Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring

It is interesting to know that there is a difference between the engagement ring and the wedding ring. While some people can’t tell the differences, it is important to know the distinction between an engagement ring vs wedding ring. It is something you must get right before you propose.

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring What's the Difference 1

Jewelry lovers also need to know the features to look out when buying the engagement ring and wedding band set.

The Difference Between Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

First, a brief overview of the differences between engagement ring vs wedding ring will help you understand and acknowledge their individuality.

Engagement Ring

An engagement ring, commonly referred to as a proposal ring, is offered when proposing, traditionally with a kneeling gesture. Hopefully, the receiver says. Yes, the ring is then gently slipped into the symbolic fourth finger in the left hand. Many believed that the fourth finger is a vein that connects to the giver’s heart.

This ring represents the promise of marriage, showing the commitment between you and your partner. Engagement rings come in various qualities and designs. The typical model is the metal band ring, spotting a center diamond or gemstone. They have a design that looks more extravagant than wedding rings.

Wedding Ring

Wedding rings, sometimes called wedding bands, are exchanged on the wedding day. Picking out unique wedding bands is a job for both partners, as they would offer each other. After giving the engagement ring, both the bride and groom can begin to look out for a wedding ring to give each other.

On the wedding day, the bride may have to wear the engagement ring on a different finger for the ceremony. On the exchange of vows, both bride and groom exchange rings, placing them in each other’s ring fingers. The bride may then decide to wear the engagement and wedding rings together, one below the other, on the same finger.

History of The Rings: Engagement vs Wedding Ring

Engagement Ring

Giving engagement rings is believed by many to be a new tradition, but that’s not the case. This act dates to Ancient Egypt. They gave this ring then due to its circular shape, to represent eternal love.

The Romans also practiced this tradition, albeit with a slight alteration. They give two unique engagement rings, consist of iron and gold, respectively. The iron made ring is worn at home during household work while you wear the gold ring in public.

The customary exchange of rings resurfaced in Europe by 1477. It involved a grand gesture by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria. He presented a ring to Mary of Burgundy, which featured diamonds shaped to represent her initial.

Many western cultures adopted this tradition until the early 20th century. Thanks to the popular DeBeers advertisement, diamond engagement rings‘ exchange increased drastically in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Today, it remains a very popular and significant practice in western culture.

Wedding Ring

The exchange of wedding rings has been a popular tradition. It has its origin for far ancient times. The Renaissance era mainly regarded wedding rings in such high sentiment.

It was a very thoughtful exchange between lovers. They would often inscribe brief poetry verses on them, promising each other eternal love.

A notable shift from marriage is merely a signed deal to gain property or wealth but to one of true love and mutual companionship. Engagement rings and wedding band sets alike should represent more of this, as many used them for formality.

Engagement Ring Vs Wedding Ring Styles

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring
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There are some good styles you should consider when looking for engagement and wedding band rings. These styles are found to look beautiful on the finger when you put them on. Let’s start by showing some popular engagement ring styles.

Engagement Rings Styles

1. Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire
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The engagement ring sets come in different forms, but the Solitaire engagement rings are stunning and beautiful. A solitaire engagement ring usually consists of a diamond or a gemstone as the center stone with a plain band surrounding it.

If you like a simple but elegant ring for your engagement, then a solitaire ring is a perfect style for you. With a classic solitaire engagement ring, you can easily find a matching wedding band to make a beautiful combination.

2. The Split Band Style

The Split Band Style
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The setting of this kind of engagement is simply unique. It is such that it splits into two on both sides of the center gemstone.

It could be quite challenging to match the split band engagement ring with a regular wedding band. But there are simple engagement rings and wedding band rules that could guide you when matching these rings.

3. Pavé Engagement Rings

Pavé Engagement Rings
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There aren’t many differences between the solitaire and the pave engagement ringWhile the solitaire has the center stone, pavé rings have small diamonds that surround the band.

4. The Channel Setting Engagement Rings

The Channel Setting Engagement Rings
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This is a beautiful choice of engagement ring. In this style, there are small diamonds in channel settings on the band. With this design, the diamonds are protected, and it is best for those with an active lifestyle or gets to use your hands frequently. These rings are also easy to match with the wedding ring.

 5. Halo Engagement Rings

Halo Engagement Rings
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The halo engagement rings are stunning and gorgeous. They have a big gemstone at the center with small stones surrounding it.

Popular Styles for Wedding Rings

The comparison of engagement ring vs wedding ring would not be complete without checking out some amazing wedding ring styles. If you desire gorgeous wedding rings, you need to know the following styles.

1. The Pavé Wedding Ring

The Pavé Wedding Ring
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The pavé band is a popular wedding ring style. It is lined with diamonds and can be worn with a pavé wedding ring for more sparkle

The pavé rings could exist as a full eternity or half eternity band. For the full eternity, there are diamonds fitted around the band. In contrast, the half eternity ring has diamonds placed halfway on the ring.

2. Channel Wedding Rings

Channel Wedding Rings
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Like the engagement rings, the channel wedding band has small gemstones arranged neatly in a channel and surrounded on both sides by the band.

3. Curved Wedding Bands

Curved Wedding Bands
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Curved wedding bands are perfect for halo engagement rings or any engagement ring with chunky gemstones.

4. Plain Wedding Bands

Plain Wedding Bands
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If you are a conservative person, the plain band is a perfect style for them. With a plain band, you can be sure there won’t be a conflict with your sparkling engagement ring. You can never go wrong with a plain wedding band as it also complements most engagement rings.

5. Modern Wedding Bands

Modern Wedding Bands
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If you love unique, unusual, but elegant designs for your wedding band, you can consider the modern bands. They come in different shapes and designs, and if you want something that stands out, you can look at some modern rings.

6. Metal Wedding Bands

Metal Wedding Bands
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When you go for a metal wedding band, it would mean you do not desire a gemstone but would instead prefer 18-karat gold or other metals like platinum. The metal bands are uniquely stylish and beautiful.

The Cost of Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring

Jewelry shops that offer engagement rings and wedding rings for sale often have varying prices depending on the quality. Engagement rings are usually pricier than wedding bands, and this is because of the gemstones used in making them.

On the other hand, wedding ring prices are more affordable because, most times, they are of simpler designs and weight. However, depending on the quality of the material you desire, the engagement ring’s price range and wedding ring might not be so wide.

Can I Wear Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Together

There are no hard and fast rules as to how best to match engagement rings with wedding bands. There are beautiful ways to wear a combination of these rings without obvious style blunders. Here are a few tips to consider.

Mix and Match Rings

If you are a fashion lover, you can combine two different rings that you like. One will serve as the wedding ring and the other as an engagement ring. You can also harmonize the colors of your gemstone.

For pairs that do not match perfectly, you could consider wearing your engagement ring on the right hand.

Use A Complementary Set of Rings

Some people do not want a perfectly matching set of rings and would prefer to mix. You are free to identify two different types of rings that depict your style.

Get A Bridal Set

A typical bridal set consists of a wedding band and an engagement ring. They come together as a set, and you would have no worries about whether they match or not.


There are clear differences between the engagement ring vs wedding ring because they serve different purposes. However, you can mix and match them based on your personal preference.

Engagement rings tend to be more expensive because of the nature of the material used in making them, including the gemstones where applicable.

In combining your engagement ring and wedding ring, you could settle for a bridal set that is well matched by the makers. However, some other people prefer a more stylish combination based on their love for certain materials.

You can match your engagement ring and wedding ring in a beautiful way you desire.

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring What's the Difference 2

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