How Much is a 4 Carat Diamond Worth

Do you plan to buy or sell your 4-carat diamond jewelry? It’s important to know the value of your gemstone. The precious stone varies in price and value depending on the appeal, cut, or brilliance.

How much is a 4-carat diamond worth? A diamond carat is 6.5mm big or 0.200grams (0.007ounces). So, a 4-carat diamond is worth the spot price of 0.800 grams (0.024 ounces) of diamond. The price ranges from about 30,000 to about 250,000 per 4-carat diamond.

The worth of a 4-carat diamond varies, depending on aspects such as the piece’s surface area, color, certification, and size. If you’re buying this valuable stone for the first time, consult an expert. They’ll guide you on what to watch out for and the best 4-carat diamond worth your cash.

Today, a 4-carat diamond makes jewelry such as engagement rings. Most diamond enthusiasts like it because it is scarce and valuable, not to mention incredibly beautiful.

What is a 4 Carat Diamond?

A 4-carat diamond is one that’s deemed ‘big,’ as per national and international standards. With the perfect clarity, cut, shape, and color, 4-carat diamonds are worth a lot.

Most people who look for 4-carat diamonds are drawn to their excellent qualities. For instance, a 4-carat diamond ring dazzles as much as a shining star. Wearing such a piece to special occasions undoubtedly enhances your elegance.

The price of a 4-carat diamond is much higher than that of a one-carat diamond. It doesn’t matter if their quality is similar. This is because finding such large diamond rough crystals happens once in a lifetime.

Properties of a 4 Carat Diamond

Are you searching for a 4-carat diamond? Many brokers might try to manipulate you, especially if you let on that you’re inexperienced.  However, you can have the edge over them by learning the properties of a 4-carat diamond.

These are as follows:


Generally, 4-carat diamonds are huge, but some factors affect how big the stones appear. Some of these are the cut quality and the shape of the diamond. For instance, a 4 carat diamond with a round shape is approximately 10.6 millimeters.

Suppose the 4-carat diamond is in other shapes; the size changes. Check out these examples:

  • Cushion cut – 10×8.5 mm
  • Emerald shape – 10.5×7.5 mm
  • Oval shape – 13×8.5 mm
  • Pear shape – 13.5×9 mm
  • Marquise shape – 16×8 mm
  • Heart shape – 10.3 mm
  • Asscher shape – 9 mm

The size of a high-quality and low-quality 4-carat diamond is different, even with the same cut. Another noteworthy point is that the condition of your diamond may influence its appearance in terms of size.

For example,  a 4-carat diamond piece that has already lost its sheen might look smaller.


Size of Different 4K Diamonds

Diamond Type Size in Millimeters
0.02 ct 1.7 mm
0.04 ct 2.2 mm
0.10 ct 3.0 mm
0.20 ct 3.8 mm
1.00 ct 6.4 mm
1.50 ct 7.3 mm
2.00 ct 8.1 mm
3.00 ct 9.4 mm
4.00 ct 10.4 mm

Diamond-Cut Accuracy

Diamond cut accuracy is another thing you can look at when you’re hunting for a 4-carat diamond. Below is a table showing various diamond cuts and their accuracy percentages.


Accuracy of different diamond cuts

Diamond cut Percentage of cut accuracy
Lower girdles 75-80%
Table 54-57%
Crown angle 34-35%
Star facets 50-55%
Pavilion angle 40.6-41%
Depth 61-62.5%


The Worth of 4 Carat Diamond

A 4-carat diamond’s worth depends on its quality, determined by the stone’s clarity, cut, and color. That’s why the price of one 4 carat diamond engagement ring might differ from that of another.

When some people estimate the price of a 4-carat diamond, they make the mistake of looking at its size. But diamonds are priced using the Karat system. When calculating the worth of a particular 4-carat diamond, you’ll require the current diamond price.

For instance, the price of a 4K diamond maybe $23,000 per karat. This means that the total diamond’s price will be $23,000 x 4.0, equaling $92,000.

The weight category also impacts the worth of a 4-carat diamond. For example, let’s assume that the price of your diamond is X.  The price of a similar 3-carat diamond will be less than X. This is because the 4-carat diamond boasts a higher weight value, although the two diamonds might feel the same.

Every carat weight has its pricing that changes over time. One factor that may cause fluctuations in diamond price includes the supply and demand on the market.

4 Carat Diamond Prices

Before paying for a 4-carat diamond, do some research to get a range of how much you should be ready to part with. Reasonably, you could get a magnificent 4k diamond for about $50,000. The price could be higher than this by up to $10,000 per gem’s cut and quality.

If you’re buying a 4K diamond piece of jewelry, make sure that it fits your preferences or needs. It’s pointless to pay a large sum of cash for something valuable that doesn’t resonate with your heart.

Factors That Influence How Much a 4 Carat Diamond is Worth

Sellers and buyers don’t just guess the worth of a 4-carat diamond. They analyze a few elements before deciding on the cost of this sought-after stone. Some of these are:

Surface Area

A 4-carat diamond’s surface area has a lot to do with its size and shape. Different diamonds may not appear the same, according to the shapes they come in.

For instance, the size of a 4-carat diamond with an emerald shape is 10.5×7.5 mm. That of another with a heart shape is 10.3 mm.

Here’s a table indicating the surface area for various diamond shapes.

Diamond Shape Estimated 4 Carat Diamond Surface Area
Princess cut 8.75×8.75×6.3mm
Oval shape 12.89×8.59×5.24mm
Trillion diamond 12.28×12.28×4.91mm
Emerald cut 10.61×7.86×5.11mm
Heart-shaped diamond 10.42×10.42×6.25mm
Radiant cut 9.17×9.17×5.87mm
Round brilliant cut 10.32×10.32×6.22mm
Marquise diamond 16.48×8.24×5.03mm
Pear cut 14.36×8.65×5.28mm

The 4Cs

The 4Cs refer to a unique diamond grading methodology that comprises the stone’s color, clarity, cut, and carat. Let’s discuss what these are and why they influence 4-carat diamond’s worth.


This is considered the most critical part of the 4Cs. It massively impacts the appearance and worth of a 4-carat diamond.

The cut of a diamond is all about how the stone’s dimensions are proportioned. How are the diamond’s surfaces positioned to effectively bring out its radiance?

There are various diamond cut grades. One of them is the ideal cut that translates into about the top 3% of the diamond cut quality. This cut reflects much of the light entering the stone, making it rather expensive.

Another common cut grade is very good, whose value is slightly lower than that of the ideal cut. It represents around 15% of the stone’s cut quality.


Color is the second-most significant component of the 4Cs. Usually, diamonds come in a wide array of hues, such as white, grey, yellow, pink, and brown. An H or any color above is suitable. If you’re looking for an affordable diamond, one with a K color is perfect for you.


Clarity refers to an assessment of a diamond’s flaws or imperfections. The most perfect 4K diamond boasts a clarity of Internally Flawless (IF). A stone with small but noticeable blemishes is very small inclusions – VVS1 $ VVS2.

If a 4-carat diamond has large/many visible imperfections, its clarity is inclusions – I1 and I2.

Today, the worth of a diamond whose clarity is IF ranges between $20.900 and $105.270 per carat.


A 4K diamond’s carat refers to the stone’s weight, not size. If you want to pay less for a valuable diamond, choose a carat that is slightly below what you’re looking for.

For instance, if you want a 4-carat weight diamond, select 3.90-carat diamond. No one can even tell the difference.

Shape of Diamond

What’s the shape of the 4-carat diamond you’re about to purchase? Choose the diamond shape you crave since it doesn’t have a large impact on the stone’s price. If, for instance, you’re purchasing a 4-carat diamond ring, some of your options are:

  • Emerald diamond shape
  • Marquise diamond shape
  • Asscher diamond shape
  • Cushion diamond shape
  • Oval diamond shape


Which is the best 4-carat diamond setting for me?

There are many ways in which a 4-carat diamond can be mounted on your engagement ring. It’s upon you to pick the setting you want. Don’t forget that it determines your piece of jewelry’s final look.

As you select your setting, remember that not all styles are convenient for a 4-carat diamond because it is large. Also, make sure that your pick protects the precious stone and allows you to clean it comfortably.

Before settling on an ideal 4-carat diamond setting, explore your options. Some of your best ones are prongs, double prongs, and platinum prongs. These are suitable because they are durable and capable of holding the precious stone in place for an extended period.

If you choose bezel or halos settings, make sure that the jeweler is among the top-ranked in your region. The ring must be cautiously crafted to avoid tension and guarantee longevity.

You could also consult a reputable professional in the industry to help you craft a unique piece that suits your needs.

How much is a 4-carat diamond ring?

The price of a particular 4-carat diamond ring depends on its color, cut, and clarity. It can be anything between $10,670 and $105,270 per carat. For instance, the price tag of a 4-carat ring with G color, VS1 clarity, and a great cut could read about $45,000 per carat.

Different jewelers also come with different rates for their products. 4-carat rings from well-known brands may be more expensive than those from regular, unpopular jewelry sellers. However, the latter might not guarantee high quality.

Conclusion: Is a 4-carat diamond worth anything?

Of course, a 4-carat diamond is worth a lot, thanks to its large size, beauty, and versatility. Even so, this precious stone’s worth does not remain the same; plus, it’s affected by its specific features. If you’re a classy diamond lover, purchasing 4-carat diamond pieces of jewelry is a great idea as they elevate your style.

Reach out to us if you have any questions or ideas about how much a 4-carat diamond is worth.

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