How Much Is a 3-Carat Diamond Worth

Finding the true worth of a diamond, no matter the carat, is not always so straightforward. The brilliance and appeal affect the value. The same is true for the true weight.

So how much is a 3-carat diamond worth? The answer depends on some factors which I will explain in this article.

Keep in mind that going for a slightly lower carat weight does not always mean less valuable. This applies whether you are buying or selling.

Determining the Worth of a Diamond Per Carat

The higher or bigger the carat of a diamond, the costlier or more valuable it is. This goes without saying. But sometimes, a 3-carat diamond can weigh 600 milligrams. And at other times, it can weigh not much more than a raisin.

Another point to note is that the carat size does not always make the price. Emotion or what is trending also drives the worth.

It is important I point out here that settling for a diamond carat that is just below a whole number does not lower value. If you want a diamond of 3 carats and see one of about 2.90 carats, the price difference may not be much.

This is because everyone seems to have caught on to the trick of bagging a deal when you go for a diamond whose carat weight is just below a whole number.

Now, the price difference is not worth the hassle anymore. The savings you make may end up being very minimal. Besides, it is quite difficult to find a diamond of 2.90 carats that is ct very well.

The Value of Diamond Per Carat

I have drawn a chart to help you calculate the worth of a 3-carat diamond. What I did was include other carat sizes so that you can appreciate the value.

Carat Weight Per Carat Price Diamond Price
0.5 $1,100 to $7,690 $550 – $3,845
1.00 $1,910 – $15,650 $1,910 – $15,650
2.00 $4,025 – $42,180 $8,050 – $84,360
3.00 $6,190 – $50,070 $18,580 – $150,220
4.00 $7,575 – $68,130 $30,300 – $272,520
5.00 $8,430 – $70,370 $42,150 – $351,850

There are different recommendations for the worth of a 3-carat diamond within this price range. But if you are going for the average diamond, based on cut, clarity, and color, the worth would be around $40,000.

Now, based on color and clarity, below is a chart showing the actual value of a 3-carat diamond:

3-carat diamond Prices Chart

D $51,750 $44,250 $36,000 $31,500 $29,250 $22,200 $18,750
E $38,250 $36,000 $31,050 $28,500 $25,500 $21,000 $17,250
F $33,000 $31,500 $29,250 $27,750 $24,000 $19,500 $16,500
G $27,000 $27,000 $26,400 $24,000 $21,750 £18,000 $14,700
H $24,000 $23,400 $23,400 $21,750 $20,250 $17,400 $14,700
I $20,250 $19,200 $18,750 $18,000 $16,500 $55,000 $13,500

Note that this price chart excludes cut or shape. So you may find that a round cut 3-carat diamond with D color and IF clarity grade costs as much as $142,000.

Variables Impacting the Value of a 3-Carat Diamond

Now, let us discuss the variables that impact the value of a diamond, no matter the carat weight. With this knowledge, you will know how to fit the worth of your 3-carat diamond into a price range.


The worth of a 3-carat diamond, or any other carat weight, is impacted by the color. Of course, there are different color grades and there are fancy colors.

But if you have a colorless one, find out what color it is. The most colorless is D and the least colorless is Z. so it goes without saying that a D-color 3-carat diamond with S1 clarity and a princess cut will cost much more than a Z-color of the same grade.

However, if the diamond has a G or H color, the color difference is not marked except under magnification. So the worth will either drop or increase depending on its color.


The type of cut of the diamond is one of the most important factors that affect its worth. A round cut has the most value when compared to other cuts.

So for a 3-carat diamond with a round cut, even if the color is a G on the scale and has a clarity of S1, it will still fetch you around $18,000. A cushion cut, for example, of the same carat weight, color, clarity, and cut, will fetch only about $10,500.

Why is the round cut so valuable? It is the cut that shows the most brilliance and sparkle. So, it is the most in-demand.

And an excellently cut diamond, no matter the cut type, will fetch good money, too.

There are also symmetry and polish to consider. These are made or marred by the cut. Then, there is the table size and depth.

Therefore, it is possible to see two 3-carat diamonds with the same cut being valued differently. The difference lies in how excellently each is cut.


The shape of the diamond is determined by the cut it has. Even if it is not round, there are other quite valuable shapes such as the princess cut or the radiant cut.

However, how well the diamond is cut affects the shape. A poorly cut diamond won’t achieve the desired shape. As a result, the value plummets.

So, if you are buying, the shape may not play such a big role. This is because the fancier the shape, the more it is going to cost.

But if you are selling, you may want to consider the shape because it will determine how much value is placed on it.


The clarity of the diamond also makes a difference in its worth. It matters more if you are selling or trying to preserve for future investment purposes.

If you are buying, however, consider going for one with an S1 clarity level. It is affordable yet the inclusions in it are not readily visible to the naked eye. Since nobody is going to check it with a loupe when you wear it, what does it matter?


A diamond with strong fluorescence has a depreciated value. This is because fluorescence is looked at as a flaw. Fluorescence is a glow, bluish glow, that a diamond may have when it is viewed under UV lights.

The higher or stronger the fluorescence, the lower the value of the diamond. It helps to have your 3-carat diamond checked for fluorescence. And if it has the glow, the strength of it.


Does the diamond have a certificate of grading or verification? The Gemological Institute of America is the go-to for this type of certificate if you want the gemstone to get any true value.

This is because GIA grading is regarded as the best. So a diamond with the Institute’s certificate tends to be valued much higher than others without the certificate.

This does not mean that other grading labs don’t have their value. In fact, you should find out the reliable and world-renowned labs and get a certificate from one of them.

Diamond Carat and Size

Diamond Carat and Size
something borrowed

Did you know there is a difference between the carat and size of a diamond? The size is the physical appearance of the diamond but the carat is the weight.

A large diamond, physically speaking, does not mean a heavy diamond. The cut of a diamond affects its size, making it look heavier than it actually is.

For example, a diamond with an oval cut, weighing 3 carats, will appear bigger than one with a round cut.

With this knowledge, you will be able to determine value, whether you are buying or selling.

Usage Matters

Now, if you are trying to find the worth of an unused 3-carat diamond, the value is quite stable. The reason is that you have not placed it in any ring setting or used it for any jewelry.

However, if you have used the diamond on any piece of jewelry, especially a ring, the worth may change.

Some ring settings tend to fetch more money than others. And surrounding metal also adds value.

To drive my point home, this is what an exquisite 3-carat pave diamond looks like…

This diamond in this setting will attract more value than one that is not in this setting.

You may wonder if anyone would set a 3-carat diamond in any metal that is not pure gold. Well, yes, that is possible.

Therefore, if you are valuing a diamond set in pure gold, the gold adds some value to the diamond. The same applies to other precious metals. That is unless you are selling just the stone.


To wrap things up, the true worth of a 3-carat diamond rests on so many factors. These factors include:

  • Color
  • Cut
  • Shape
  • Clarity
  • Certification
  • Fluorescence

These factors make it quite difficult to place a value on the diamond. It is only under expert grading and inspection that its true worth can be determined.

There is also emotion to consider. Who is buying or selling it? What is going to be used for?

In addition, the usage of the diamond plays a role. If it is used in a ring or any other type of jewelry with solid gold, the value will skyrocket.

However, if you are still not sure of correctly determining the worth of a 3 -carat diamond, ask your specific questions in the comments section.

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