2-Carat Diamond price

Diamonds are breath-taking. They are stunning, there’s no doubt about it.

You see them on the fingers of celebrities around the expensive areas of California, London, or New York. They catch the eye of everyone around them and become the center of attention.

If you have one yourself, it means you can show it off to all your friends and family. There’s nothing quite like having a beautiful 2-carat gold diamond on your finger to show off.

I’m sure you’ll agree, won’t you? But if you’re on the hunt for a 2-carat diamond even for yourself or maybe for a partner, you might get a bit of a shock once you realize the price tag that comes with these gorgeous jewel pieces of jewelry.

Oh, a big spoiler alert, the 2-carat diamonds are very expensive compared to 1-carat diamonds.

So, you would think that if a 1-carat diamond were about $5000 at a 2-carat one would come in around $10,000, wouldn’t you? Well unfortunately that’s not the case, as you’re going to find today that the price of a 2-carat diamond can vary dramatically compared to other models.

Today, we’re going to examine why diamonds are so expensive, what is a 2-Carat diamond, how much does it cost, and where you can buy them. This is going to be your comprehensive buying guide for 2-carat diamonds, I hope you enjoy it!

2 carat Diamond Price Table

D $57,500 $41,500 $25,500 $21,000
E $48,000 $35,000 $25,000 $21,000
F $41,000 $31,500 $22,500 $18,000
G $33,500 $26,500 $21,000 $16,000
H $28,000 $23,500 $18,000 $15,500
I $21,000 $18,500 $15,500 $13,500


So, what makes diamonds so expensive in the first place?

So, you’re probably wondering as you read this article, what is it that makes these gorgeous little shiny pieces of jewelry so expensive in the first place? Yes, you’re right, there’s a reason why the likes of Kim Kardashian Jennifer Lopez can’t get enough of these little gemstones.

As you will see in some of our other articles, diamond is the hardest material known to man. Its scarcity and therefore prestige is highly linked to the price of the diamond. You can check out our other articles on how strong and tough diamonds really are and which color diamonds are the most expensive here: Link

So many different aspects of the diamond make the final price, if I were to list all of them, we would be here all day. It’s not fair to say that a one-carat diamond cost X amount so a 1.5-carat diamond will cost you Y. It doesn’t work like that. Even a 1-carat diamond can range anywhere from $1000 to $30,000 depending on several factors.

But what are these factors, I can hear you ask? Well in the world of diamonds one of the biggest influences on the price of diamonds is something that you probably heard of in one of our other articles. It’s called the four Cs, this refers to a diamond’s carat, color, clarity, and cut.

The clarity of a diamond refers to how many imperfections are in the stone. Colour, on the other hand simply refers to the color that can be seen in the stone.

Diamond cut refers to the angles and proportions of the diamond, influencing the reflection of light back into your eye. So, for example, in an expensive diamond, it’s highly likely that the light is going to enter the diamond and will be reflected into your eye in a way that shows these light colors and the beautiful brilliance of the stone.

Does that make sense?

Carat is also extremely important when analyzing the price of a diamond, and we’re going to examine that in the next section.

What is a 2-carat diamond?

Essentially, a 2-carat diamond simply refers to the weight of the diamond stone itself. Equivalent to roughly 400 milligrams, which is probably about the same as a grape.

Two-carat diamonds are especially popular because: one, it is the perfect size for an engagement ring, and secondly, they are very scarce. Two-carat diamonds are seldom found in local stores, and if you do find one, it is likely to be of a very poor-quality cut.

So, what does a 2-carat ring typically cost?

So now that you’ve got a bit of background into why diamonds are so expensive, and the four factors which affect the price of a diamond, we are going to talk about how much 2-carat engagement rings might cost.

Let me stress in the section above, no one price fits all for the price of any diamond, regardless of two-carat stones. At the same time though the typical range for a 2-carat diamond would be somewhere between $5000 and $55,000. Yeah, it’s pretty dear, isn’t it?

The reason why is that let’s say you have a 2-carat diamond that is flawless, gorgeous color and perfectly cut to perfection. You will probably end up spending close to 50 grand or more on this diamond. And it’s the same thing if you choose two current diamonds that have some slight incisions and without color, then the price will probably be closer to around here to $10,000 or maybe even less.

But wait, why isn’t it simply double the price of this one-carat diamond?

Early in the article, we would have talked about the four Cs to determine the price of a diamond. We examined the 4th C: carat weight, it has a serious impact on the price of a diamond. As it gets bigger and the weight increases it becomes rarer to find.

AS mentioned before, 2-carat stones are the rarest of all the diamonds. This means it is very difficult for a diamond cutter to find a piece of stone which can be made into a beautiful 2-carat gem, which makes it more expensive. Think like basic supply and demand: when the demand goes up and supply goes down, the price will increase.

Normally with price mechanics, you would think that a 1-carat diamond would cost around $5000, a 2-carat diamond around $10,000 and maybe even $15,000 three-carat.

But as we’ve seen already, as the size goes up, so does the rarity of the stone. This means that the relationship of the price of a diamond and the weight of the diamond non-linear.

If you still don’t understand, check out this simple graph to show how the price of a diamond increase with weight.

Where to buy the best 2-carat diamond rings.

If you’ve been paying attention, you would have heard that the carat diamond rings are extremely rare. So if you find one in your local jewelry store, it’s probably fake or very low quality.

To find the very best 2-carat diamonds you’re going to have to look a little further than your local jewelry store, some big names in the industry such as the Blue Nile and James Allen have been said to be amongst the best in the industry. But apart from that, looking online you have a great chance of finding a 2-carat diamond at a beautiful price point.

When you’re evaluating which diamond to pick, it can help to ask an expert for advice when evaluating the four C’s of diamond we discussed earlier.

Although it might cost you more money, it can save you a lot of money in the long run by avoiding purchasing the wrong gemstone.

If you want the most beautiful, radiant diamond for yourself or for your partner or any other friend or family member you can call in professional assistance for an extra bit of help.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion then, today we have examined all the reasons why diamonds are expensive, including the four C’s: carat, cut, color and clarity. All these four contribute to the price of the diamond, with the carat being the most influential.

2-carat diamond essentially refers to the weight of the diamond and is roughly 0.4 kilograms. Since it’s very difficult for jewelers to capture this exact size of a diamond, the demand increases as the supply decreases, and in turn as we’ve seen before this relates to an increase in price.

But to answer the question of how much is a 2-carat diamond: well, it would probably set you back between the range of $5000 and $50,000.

By no means is it cheap, but it can be a price worth paying if it’s what your partner wants.

Make sure to check out some of our other articles on how you can protect your diamond and what else influences the price of the diamond that you want to buy.

Thank you so much for reading, and we hope you enjoyed the article, and best of luck in finding your dream diamond.

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