What is a CVD Diamond (Definition, Cost & Benefits)

Ever came across the term “CVD diamond” anywhere and wanted to know what it means? Well, if it’s new to you, they are diamonds made by man, and they have the same chemical structure as the natural ones. In this article, you’ll know what a CVD diamond and all the details about these unique stones are.

Natural diamonds take many years to develop in the earth’s crust and need a lot of temperature and pressure to mine them. However, as the demand grows, many diamond scientists create these simple diamonds that friendly to the environment and sell them cheaply. For these reasons, we saw it good to explain the details about CVD diamonds. Are you eager to learn? Let’s get started!

Definition: What is a CVD diamond?

Anyone interested in diamonds, from buyers to sellers, has to know everything about CVD diamonds. But what is this CVD diamond? It’s a diamond created through a simple process in the lab.

From a decade ago, these diamonds made their way into the market. The fame of these gems grows because they are cheap and have the same qualities as natural diamonds. They compete with high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) and natural diamonds with their low prices.

You may ask yourself, are they natural diamonds? Many people call them synthetic diamonds. However, this name should not blind your eyes because each of its features looks like a “natural diamond.”

The outward difference is that it’s created in the labs while the other diamonds are mined. Sound like a good choice to you? Many would see it as a better option than sending men deep under the ground to risk their lives and mine them.

If you are not an expert, you might not identify the difference between a natural diamond and a CVD. From their brilliance and sound clarity, you can consider CVDs as pure diamonds. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) even confirmed this fact in 2018.

How are CVD diamonds made?

Now that you have known what CVD diamonds are, ever wondered how they are made in the lab? Experts make them through a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. All methods used in the natural creation of diamonds are also applied here to create the CVD diamonds.

A diamond seed crystal from another CVD diamond is used. Then, a natural gas called methane is taken into the chamber in space, broken into carbon atoms to form diamond crystals. This unique process, CVD, is what grows these diamonds.

The crystal is placed in high temperatures and pressure. The reason for this step is to make the diamonds more colorless. This process makes the CVD diamonds have the same chemical form as the natural ones.

Seemingly, the cost of making CVD diamonds is very cheap. This aspect comes in because the equipment and ingredients used are affordable and available. Although scientists use methane, they still experiment with some other gases to help faster growth rates and get quality gems.

The level of hardness is the same as ordinary diamonds. Without the conditions in the labs, these diamonds will not have these qualities. Scientists try to ensure that they subject the crystals through all the needed requirements to attain the best features for the CVD diamonds.

What are the tips for identifying CVD diamonds?

As you go to the jewelry market, you’d be curious to know what really will help you understand CVD diamonds. The thing is, you can never identify a CVD diamond with your naked eyes, whether you are trained or not.

Here are some of the ways that will help you identify them:

1. Use a microscope

For you to observe some of the chemical structures of the CVD diamonds, your eyes will need a powerful microscope. From here, you will observe chemical characteristics and patterns different from natural diamonds.

2. Observe using a diamond view machine

With many technological advances, a machine known as the diamond view was created by the De Beers Company (DTC). It was specially built to show the features of a CVD diamond. The machine uses a heavy ultra-violet light and makes the CVD diamonds turn to strong red fluorescence.

3. Use a diamond tester.

It’s an electrical tool that tests both the electrical and electrical conductivity of the CVD diamond. It will show if the stone is a natural diamond or not.

4. The Ultra-violet lamp

Checking for the fluorescent is also a good way. This aspect is checked using an ultraviolet lamp which gives long and short-wave transmissions. CVD diamonds will indicate a blue color.

Are CVD diamonds costly?

Are CVD diamonds costly
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When it comes to pricing, natural diamonds are more expensive than CVD diamonds. This fact is because the low prices of these diamonds are one of their most significant boosts in the market. But what is the approximate cost of CVD diamonds in the jewelry market?

Generally, you will find that they cost 20-30% lesser than the mined diamonds. For example, if the weight of your diamonds costs $200, the exact weight of the CVD diamonds will cost $150. This fact doesn’t mean that they are less valuable; no, they aren’t because they are helpful.

Ever been concerned about why they are less costly but have the same quality as natural diamonds? Well, here is why CVD diamonds are less expensive:

  • Scientists in the lab don’t have to undergo digging deep in holes to mine.
  • With CVD, there isn’t a long chain of distribution.
  • There is no monopolistic harassment of prices.

Benefits of CVD diamonds

Benefits of CVD diamonds
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When in the jewel market, many people now want CVD diamonds. The old jewel lovers will surely be against it, but most people now see that CVDs have the same qualities as natural diamonds. Well, some of the benefits of having CVD diamonds include:

1. Cheaper costs in creation and market

When creating and growing CVD diamonds, you will realize that the costs used are cheap. All you need is your skills, time, equipment, and ingredients. Compared to a natural diamond, it’s very affordable for you to create a CVD diamond.

Natural mining needs you to be involved in the costs of mining and transporting the natural diamond before processing. Getting that diamond from the ground up to have the final product is very expensive. It’s for this reason that many scientists are choosing CVD diamonds as the best option.

The more ready a diamond is available in the market, the cheaper it becomes. It’s the process of creating CVD diamonds, which makes them more affordable in the market, thus attracting more people. With the lower cost, you as the consumer will now concentrate on other qualities in your diamond.

2. CVD diamonds are environmentally friendly

It’s without a doubt that the process of creating a CVD diamond doesn’t affect the environment. Compared to a natural diamond, CVD diamonds don’t harm the environment by making them in the lab. It’s because everything that happens in the lab follows environmental care rules.

It will be easy to know where you got a CVD diamond. Natural diamonds tend to be stressful to find their source because of the adverse effects left behind. The ones who mine large sizes of land when mining the natural diamond.

During mining, for every flood of diamond extracted, almost 100 square feet of land is destroyed. Apart from that, miners waste other minerals. With time, many people will opt for the CVD method to make diamonds.

Besides the miners destroying the soil environment, mining a diamond causes air pollution. There will be dust and other harmful gases that the process will release into the air. It also forms acidic rain, which is more dangerous.

When mining diamonds, miners use a lot of water. With this action, the environment is slowly destroyed. Making CVD diamonds needs less water in the lab. It’s good for the environment and the costs involved.

If you follow the ethics of the environment, then CVD diamonds are good for you. When in the lab, they almost create no waste. Natural diamonds make the world dirty.

3. It is of high quality

Are you looking for diamonds that have a very high quality and brilliance than the rest? Then CVD diamonds will never fail you. Apart from getting them at a lower price, CVD diamonds have better features than other diamonds.

Sometimes, you can find out that CVD diamonds have better qualities when it comes to purity. It’s because they are in controlled environments. Besides, CVDs last longer and are more beautiful than natural diamonds.

4. CVD diamonds have a taste of color

Are you a customer looking for many colored diamonds? Then, CVD diamonds will give the best answer. When creating these diamonds, scientists use natural gases to control the color of the diamonds. It’s a cheap process too.

Controlling the gases makes the diamonds colorless. It can also produce other colors using nitrogen. So, you can have pink, yellow, or blue diamonds. It’s expensive to mine diamonds having mixed colors, but the production of CVD diamonds gives you this option at a low price.


All in all, you will see that having CVD diamonds is an excellent deal. But, should you go for it? You have the best answer to this question. We can say that given the appearance, financial, environmental, and ethical benefits, many people are going for CVD diamonds.

If you are stuck on whether to buy CVD diamonds or not, kindly go for them. Do you have any concerns about the information given to you regarding CVD diamonds? We are ready to address your concerns. Just leave a comment below.

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