White Topaz vs. Diamonds What's the Difference

What do you think of when I say the word: diamonds? Do you think of long-lasting eye-catching sparkles that are often seen in the rings of A-List celebrities and athletes? Or do you think about the romantic commitment that is seen on an engagement ring between two partners madly in love with each other?

Diamonds can have different meanings, and these different designs and styles influence the price. There’s no denying how expensive diamonds are, which leads many people to turn to an alternative, known as white Topaz.

White Topaz is known for being a cost-efficient diamond alternative, that can still keep that extra kind of sparkle and magic. Perfect for whether you’re catching the eye of onlookers or wanting to display affection and romance towards your partner.

Either way, today we’re going to be talking about white Topaz versus diamonds. We’re going to go through several different aspects which make diamonds so special and how white Topaz compares to each example. Everything that you need to know about comparing white Topaz and diamonds can be found in this article.

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What is white Topaz?

What is white Topaz
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So, if you follow this blog regularly you’ve probably heard of the term already, but today we are going to explain exactly what White Topaz is. Natural Topaz comes in a wide variety of colors, the majority of gemstones are mined lacking color, they are dull and full of incisions and imperfections. Some methods treat the gems that can import the color and make them much clearer.

Texas in Brazil is the main source of white Topaz in the world.

In similar previous articles on the strength of diamonds, we’ve written about the Mohs Hardness Scale. On the scale, you will know diamond is the hardest substance which tops at a 10. As you can see, it is a relatively hard stone but on the other hand, the scale is relative. What I mean by this is that in reality, diamonds are roughly 67 times harder than topaz.

So, in everyday terms, this means that Topaz is a lot easier to scratch than a diamond. As you can see in another article on what can scratch a diamond, it takes another diamond to scratch a diamond. This is a critical difference between the two types of gemstones.

But I can already hear you asking about your favorite aspect of the diamond: the sparkle and shine. Engagement rings are worn every day and hopefully, they’re going to be worn every day for the rest of your life. This is the exact reason that you wanted a gemstone which is going to be able to stand up to the rigors of everyday life. It still maintains its iconic beauty and sparklines. While diamonds can do just this jib for you, unfortunately, White Topaz can’t.

White Topaz might look blindingly gorgeous and dazzling under the lights of the jewelry shop, but once you leave this sparkle won’t last forever. Scratches are going to cumulate in the gemstone, and it will begin to look faded.

The main difference between diamonds and white Topaz is this exact feature. If you notice scratches or any kind of imperfections on your diamond, normally a small scrub with a toothbrush and a bit of warm water will be enough to restore the beautiful image of your favorite diamond jewelry. In contrast, however, any imperfections on White Topaz are more likely to be scratches and incisions on the jewelry itself which means that unfortunately, these imperfections are here to stay.

White Topaz vs Diamonds: An In-Depth Look

Now we will analyze all the critical differences between white Topaz and diamonds. If you read our article on how much a 2-carat diamond costs, you’ll know that the cost is based on the four C’s. If you haven’t seen it already, you can check it here: Link.


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Perhaps the most influential force on the price of a diamond is the Carat. Carat essentially refers to the weight or the size of the diamond.

Larger diamonds are much more valuable compared to small diamonds, this is because larger diamonds are much harder to find and cut into an ideal shape, causing them to become more expensive.

However, with white Topaz it’s the exact opposite. With an increase in size, the price of the Topaz lowers. The reason for this is simply because in a larger Topaz you’re more likely to come across imperfections and incisions.


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When it comes to the theme of color, topaz and diamonds are quite similar. When they are completely clear, white topaz is very transparent looking, and exactly like a diamond.

The color of Topaz is affected by any impurities within the gemstone itself. However white Topaz is 100% natural and this is the exact reason why it is considered as a diamond substitute.

If you want to see more reasons and how the color of the diamond can affect the price you can check out our article on this below. Link


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The cut is another important factor when you’re examining the price of a diamond. White Topaz as well.

Topaz and diamonds are similar in this aspect, as they are available in many different cuts. When Topaz is used as a substitute for diamonds, like on a piece of jewelry, it becomes even more important.

Along with the cut, the depth is crucial when a white Topaz is cut for jewelry, any kind of mistake in the cutting process here can destroy the value of the white topaz gem.


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Again, another of the four C’s, Clarity, is extremely important in both white Topaz and diamonds.

It’s important to remember that almost all gemstones have some forms of imperfections in them in the forms of spots and lines. This then means that the fewer incisions and imperfections present in the stone, the higher the price will be.

What makes this interesting is that so many imperfections cannot be observed by the naked eye.

In the same way as diamonds, white topaz is also known for its clarity. After all, it comes down to whatever your priorities are, if inclusions don’t bother you at all, then going for white Topaz is probably the best decision for you.

However, on the other hand, many people aren’t bothered with internal inclusions because they are convinced that these enhance the charm of gemstone. It’s up to your own personal preference whether you want a gemstone with little imperfections in it or not.

And again, it largely goes without saying that clarity is not an issue for diamonds.


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Now getting onto the big factor: the price of a white Topaz versus a diamond. So, at this stage, you can probably guess which is more expensive between diamond and white Topaz. That’s right, diamonds. Diamonds are more than 10 times the price of Topaz.

When we talk about diamonds we often talk with prices in the thousands, on the other hand, with white Topaz, we will be talking about hundreds.

Like everything in the jewelry industry, it depends on many factors. Like we said before, for a diamond: the bigger the size the bigger the price tag is. For white Topaz bigger often means cheaper as it shows more imperfection and inclusions.

If you’re going to lean towards choosing a diamond, you have to be fully committed to making the decision given the expensive price tag. People often choose between white Topaz and diamonds for different reasons but price is rarely one of them.

Wrapping it up

So, in conclusion then, you’ve examined all the benefits and disadvantages of white Topaz versus diamonds. Whether you are looking at a diamond engagement ring, necklace or any other kind of jewelry is important in your decision, but how exactly do you plan on choosing between a diamond in the white Topaz?

Of course, diamonds are pricey, but at the same time, they hold a symbolic commitment and meaning and a form of resilience which makes them romantic and more prestigious.

But not everyone can commit to this kind of investment and that’s OK, because white Topaz is an amazing cost-friendly alternative. While diamonds do give you more vibrant aesthetics along with lasting sparkle, white Topaz can make it just eye catching to the people who won’t know the difference.

Oh, and if you’re still unsure, you could just go with a little bit of both. A diamond center with little white Topaz accents is a great compromise that will leave your partner, and your bank account very happy with your decision.

Thank you so much for reading and we wish you all the best in selecting your gemstone jewelry.

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