Most Americans spend a fortune on an engagement ring, but it is not the only ring model you can purchase for your beloved Lady. They are classified based on the material they are made of, the shape of the embedded gem, or the reason they are given for. Let’s consider the types of rings available on the market.

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Ring Types and Styles

1. Diamond rings

Diamond rings
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Most future brides in the US expect a diamond engagement ring from their future husbands. It has a diamond of different cuts, sizes, and colors at the centerpiece in most cases.


2. Gold rings

Gold rings
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Gold is the most common metal used for the traditional rings. You can pick out a yellow, white, or rose gold model of 10K, 14K, or 18K, depending on your preferences.


3. Silver rings

Silver rings
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Silver is an elegant and sophisticated choice for rings, especially if you don’t like the yellow shade gold provides. Most contemporary rings contain stainless steel and chromium along with the silver to prevent its tarnishing.


4. Moissanite rings

Jewelers use this natural mineral to make an elegant ring centerpiece. You can hardly find it in nature, but scientists have found a way to manufacture it in a lab.


5. Platinum rings

Platinum rings
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Platinum is probably the most precious metal you can choose for your ring. Consequently, these rings are always more expensive than those made of gold or silver. I like this silver-look material with stylish, mellow hue.


6. Titanium rings

Titanium rings
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Titanium is a lightweight, trendy material for contemporary men’s rings. The advantage of this choice is the wide variations in available colors, including highly popular black models.


7. Estate (reproduction) rings

Estate (reproduction) rings
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It is any ring anyone wore before, whether it was for years or just a few months. Most jewelers use this name for rings until they hit 30 years of age. After that period, they become vintage.


8. Vintage rings

Vintage rings
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This type of ring is always preowned and passed on to you by inheritance, sale, or gift. As soon as the ring is 30 years old, it becomes vintage. Once it is a hundred years old, it becomes antique. This model is an ideal option for you if you prefer stylish filigree patterns and intricate designs with millegrain details.


9. Antique rings

Antique rings
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Every ring older than 100 years is considered an antique model. I have one silver ring with rose quartz and diamond dust. I found it in a romantic antique shop in Kotor, Montenegro, where it showed up after the last descendant of a famous noble family passed away.

It is difficult to describe the feeling that such a ring can bring into your life with the story of the previous owners, their happiness, falling in love, and getting married. Look for the ring from the Victorian Era or Georgian Era to discover the touch of the romantic side of the history.


10. Gimmel rings

Gimmel rings
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In Western Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries, most women used it as an engagement ring. It contains interconnecting bands attached with a tiny metal pin.

Before the wedding, both the fiancé and fiancée wore separate ring parts. Once they got married, the woman started wearing both pieces as one ring.


11. Claddagh rings

Claddagh rings
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I like this traditional Celtic ring with two hands that symbolize friendship. They hold a crowned heart. The crown represents loyalty, while the heart is a symbol of love. You should wear it on the right hand in two possible ways:

  • The heart facing you – It shows that you are in a relationship.
  • The heart facing away – It shows that you are single.

On the other hand, wearing this ring on your left hand means:

  • The heart facing you – It shows that you are married.
  • The heart facing away – It shows that you are engaged.

12. Contemporary rings

Contemporary rings
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When the ring design is up-to-date with modern styles, including contemporary cut, setting, and materials, you can say it is in a group of contemporary jewelry.

For instance, minimalist design or princess cut gems are more modern nowadays than a traditional round shape. You can also find models made of newer materials, such as titanium, stainless steel, and palladium.


13. Fashion rings

You will wear this type of ring to express your fashion style. In most cases, such jewelry is not long-lasting, and most women change it with fashion change.


14. Flexible rings

Flexible rings

A bendable ring contains intertwined links of metal that move until getting your finger’s shape. It’s up to you to choose the model with either the entire flexible band or only the adaptable bottom half.


15. Nugget rings

Nugget rings

Even though both men and women can wear this type of ring, it is usually considered a male piece of jewelry. Their design imitates a raw chunk appearance of precious metal with a rough, rocky surface that reminds gold nuggets.


16. Cluster rings

Cluster rings
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It contains a central primary stone, often a diamond, ruby, or emerald, surrounded by a halo of tiny pieces of the same stone. Another version is a ring that features multiple gems of various sizes.


17. Stack rings

Stack rings
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This model is a combination of more thin bands you should wear together on one finger. They can be identical, made of gold of different colors, or set with various stones. It offers you an opportunity to show your style.


18. Mood rings

Mood rings
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These little things contain liquid crystal and can display your current mood by changing color, which directly depends on your body temperature.


19. Class rings

Class rings
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Students of prestigious high schools and colleges in the US have a class ring as a symbol of recognition and belonging. It usually features the school’s name and graduation year.


20. Membership rings

Membership rings
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This model is a symbol of membership in a particular fraternal organization. Instead of a gem, this piece of jewelry features an organization’s emblems.


21. Cocktail (dinner) rings

Cocktail (dinner) rings
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It is a dramatically large ring with a sizable colored imitation gemstone that originated in the 1930s. It was a symbol of the Prohibition Era’s wealth and power. People wore it on special events, but it looks a bit overdone nowadays.


22. Posy (poesy, posie) rings

Posy (poesy, posie) rings
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It is a romantic gold ring with engraved verse or inscription on the inner surface that lovers exchanged from the 15th to 17th centuries. This model was highly popular in England and France, so the quotations were written on Latin, French, or English.


23. Signet (seal) rings

Signet (seal) rings
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This ring has initials or family crest engraved on the outer surface. Historically speaking, its illiterate owner used it to sign the official paperwork by pressing it into the wax. Nowadays, this ring type is a status symbol.


24. Birthstone rings

Birthstone rings
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This ring features your birthstone. Thanks to the old tradition, you can connect a particular gem with your month of birth. Many people still believe that the power this gemstone has can protect them from negative vibes.

Discover your stone among twelve available and use it if you believe in the positive energy it can bring to you.


25. Mother rings

Mother rings
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It is a variation of a birthstone ring that your mom or grandma wore. It always symbolizes the connection between a mom and her kids and grandkids.


26. Promise rings

Promise rings
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You can use any ring type as a promise ring, but most people prefer using a metal band or a classic model with a gemstone. They symbolize cultural or religious promise. Some experts consider it a precursor to a contemporary engagement ring.


27. Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring
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A fiancé traditionally gives this ring to his future wife. It is a symbol of his commitment to marry. It almost always features a gem. It is usually a diamond in the US, but you can also choose a model with sapphire, ruby, or emerald. Nowadays, you can find a ring in a few traditional styles, including:

  • Classic (plain) solitaire – It is a traditional ring with a single gemstone.
  • Halo – It features a large central stone surrounded by one or two rows of smaller gems.
  • Princess cut – This ring has a square stone with a pyramid profile.
  • Cushion – This ring features a square or rectangle gem with rounded corners that cut the way it tapers down to get a puffy look.
  • Accented (side) stone – It features a central diamond with added diamond accents on both sides.
  • Three stone (trilogy ring) – It has three gemstones symbolizing past, present, and expected future.
  • Pavé – This ring has a central diamond with tiny gems around the band.

28. Wedding bands

Wedding bands
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It is usually a uniformly wide metal ring without an obvious top. It can be plain without adornments or engraved, with or without tiny diamonds or gems. Bride’s and groom’s bands can be identical or different, depending on your wishes.


29. Anniversary rings

Anniversary rings
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This ring is a symbol of memorable moments in your life and significant milestone years. It features gems set 1/2 or 1/3 around the band perimeter. Choose a particular ring for each anniversary:

  • Gold ring for the first anniversary
  • Ring with sapphire for the fifth anniversary
  • Ring with diamond for the tenth anniversary
  • Ring with emerald for the twentieth anniversary
  • Golden jubilee for the fiftieth anniversary

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