How Much is a 2.5 Carat Diamond

Do you know how much it would cost you to own a 2.5-carat diamond? This diamond is one of the best things for people who are willing to spend a lot of money. In this article, we’ll tell you how much is a 2.5-carat diamond, and where to buy it, especially in the current jewelry market.

In the world of diamond jewels, the 2.5-carat diamond gem wins the heart of many. There are many types of this diamond. For that reason, we will look at different prices for this 2.5-carat diamond.

But first, what is a 2.5-carat diamond? Let’s start!

What is a 2.5-carat diamond?

Commonly, the units for the weights of diamonds are called carats (ct). Across the world, a carat equals 0.2 grams, which means it is one-fifth of a gram. When talking of a typical 2.5ct, it will mean that it weighs 500 milligrams or half a gram.

So, you need to note that it’s all about the weight and not the size of the diamond. At times you will find that a small diamond has more carats compared to a larger piece of diamond. The weight is what determines the price of any diamond and not the size.

But come to think of it, any 2.50ct is larger than the average size. Besides, these diamonds are rare pieces of gems because getting such a diamond of high quality of this weight is not easy. Only trusted retailers are the ones who give you such an item.

Cost of a 2.5-carat diamond

Are you worried about the best price for the 2.50ct diamond? We have an answer to that. The cost of this gem will vary depending on the quality, brilliance, and color that will make you happy when buying it.

If you shop online for the diamond, you will spend lesser cash than buying the 2.5 carats in a local store. However, these prices will range from $10 000 to around $100 000, depending on the four Cs feature.

Sometimes budgeting and interests might be factors to determine the price of the 2.5ct diamond that you will take home. For example, the 2.5ct diamond ring can make you spend $22 000 to $100 000. These prices will depend on the quality coming from clarity, color, and cut besides the weight.

For you to reach the best price of any 2.5ct you want, there are several factors to consider. There are four Cs, which include the diamond’s carat, color, clarity, and cut. A higher quality of the 2.5 ct in terms of clarity, cut, and color will mean that the price will also be higher.

Each of the four Cs plays a crucial role in the final price of the gem. But above all, a cut should be perfect. Below are brief explanations of how the four Cs will determine the cost of a 2.5-carat diamond.

  • Cut: It includes all about the fine finishing details of the gem. The angles, facets, and general appearance determine how much your 2.5ct will cost. A cut can either be ideal, excellent, good, very good, fair, and poor.
  • Color: Every expert expects diamonds to be colorless. It will range from D, the most colorless, to Z with a brown-yellow tint in it.
  • Clarity: This aspect shows how much clean your 2.5ct diamond is from any dirt. There is a clarity chart by GIA, which provides a good guide.
  • Carat: At last, the weight of the gem measured in carats. Most people don’t value the weight much, but it’s still vital in determining the price of your 2.50ct diamond.

Remember, the price of a diamond does not mean it’s the most attractive. Understanding the four Cs will be of great help as you seek to know the prices of 2.5ct diamonds. Two diamond pieces will look beautiful, but to your surprise, you will find that the smaller one is the most expensive.

Your retailer will also determine what price to sell the diamond to you. Although the diamonds may not have a big difference in various shops, the costs will not be the same. Below is a list of selected 2.50-carat diamonds that you can choose from to suit your interests.

2.5-carat diamond


2.50-carat Emerald Diamond with an excellent cut, color F, and a clarity of VVS1. $32 713
2.50-carat Emerald Diamond with a very good cut, color E, and a clarity of VS1. $33 465
2.50-carat Emerald Diamond with a very good cut, color F, and a clarity of VS1. $34 860
2.50-carat Pear Diamond with a very good cut, color D, and a clarity of IF. $38 220
2.50-carat Oval Diamond with a very good cut, color I, and a clarity of SI1. $19 670
2.50-carat Cushion Diamond with a very good cut, color H, and a clarity of VS1. $22 202
2.50-carat Cushion Diamond with a very good cut, color F, and a clarity of SI1 $24 936
2.50-carat Cushion Diamond with a very good cut, color F, and a clarity of VS2 $26 415
2.50-carat Pear Diamond with a very good cut, color F, and a clarity of SI1 $27 054
2.50-carat Emerald Diamond with a good cut, color K, and a clarity of VS2. $19 249

Five tips for buying a 2.5-carat diamond

Five tips for buying a 2.5-carat diamond

After getting the details about the pricing of the 2.5-carat diamonds, you will need a guide to help you choose the best 2.50ct at the best price. Sometimes shopping for this type of diamond might become very hard for you. Hence, here are five things you should consider before buying 2.50ct diamonds.

1. Focus on the best cut

As explained earlier, a cut is very vital among the four Cs. It determines both the beauty and overall price of your 2.5ct diamond. Besides, a good cut will improve the brilliance and the color appearance of the 2.5ct diamond.

While at the shop, choose the ones rated at ideal or excellent cuts. Anything below that, you will not be getting the taste of your money.

2. Go for the excellent color ranges.

Every diamond is placed on a rating of D to Z, depending on the brightness. Choose a 2.5ct diamond that ranges from G to I as it will be worth your money. With this gem, it will look colorless to the eye, depending on the setting.

3. Limit your choices to GIA accepted diamonds.

No one would ever want to regret buying a 2.5ct diamond that is not original. So, buy a diamond that has the GIA or AGS clearance. The two groups give the best rating of the diamond quality in the market.

Yes, others certify the gems, but they are not trustworthy. This aspect is good, especially when buying a big 2.5ct diamond.

4. Focus on the clarity

When looking for every diamond, clarity should be on top of the list. A large table size on 2.50ct diamonds shows that they have many inclusions than the smaller ones. As for the 2.50 diamonds, choose the ones with VS1, VVS1, and VVS2 clarity ratings or more than that.

5. Look for legit sellers.

If you buy your diamonds online or in a physical store, ensure you also go to the vendors accepted by GIA. The same way applies when looking for legit diamonds. You will find that the trustworthy sellers of 2.50ct diamonds have a wide selection with excellent prices and sometimes offers.

Where to buy a 2.5-carat diamond

You have a guide to get the best 2.5ct diamond, but where can you buy these diamonds? The main thought here will be to either choose between the online or physical stores to get you 2.5ct diamonds. Well, ensure you buy your 2.5ct from an online store.

But why go for the online stores? These online shops have better prices, fast shipping of your gem, and the advantage of free returns. Moreover, you will have a safe way of buying the jewels and even get to inspect and check your diamond before buying them.

However, ensure you choose the online stores with the certificate from GIA to show how legit they are in the market. To get a deal that will suit your taste, buy your 2.5-carat diamonds from suppliers like James Allen, Blue Nile, or Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Apart from the attractive prices offered by online retailers, they also have many diamonds in the stores for you to choose from when buying. It means that you will get value for your money without any possible doubt. After all, your local store will not have many options of 2.5 carats to offer to you.

It’s not that these physical retail stores are not a good choice but, these online diamond shops will give you good options for your money. You can be sure that the mentioned online stores will help you get certified 2.5-carats diamonds together with good customer service.


To wrap it up, we have explained all the details about 2.5ct diamonds. At this point, you know what type of diamond it is and that it can cost as low as $10 000 and as costly as $100 000. Therefore, ensure you follow all the tips and guidance before buying the diamond, and you will not be disappointed with what you will get.

Do you have a question concerning the 2.50-carat diamond? Please feel free to ask!

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