Proof coinage started to be popular in the US in the early 1800s. Collecting these sets became a regular hobby when the first modern proof sets became available in 1936. The only exception was from 1965 to 1967, when the government stopped standard annual coin set production.

After that period, the San Francisco mint took over producing annual proof sets from the Philadelphia mint. All coins struck in 1999 also came from this mint. The 1999 US Mint proof set value varies slightly depending on the year, but all three are still favorites among collectors regardless of the price.


What Is the 1999 United States Proof Set?

What Is the 1999 United States Proof Set

The US Mint occasionally produced proof coins with a special finish since the early 19th century. In most cases, they were made with extra care with an idea to intend them for collectors.

Then, collectors started requesting a proof with every minted coin type. Therefore, the US Mint decided to assemble minted sets of every proof coin type and sell them to collectors without releasing them into circulation.

After a two-decade pause, the first modern proof sets became available in 1936. The government stopped traditional coin sets production from 1965 to 1967 and eliminated the mint mark. That was the way to prevent pulling particular specimens out of regular circulation.

The 50 State Quarters is a famous American series with highly appreciated proof sets the US Mint started producing in 1999. New collectors and those on a limited budget typically begin with these coins symbolizing the ultimate American values.

1999 9-coin proof set

The 1999 proof set includes the first five of the fifty planned State quarters. The idea was to establish a ten-year program with five new Quarters each year, representing all American states.

1999 US mint proof set

Currency US Dollar
Denomination Varies
Country The United States of America
Mint San Francisco
Mint mark S
Minting year 1999
Condition Proof coin
Composition Various metals
Coin weight Various
Dimensions Various

Each state’s minting order corresponded to the year of its joining of the Union. In 1999, it was the turn of the first five states, including copper-nickel clad coins:

  • Delaware quarter
  • Pennsylvania quarter
  • Georgia quarter
  • New Jersey quarter
  • Connecticut quarter

The set also included coins paying tribute to favorite American presidents:

According to the plan, all coins in the set minted in San Francisco in 1999 were with CAM or DCAM finish. Copper-nickel clad alloy in Roosevelt dime and Kennedy half dollar contained copper with 8.33% nickel. However, the coin surfaces had more nickel, giving them a bright appearance.

1999 S mint proof set value by USA Coin Book

Set type Mintage Mint PR 65 Price
Silver 9 piece set 804,565 San Francisco Mirror-like cameo $148
9 Piece set 2,543,401 San Francisco Mirror-like cameo $14
5 Piece quarter set 1,169,958 San Francisco Mirror-like cameo $9.15

Coins are packed in two cases. The one with a blue insert contains specimens with four Presidents. The year’s five States Quarters are in another case with the same blue insert. The original packaging also includes certificates of authenticity.

1999 mint proof set value by CoinStudy

Year Set type Price
1999 S Silver 9 piece set $93
1999 S 9 Piece set $10
1999 S 5 Piece quarter set $5.5

Both cases are placed in a lightweight box with stars on edge. The Statue of Liberty, the date, and the State Quarters logo are printed in blue.

1999 5-coin state quarter proof set

This case includes the first five state quarters placed on a blue background. You can see an American bald eagle’s head printed in blue on the box and the silver date.

You can order the set from the US Mint and expect the certificate of authenticity inside the box. All included quarters contain a copper alloy with 8.33% nickel.

1999 silver 9-coin proof set

The third 1999 proof set includes nine coins:

The silver bullion value on the current precious metal market is $24.79 nowadays. Therefore, you can expect to have $33.18 in silver value for seven pieces included in the set.

1999 S mint proof set characteristics

Type Face value Issue price Average sell price Average buy price
Silver 9 piece set $1.91 $31.95 $96 $120
9 Piece set $1.91 $19.95 $8 $10
5 Piece quarter set $1.25 $13.95 $4 $6

The first case with a red insert and a flowing flag contains four coins with American Presidents. The second case includes five State Quarters. They are packed in an outer box with the date, the Statue of Liberty, and the ‘United States Mint Silver Proof Set’ inscription in red.


Five Quarter Coin Symbolism

Five Quarter Coin Symbolism

As I have already mentioned, five different Quarter coins were dedicated to the first states entering the Union.


This US state was settled in 1638 and entered Union on December 7th, 1787. The coin dedicated to this state features Caesar Rodney riding his horse to Philadelphia in 1776. His goal was to vote for the resolution of independence and sign the Declaration of Independence.


This US state was settled in 1682 and entered Union on December 12th, 1787. The central figure on the coin reverse is a Lady’s statue at the Pennsylvania State Capitol dome‘s top. She holds a staff with an American eagle.

New Jersey

This US state was settled in 1660 and entered Union on December 18th, 1787. On the reverse, the coin honored New Jersey showing the finely engraved Washington Crossing the Delaware River scene.


This US state was settled in 1773 and entered Union on January 2nd, 1788. You can see a state symbol, the Peach, in the coin center with the Georgia motto ‘Wisdom, Justice, Moderation’ on the ribbon struck on the coin top.


This US state was settled in 1634 and entered Union on January 9th, 1788. The coin reverse is dedicated to the Charter Oak. This white oak tree symbolizes the independence of the United States of America.


Four Coins with Favorite American Presidents

Lincoln cent

Lincoln cent

The 1999 Lincoln penny was made of an alloy containing 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. The price of the coin in PR 65 grade is $7.18.

It features Lincoln’s image on the obverse with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST above his head. A simple design is complemented with the word LIBERTY on the left side. The 1999 minting year is placed in front of the President’s bust.

You can see the Lincoln Memorial on the penny reverse, surrounded by the denomination and the inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The saying E PLURIBUS UNUM is above the building.

Jefferson nickel

Jefferson nickel

The 1999 PR 65 Jefferson nickel made of 75% copper and 25% nickel is worth $3.89. Felix Schlag’s Jefferson nickel design honored Thomas Jefferson, the third US President, by placing his image on the coin obverse.

You can read the date, the mint mark, and inscriptions IN GOD WE TRUST and LIBERTY along the rim.

The elegant coin reverse’s center shows Monticello, Jefferson’s home, with the building name and the denomination struck below it. Along the coin rim are the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Roosevelt dime

Roosevelt dime

You can find two 1999 Roosevelt dime variations. The copper-nickel clad coin with a PR 65 rating can reach $4.52, while you should set aside $8.60 for the silver coin in the same grade.

The simple obverse shows President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s image surrounded by the word LIBERTY, the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST, and the date.

The reverse is more complicated, with olive and oak branches and a torch in the middle. The unusual design shows a Latin proverb E PLURIBUS UNUM written between them.

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the denomination ONE DIME are struck along the coin rim.

Kennedy half dollar

Kennedy half dollar

The silver 1999 S proof Kennedy half dollar is worth $31. On the other hand, you can buy the same coin with the clad composition for $14.

Both large silver and copper-nickel-clad half dollars have President Kennedy on the obverse. The uncomplicated design includes inscriptions LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST, with the mint mark and the date below.

Engraver Frank Gasparro created beautiful coin reverse with the modified US presidential seal in the center and a scroll with E PLURIBUS UNUM above it. The eagle is surrounded with stars and inscriptions UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and denomination struck along the rim.



Unfortunately, the proof set market has had problems in recent years. While the typical collectors from the 70s and 80s enjoyed buying at least one set a year, it is not the case nowadays.

Interest in these sets is not high at the moment, making this period ideal for purchasing one. The fantastic thing is that their value doesn’t fluctuate too much, making them an investment you should think about.

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