Which Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest (Tips to Look Bigger)

If someone has ever said to you that the only way to be able to wear a big stunning diamond ring on your finger is to empty your pocket, they’re quite wrong!

How big does a diamond look depends on many different factors, one being its shape. We’ll share all the secrets with you today! Which diamond shape looks the biggest? Which looks the smallest? Are there any other ways to make your diamond look bigger? Read on to find out!

Which Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest?

Now, let’s dive deep into the most-awaited topic – which diamond shape looks the biggest? Despite having an equal carat weight, some diamond shapes look bigger than others. Let’s discuss in detail about the diamond shapes that look the biggest in this section!

1. Emerald cut

Emerald cut
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The signature Emerald-cut for Emerald was first invented to protect the gem from chipping off, given its brittle nature.

Later on, during diamond cutting, long elongated facets were cut alongside the flattened window-like table facet to create a more step-like cut, and the corners were truncated to give rise to an octahedral structure.

Elegant and elongated Emerald cut diamonds were one of the most sought-for diamond cuts during the 19th and early 20th centuries. But if you’re still into such old-world fashion, Emerald is a great choice for you. They look classic, timeless, and, of course, big!

On the downside, Emerald-cut diamonds might not radiate the same shine as other brilliant-cut diamonds.

2. Pear shape

Pear shape
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If you want to make a statement even without wearing a high carat diamond, the Pear shape is just what you’re looking for! Also known as ‘teardrop cut’, Pear-shaped diamonds have a larger top surface and look quite bigger than the Round cut diamonds.

However, Pear-shaped diamonds can be quite fragile to handle, given their pointy tips. Moreover, finding a good-cut Pear-shaped diamond is quite challenging. So, make sure that you thoroughly examine the piece before buying: the sides must be symmetrical. And remember – only buy from trusted stores!

3. Oval cut

Oval cut
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Fancy cuts such as Emerald, Pear, and Marquise do look bigger relatively. But if you still want to buy something basic, an Oval-cut diamond is an excellent alternative for you.

Less costly than Round cuts, Oval cuts exhibit equally fantastic sparkle and brilliance like the Round cut diamonds. Due to its large elongated table, this modest design looks bigger and also makes the finger seem slimmer and feminine.

4. Marquise cut

Marquise cut
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Due to its pointy elongated ends, the Marquise cut looks longer and larger while making you finger look significantly slender. Though not the high-demand design compared to some other shapes, a Marquise cut is the best choice for you if you love modern and chic style.

However, the pointy ends might need a bit of extra attention to prevent them from chipping. Adding a halo layer surRounding the diamond might be an excellent way to hit two birds with a stone; it makes the diamond look bigger while protecting the ends from chipping off.

5. Round cut

Round cut
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If you want to go for the most popular and timeless design, a Round cut, that’s not a bad choice either. Due to the intense brilliance, it looks quite big. However, Round-shaped diamonds do not look as big as some of the shapes we’ve mentioned above.

Having said that, they do look decently bigger than the shapes we’ll be discussing below. So, if you absolutely love Round cut diamonds, go for it! They’re stunning!

But if your ultimate goal is to make the diamond look as big as possible, there are better options out there. Moreover, Round cuts, being high in demand, cost much more than some other not so sought-after shapes.

6. Trillion cut

Trillion cut
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When it comes to buying a diamond that looks big, Trillion cut is another underrated diamond shape. Due to a shallow cut and large face-up area, Trillion cuts also look much bigger than its carat size.

However, due to its triangular shape, if not cared for properly, there are chances that its pointy end in a Trillion cut diamond might chip off, just as in the case of Pear and Marquise cuts.

Which Diamond Shape Looks The Smallest?

Some cuts have a lot of their carat weight in the bases and thus, don’t have much face-up area on the top. So, while searching for a diamond shape that looks big, you might as well avoid such bottom-heavy cuts. Here are a few shapes you need to refrain from buying.

1. Cushion cut

Cushion cut
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The luxurious appeal of Cushion cuts diamonds is known to attract many buyers. Cushion cuts look minimal and casual yet modern at the same time.

On the downside, most of its carat weight is deep-set in Cushion cuts and to buy a Cushion cut that looks equally big as some other cuts such as Round or Oval, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of money in additional carats.

2. Princess cut

Princess cut
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Princess cut is another diamond shape that looks so classic and chic yet not an ideal choice if you’re looking for a diamond that looks big. Though equally brilliant as Round cuts and relatively cheaper, Princess cuts are bottom-heavy and thus, don’t have an impressive face-up area.

3. Asscher cut

Asscher cut
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Despite falling into the step-cut family-like Emerald cuts and Trillion cuts, Asscher cut, doesn’t look as bigger as its cousins do. So, Asscher cut is also a big no-no if you want to buy a bigger impact diamond on a budget.

How to Make Your Diamond Ring Look Bigger?

How to Make Your Diamond Ring Look Bigger
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If you’re worried that your diamond ring might not look big enough, there are various ways to make a diamond ring look bigger. Let’s discuss them one by one, shall we?

1. Pick the right shape

It’s an incontestable fact that some diamond shapes look bigger than others, given they are of the same carat weight. The good thing is that now you have a clear-cut list of which diamond shapes look bigger and which look smaller.

Just choose the shape that flatters your finger the most and that falls on the ‘bigger’ list, and you’re good to go!

2. Get a good cut diamond

The better is the cut of diamond, the more it sparkles. And, as we all know that the diamond with the most brilliance looks the largest, you should definitely get an excellent cut diamond.

Likewise,  poor grade cut diamond can seem smaller despite having a higher carat weight. So instead of trying to up on carat, try finding a good-cut lower carat diamond instead.

3. Choose a three-stone design

If you’re already in love with a three-stone ring design, that’s great! But if you want to make your diamond look bigger and haven’t finalized the design yet, the three-stone design with smaller stones on the sides might be one of the best choices for you.

Remember that you don’t want your center stone to be fighting for attention. So, don’t choose your side stones too big. The idea here is to create an illusion where the center stone looks bigger in comparison to side stones and stands out. So, choose your stone sizes wisely.

4. Opt for a halo ring design

If you’re not a fan of the fancy three-stone design, the classic halo might be the one for you. Halo design is also a  great option for those who dream of slaying big diamond rings on a budget.

The surRounding stones on the halo setting add a significant sparkle to the entire ring, thus making your diamond look much larger. As we all know, the more the brilliance, the bigger the stone looks!

5. Choose a band that lets your diamond pop

Your diamond should stand out in order to look big. So, it’s pretty obvious that you don’t want to blend it in the backgRound by using a chunky thick band, isn’t it? Also, the slimmer the prongs, the better. Your diamond should get all the attention, nothing else!

Choose a basic thin band with fewer detailings to serve the purpose. Moreover, shiny bright white metals such as platinum or white gold act as a mirror and reflect the diamond, thus adding much shine and sparkle.

6. Keep your diamond clean

Last but not least: keep your diamond clean. A dirty and dull diamond doesn’t have the same brilliance as a clean and almost-new diamond. So, to make sure your diamond looks bigger, you have to maintain its sparkle, i.e., keep it clean and shiny at all times.


As much we’d like to wear a fancy big diamond on our fingers, sometimes, we must realize that a diamond size doesn’t define our worth. But if you want one big stone anyway, we’ve always got your back!

By understanding which diamond shapes to opt for, which to avoid, and the size enhancement techniques that we’ve shared with you, you’re already halfway to buy the diamond of your dreams.

Now, the ball’s in your court! Choose the shape and design you adore and flaunt it with pride!

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