What Can Break a Diamond

There aren’t many materials which have such a prestigious reputation.

You know diamonds, the kind that you would see on the fingers of celebrities and athletes. they cost millions of dollars per carat. But in our society, they have become a sign of wealth and prestige.

The most common spot of wear diamonds is our hands, but all humans use our hands for almost everything, even to the point where our skin in their hand’s sticker to allow us to perform more tasks.

So, if you’re wearing a ring this means that it might be enduring more strain than you first thought. This is why diamonds are so common on ring fingers. They’re beautiful but it has also known as one of the hardest natural substances on the planet.

But that doesn’t make them invincible. there may be things you have lying in the house which could smash your diamond into hundreds of pieces.

So today we’re going to answer that question what can break a diamond? Are you ready? Let’s get stuck into it.

Hard versus strong

Hard versus strong
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we often associate something that is hard with something that is being strong. but in fact, when talking in terms of science and materials this is a major problem. take this example relating to diamonds: you could scratch steel with a diamond the diamond is hard, but this hammer is strong. Are you starting to see the difference?

So essentially whether something is hard or strong depends on the structure internally. a diamond for example is made entirely of carbon which is joined in a lattice-type structure. every atom is a certain distance from the one beside it. in order to move them together or further apart requires extremely strong and sudden force.

this is what makes a diamond incredibly hard and can scratch almost any other material on the planet.

Plastic steel, on the other hand for example it is what’s known as an ionic structure. to put it simply this means that it is like raisins in a jar of honey. think about it this way you can move any of the raisins about easily and the forces are absorbed, so should you hit steel with a hammer for example, it will just absorb the impact, rather than breaking the atoms apart.

This is what makes steel strong. diamonds however on the other hand are a little different thanks to their lack of flexibility. They’re not very strong at all.

So, What Can Break a Diamond?

So now it’s finally time to answer the question you’ve been waiting for: what things can break a diamond? now we’re going to answer that question by answering these questions:

  • how much force it takes to break a diamond?
  • what could accept the power that is capable to do so.

this information could help you to avoid impact with these objects or remove your ring before you use them.

Can you smash a diamond with a hammer?

Can you smash a diamond with a hammer

This is the most common question that is asked when the question of what is able to smash the diamond is posed.

like mentioned before diamonds are incredibly durable, but at the same time, they are also quite brittle. if you have enough brute force on a hard object, it is possible to crack the diamond. if you hit a diamond with a regular hammer, it will dent the surface that you slammed onto the diamond. pretty impressive, isn’t it?

however, if you put a diamond flat on a counter with the point up, the force will penetrate through the diamond causing it to completely smash.

Could you smash or scratch a diamond with metal?

Could you smash or scratch a diamond with metal
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Like we mentioned or another article scratching a diamond is difficult for almost any material, especially a diamond. because diamonds are one of the most durable materials in the world. we can reference how strong materials are using the most scale this scale between one and 10 will determine how is a durable object is.

Keeping Your Diamonds Safe

Keeping Your Diamonds Safe
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So, after reading an article like this a lot of people will be quite paranoid about buying a diamond watch or ring. Or maybe you haven’t got one yet but, you’re starting to have concerns over how safe it is.

if this sounds like too much to you, don’t worry because it isn’t its mainly common sense on a tiny bit of luck which determined whether your diamond ring will last for as long as expected.

If you are aware when you have your ring on you don’t need to be overly paranoid or control over it. it’s understandable that if you do get too concerned about your ring the enjoyment of your engagement can just disappear like that.

In the same way that you would protect and take good care of an expensive watch, you just must take the same precautions whenever you’re wearing a diamond ring. you don’t always need to take it off exactly like you wouldn’t with your watch, you just always have to be mindful.

How to fix your diamond if it breaks

How to fix your diamond if it breaks
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So, when the dreaded situation that something accidentally happens to your diamond, you have a couple of options to take.

The first and the most common of all the options is to have jewelry cut the diamond. what happens here is the jeweler will remove broken sections and shape the diamond into the exact column as it was beforehand, then you will receive your diamond good as new.

the only problem with this is since they cut off a tiny bit of the stone, the diamond will return a tiny bit smaller than usual but don’t worry. It will still maintain the same aesthetic that I had before, in fact, you might even get lucky and finally, the value of your diamond increase is thanks to improvements in the cemetery or incisions or improved Polish, but this isn’t always guaranteed.

alternatively, you can talk to your jeweler about resetting your stone to hide small damage. there’s no doubt this is probably the most cost-effective method of repairing your broken diamond, but it only really works if the break-in your ring is broken almost broken beyond repair.

The final option is to replace your diamond altogether. there are many things you need to consider whenever exploring this option including your budget and any sentimental meaning behind the diamond ring that you have. but sometimes the easiest way to fix a diamond that has a large fracture that has been damaged this by replacing the thing altogether, and sometimes it may be cheaper too.

Regardless of what you decide to do, it’s always a wise option to think about jewelry insurance. it is vital to ensure that you’re protected in these kinds of unfortunate situations. what insurance can do is it can help you to cover the cost of repairing or replacing any broken jewelry that you might have the real benefit of this is that it offers a sense of Peace of Mind to the owner that if something would happen to their diamond ring they’re protected financially.


To wrap it up then there are very few things that can break a diamond. like we examined through the atomic structure of the diamond it takes a lot of force and a lot of strength in order to shatter material as hard as the diamond.

But as we have seen, it can be done. diamonds are not indestructible they are still susceptible to being broken, although their incredibly durable and can withstand massive amounts of wear and tear.

accidents can still happen, though. And they can happen more often than you think remember if they do, not all hope is lost there is a way that you can make your gorgeous ring look as good as always, even if it takes a little money and a bit of expertise added on to the cost.

Thank you so much for reading, and we hope that all your diamond jewelry can stay safe.

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