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The buzz that surrounds buying an engagement ring is usually an overwhelming one. There’s sure to be a lot of recommendations concerning a certain type of ring you should buy, and one of them is the halo engagement ring.

Halo rings have slowly become a trend amongst brides who desire an exquisite piece of jewelry for their wedding. Asides the fact that these rings are quite versatile, there is also the possibility of customizing the ring to suit your taste. Halo also adds more style to any ring.

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It’s no hidden truth that many people are still in the dark as regards halo engagement rings and begin to ask questions like, what does halo ring mean? Well, this article sheds light on what is a halo ring and other things to expect when you buy one.

What Is A Halo Ring?

The halo ring is a setting where a gemstone like a diamond is enclosed in a collection of paving stone or multi-faceted gemstones. The pave stone gives perspective to the gem and draws attention to it.  All of these give your ring the desired spectacle.

It’s nearly impossible for the gemstones to go unnoticed with this setting. Halo designs come in a variety of shapes and patterns and each one has its unique qualities. The double halos, traditional halos, and floral themed halos seem to be more popular amongst couples.

The traditional design that features round and shaped diamonds seems to be the most sought after. Asides the vintage appearance the traditional design gives, it’s also romantic in many ways. The surrounding halo diamonds give the centerpiece a larger than life appearance.

Diamonds play an important role in the halo ring setting, but gemstones add uniqueness and color to the setup. Whatever the carat of diamond you eventually settle for, you can be sure that the halo will add glamour to it.

The Halo Ring’s History

The Halo Ring's History
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It’s no naysaying that the halo style ring has gained widespread popularity over the last few years. However, the ring did not just surface as it has been in existence for centuries. The halo ring’s exact origin can be traced to Europe, where the halo ring originated in the early Georgian era (1714-1837).

In the era mentioned above, people preferred round diamonds, and they were smaller in size than the center gemstones. On certain occasions, they also added pearls for more appeal and style. The Victorian era (1837-1901) witnessed a surge in the popularity of halo engagement rings.

The Victorian era paved the way for colored gemstones as center stones to imitate nature’s floral. Classic halo engagement rings became prominent in the 1920s, often referred to as the art deco style. The style is synonymous with geometric and symmetric patterns of design.

Art deco aesthetics was in synchronization with halo diamond rings because diamond circles surrounded center gemstones. Halo diamond rings are one of the popular styles behind classic solitaire in the current engagement rings list. Solitaires and halo rings have the same classic vibe, the stylish twist being the only difference.

There’s being an upturn in terms of popularity for both colorful gemstones and diamond pearls. At certain times, there’s a preference for colorful gemstones, while diamond halo rings are preferred at other times. In recent times, every halo design works! Doable halo rings, square-cut designs, and even pave set diamonds are in vogue.

Pros of Halo Rings

  • The center becomes appreciable: The halo makes the diamond in the halo ring center standout.
  • More Carat weight without sticker shock: You’d agree that a single big diamond is less expensive than many smaller ones, even if they have the same weight.
  • It’s stylish: Halos come in various forms, either pave or micro pave. The halo technique means round cut diamonds are beautifully placed around a single gemstone.
  • Modern design: There’s so much beauty in halo rings due to the precise cutting techniques and contemporary design put into it.

Cons of Halo Rings

  • Lack of uniqueness: The thing about halo rings is that they might not retain looks in years to come. Despite the halo rings’ trendy pattern, there’s no assurance that they will have the same appeal after a few years of use.
  • Feminine appearance: The fact that halo engagement rings appear glittery makes it less appealing to men. Often, they compare the halo rings with cheap jewelry accessories.

Different Halo Styles

  • Plain shank halo engagement ring: This is a classic and polished design that ensures you get all the needed attention. The band forms a delightful arc around the diamond and its halo, making the center stone more appealing.
  • Split shank halo engagement ring: There’s a split along with the halo engagement ring band when it approaches the center gemstone.
  • Pave halo engagement ring: In this variant, there’s a partway extension of pave accent diamonds along the halo ring’s shank.
  • Double halo engagement ring: This variety saves you a lot of money and adds value to your halo ring. The added accent diamonds are less expensive than a singular center gemstone, and they are more beautiful.

Halo Options to Consider

Halo Options to Consider
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You might not be a big fan of the classic halo ring, but there are lots of options for you when it comes to stylish halo rings. It would be best if you took your time to surf the internet for some of the varieties available to you. Here are a few options to help you create the ideal personalized halo ring.

The Centre Gem

There are so many options to pick from when it comes to the center stone. It could be a fancy stone or even a colorless one. You could also replace a single stone with several smaller pave stones with the same weight as a single one.

Gemstone Pave Color

When you try out various gemstone colors, you’re likely to get a classic halo ring. Some options for paving include rubies and sapphires around the colorless center diamond. You could also go with the reverse, colorless stones surrounding a fanciful center diamond.

Shank Pave Type

The decision of whether to pave or not to pave the shank lies with you. A shank that’s left unpaved gives you a simple and basic look. The overall design of the design is also influenced by the shape and width of the shank. However, if you want a bit of shine, you’d do well to pave the shank.

Halo Numbering

Modification has spring up certain changes in hallow patterns. The classic single halo has given way to double halo engagement ring round arrangement. In the case of triple halos, the center stone is surrounded by three rows of paved gemstones. The choice of the number of rows depends on how big you want the ring to look.

The Cut Pattern of Center Stone

The shape of the center stone determines the overall appearance of your halo ring. The halo engagement ring could have an oval, pear, and even emerald-cut diamond bits as the center stone.

Type of Metal

Type of Metal
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Usually, white or gold platinum is often the preferred choice for a halo engagement ring. However, you are bound to discover other interesting colors as you explore your options. Take, for example, yellow is known to be complimentary to diamonds in most cases.

You could also decide to go with a two-tone setting as a great option. Rose gold has slowly become an interesting color pick for halo engagement ring enthusiasts. The fact that rose gold has that vintage appeal can enhance other colors on the gemstones.

There are many things to look out for when choosing the ideal halo ring for you. You could go online to find out some of the options available to you to get a properly personalized halo engagement ring.

Are Halo Engagement Rings Pricey?

The price of your halo engagement ring depends on so many factors; one of such factors is the size of the center stone. For example, a halo ring with the same weight as a solitaire ring that is non-halo is likely to be cheaper. This disparity in price lies in the fact that a large carat diamond is more expensive than many accent diamonds with the same weight.

In essence, a solitaire ring will be costlier than a halo engagement ring due to a smaller center stone in the latter.

What is Most Suitable Center Stone for A Halo Ring?

What is Most Suitable Center Stone for A Halo Ring
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You could always opt for either a colorless or colored stone as both varieties work fine. Furthermore, the center stone doesn’t necessarily have to be diamonds. Gemstones can also get the job done perfectly.

Gemstones like sapphire and ruby are suitable for use as a center stone for your halo engagement ring.  In terms of a diamond cut, square princess cut and round diamond cut remain the best options.

However, your choice of combination of diamonds or gemstones in the halo ring depends on your budget. You could decide to go with a single row of smaller diamonds around the center stone. On the other hand, a double halo ring or more rows of smaller diamonds make the halo ring guard aesthetically pleasing.

Final Word

The halo ring has become an important fashion piece for modern-day engagements. The design of the halo ring makes it appealing and classy on the wearer on any day.

It doesn’t matter how many halo rings are there since you get your desired result. You can easily customize your halo ring with any stone or diamond-cut you fancy. This article has answered many of the pertinent questions on what is a halo ring.

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