable to the hearts of many? Generally, they help show signs of romance, wealth, success, and a good investment. Below are some reasons why diamonds are so famous.

They are rare

Getting natural diamonds is not easy for the mining industry. Miners will need many years to mine them from the earth’s crust and more years to cut them to the desired shapes. Thus, these gems need many years to form themselves.

In the market, many people demand to have diamonds, but the supply is low. Suppliers provide a limited number for sale, while some diamonds are not for sale. As a result, this makes them become very famous but rare.

Diamonds are beautiful

Without a doubt, diamonds are lovely. Yes, there are other stones like rubies that are harder to find than diamonds, but the brilliance of a diamond is unmatched. The structure inside diamonds makes them glow when placed in any light.

They can shine brightly in the light, and that makes them be used in the jewelry industry. No other stone can have such brilliance in the world. This feature makes be very popular among many people as some use it as a symbol of love.

They are the hardest.

Diamonds are the hardest stones ever to exist. The gem has a rating of 10 (the highest) on the Mohs scale of hardness. Hence, every industry now opts to use diamonds, whether artificial or natural, to make their products last long.

Diamonds are brilliant

There is no other gem that is as bright as a diamond. It comes from their perfect color, clarity, and cut, depending on the mining industry. So, many people always want to own diamonds because of their brilliance.


To sum up, in our developing world, many people will keep coming up with ways of benefiting from diamonds. Already, there are other uses that we may have missed to mention, but be sure that there are a lot more out there. Some benefits may seem small but are very powerful to the one using the diamonds.

With that said, you now know how people use diamonds in many sectors and why many people desire to have them right? So, are these uses of diamonds exciting to you? Do you have more insights into the goodness of diamonds? Kindly feel free to share them with us.

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