Why Men Wear Gold Chains

Gold chains were a sign of service to the supreme beings of a particular religion in the past. Nowadays, they are symbols of wealth and class. Rap artists were most likely the ones who brought the custom of wearing gold chains to modern men’s everyday life.

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There are a few reasons why do men wear gold chains. Whether they do it because of a sentimental value or to get the final piece of jewelry that completes the outfit, such a chain certainly shows their status and fashion taste. Let’s take a closer look.

Reasons Why Do Men Wear Gold Chains

1. Fashion statement

Men usually see gold chains as a showy piece of jewelry, fashion statement, or a tiny shiny piece that completes their outfit. The particular style and design depend on their character but always unquestionably upgrades men’s fashion.

Before gold chains, men’s accessories were limited to watches or perhaps a ring and earring here and there. With the diversity of gold chains available nowadays, accessorizing makes men’s fashion more amusing and encourages men to be more stylish.

For a man who wants to turn an ordinary, everyday look into a stylish outfit, a particular gold chain can perfectly finalize the look. Letting a slim gold chain hanging under an open trench coat can add a sense of high fashion to a gentleman.

You can also add a delicate chain to your everyday outfit or finalize an elegant style with a chain with a pendant for a flawless aesthetic look.

2. Symbol

Apart from being a stylistic detail, gold chains symbolize men’s social status and class. As they are mostly expensive, men who can afford this fine piece of jewelry wear it to indicate their position in society.

Also, it can show affiliation to a specific group in society. For instance, those who started wearing gold chains first were members of the hip-hop industry.

In addition, you can wear a gold chain for good luck since yellow symbolizes good luck and neutrality in many cultures. There is also an old belief that it keeps the negative energy away, so wearing such jewelry brings prosperity, happiness, and peace.

I adore the personal reasons a gold chain symbolizes. It is one of the most frequent pieces of jewelry used to gift loved ones. Therefore, many men wear them for the sentimental value it carries.

3. Gold is timeless

Whatever gold chain type you prefer, it is sure to last forever. With that, this jewelry is a safe investment and an item you can pass down to future generations.

Men Gold Chain’s Length and Thickness

Men Gold Chain’s Length and Thickness

Choosing the right length of a gold chain depends on the men’s high. As the most frequent length is from 18 to 36 inches (46 cm – 0.9 m), it is essential to measure chain length directly on the body to find the right fit.

For example, a 22 inches (56 cm) long gold chain will probably look too long on a short gentleman, even though it is a perfect fit for a taller man. It is particularly crucial when wearing a pendant chain. The rule of thumb is that the pendant needs to fall in the middle of the chest to get a perfectly coordinated look.

The gold chain thickness can play a crucial role, depending on the reason behind its purchase. When buying a piece with a pendant, you shouldn’t go for the widest, heavy chains. In such a case, thinner chains will put the focus on the pendant rather than the chain itself.

In most cases, 12 mm thick gold chains are an ideal choice for an eye-catching look. You will need a gold chain of 1 to 6 mm for a more personal look, as you can comfortably tuck it under a shirt.

Types of Gold Chains for Men

Rope chain

Rope chain

This chain style has tiny links that form a rope shape. The way links join together gives this necklace a stern look that can be differently styled.

Cable chain

Cable chain

This classic type of jewelry for men is basically a row of oval links placed ninety degrees to one another. Miami Cuban chain is a variation of this model that only differs in its thickness.

You can choose to wear a thicker one around the neck for the bolder look or add a pendant to the thinner chain to go with the classic look. These chains come in many gold types, including 10K and 14K yellow, rose, and white gold

Franco chain

Franco chain

This model got its name after the Italian designer who invented its design. Franco succeeded in making the V design of these chains by interlocking the curbed chains, formed from two to four curb necklaces. The design is trendy and convenient since it prevents tangling.

Herringbone chain

Herringbone chain

One of the rare chains that make the statement without a pendant is the Herringbone chain. The rows that alternate with one another are created of V-shaped links that form a unique herringbone pattern.

Box chain

Box chain

Box chains got the name after the square (boxed) links interlocked into a straight line. Thicker models are an excellent choice for men since they are notable for their strength and the way they complete the masculine look.

Pendant chains

  • Ball chain – This chain is light, strong, and made from balls connected with a wire previously used for Dog Tags. The small balls are traditionally made of metal, but you should pick out the gold model to get the desired effect.
  • Figaro chain – It is a combination of two or three tiny round links, followed by an oval link. This Italian design is known as one of the highest quality chains worldwide. You can complement this model with a pendant like a cross or a medallion.
  • Rosary chain – The chain name refers to a set of prayers used in the Roman Catholic church. Therefore, a cross pendant always complements the chain. The original rosaries were made of wood. Nowadays, gold rosary beads remind us of the events in Jesus’ life.
  • Wheat chain – The gold wheat chain looks like wheat grains and is an ideal pendant chain type. It is simple and robust enough to combine with different kinds of pendants or charms.
  • Singapore gold chain – Singapore gold chain is one of the most popular choices for a pendant gold chain because of its classy, simple pattern. Twisted and braided threads make the chain, so you can often hear the term Twist Curb chain referring to this design.

Ways to Wear Gold Chains

When wearing thicker gold chains, pairing them with a T-Shirt or a sweater with a broader, oval collar is always a stylish move. That way, the chain will subtly tuck in the front while it peeks from the sides of the neck, giving the outfit just enough spice.

An open chest shirt with a thin box chain is perfect to attract attention. Such an outfit will emphasize this piece of jewelry without looking tacky.

A simple box chain is an excellent match with T-shirts or sweaters. If you enjoy wearing an open shirt, you should pick out an 18 to 20 inches (46 – 51 cm) thick chain to keep the outfit stylish and classy.

Nowadays, it is trendy to stack the chains, but it is not advisable to combine more than three. In most cases, two are the right measure of taste.

When stacking, it is important not to wear chains of the same lengths. For example, stack a 20 inches (51 cm) long chain with a 22 or 24 inches (56 or 61 cm) long one to make the layers visible.

Another recommendation is to include a pendant chain when wearing a chain over a shirt or a turtleneck. The trick is to wear a 22 or 24 inches (56 or 61 cm) long chain, so the pendant hangs in the right spot.

Additional Tips

3 Main Reasons Why Men Wear Gold Chains

Jewelry matching

One of the essential tips is to pair gold chains adequately with gold accessories, like watches, earrings, or bracelets.

Matching links

It is crucial to match the length of the chain’s links and its shape for the perfect symmetrical look. Even if the chain’s thickness doesn’t fit perfectly, it will balance the outfit when combining the same link type.

Face shape

When choosing the suitable gold chain, you should do it according to your face shape. Longer, V-shaped chains are perfect for a round face, while shorter chains are ideal for a long one.

Skin tone

Yellow gold chains are an ideal option for warm-toned skin. However, rose and white gold chains are the most suitable for cool-toned skin.

Killer combo

The best option is to combine the gold chain with a turtleneck and an open jacket with a collar, like a dark denim jacket, to achieve a flawless look. When put together like this, your outfit will emphasize the neck area and attractive chain.


Men wear gold chains because of their excellent quality or for fashion and symbolic reasons. Gold chains never go out of style, upgrade an outfit with many different styles and shapes, and are an excellent investment.

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