Best Places to Buy Nipple Rings

Are you convinced that a nipple ring will look good on you, but you don’t know where to find it online? Here in this article, we have provided a list of the best websites to buy nipple rings online.

With plenty of fakes and frauds in the market today, it can be a major hassle to find high-end nipple piercing jewelry. If you already have piercings on your body, you should know the importance of safe and infection free jewelry. You also understand that it is advisable to avoid cheap nipple rings that crack and break easily.

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So, to make sure you don’t get ripped off, we have provided list of the best websites to buy nipple ring online.  Be rest assured that you will find whatever body piercing items you are looking for on these reputable websites below.

The Best Websites to Buy Nipple Rings Online

1. Shopbodyjewellery

This store has a range of topnotch nipple rings that will surely catch your fancy. These nipple piercing bars are available for purchase as a single barbell or even in pairs. This store is quite flexible as you can buy a single barbell for just one nipple.

You could also replace a missing barbell from one of your previous collections by buying one barbell. However, you could save some money by buying in pairs since they are quite cheaper. This online store offers nipple rings in various distinct colors so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

2. Amazon

This store was created in July 1994 in Washington by Jeff Bezos. Amazon ranks as one of the top marketplaces for the best online shopping experience. The platform started as an online bookshop for book distributors; it has grown in leaps and bounds to other trade sectors.

Amazon has a wide variety of ring piercing products, from all your favorite brands. The store offers all these items with varying prices on its platform. You can be sure of getting a nipple ring that will last you for a long time from this online store.

3. Ebay

Ebay doesn’t need a lot of introduction as it’s one of the top American based eCommerce stores. The platform has a reputation for selling collectibles of the highest quality and value. The platform is an active one with lots of products to purchase.

A large percentage of users on the platform are looking to sell products. The payment option on eBay is flexible, as they have PayPal and credit card options. eBay remains one of the best websites to buy nipple rings online.

4. Body Art Forms

This shop is your one of the popular online stores for body modification accessories of all types. The platform is simple to use, and there are catalogs of nipple rings available. You could enter the name of the item you want to purchase and the platform displays it for you with its details.

Apart from nipple rings, you can choose from piercing rings of different colors. Alongside the product you’re buying, you also get to know the metal combinations in the ring.

5. Painful Pleasures

It’s safe to conclude that this platform took the pains of going outside the confines of a typical jewelry shop. They have every single nipple ring gold product you could think of. Not only that, but they have numerous titanium nipple rings and rose gold nipple rings.

You get to access a wide-ranging collection of jewelry items from top designers on the platform. There are quality ring products from many trusted piercing ring designers in the world. The platform is also easy to navigate for those who want to make several purchases.

If you’re looking to get the proper equipment for your nipple piercing business, this platform is your best bet. Painful pleasure ensures all their customers get top notch service with an emphasis on quick delivery.

The platform is ideal for both businesses and individuals in the body modification industry. Their approach to trade means you can get any piece of jewelry you need from their shelves. You should consider this platform when you’re looking for the best websites to buy nipple rings online.


If you fancy a bit of old school, then this website offers the best of vintage nipple rings and more. Many of their pieces are hand-crafted designs. A little extra work goes into the making of their rings to suit you perfectly.

There is no better site for young, hip moms, cool, little girls, and rad teenagers. Over the years, Etsy has managed to attract 24 million piercing, loving followers.

Etsy charges, like their nipple crafts, are also quite attractive. They charge 20 cents per listing and the listing has a validity period of 4 months before renewal.

7. Crazy Factory

This great website offers loads of discounts and promos. While they deal with all sorts of jewelry, they do not practice piercings.

Known for its massive inventory, the website offers over 80,000 different kinds of products. Whatever shape, color, or size of the nipple ring you’re looking for, you can certainly find it here.

Other than their already large inventory, Crazy Factory releases over 2000 new items every day. Thus, their stock is always up to date. This makes it the number 1 place to get the latest in nipple ring trends.

They offer customization options that they call Design. With this feature, you can create your ideal nipple ring designs. So, get creative!

All items offered on this site have been tested and verified. Their impressive control team put in all the effort to make sure of this. Their ever-ready customer support team is always happy to assist, even at the slightest inconvenience.

Probably the best part is that they ship your nipple rings straight from the factory to your house. This service alone puts it on the list of one of the best websites to buy nipple rings. So, start ordering up!

8. Body Jewelry Shop

This highly informative and interactive site offers nipple rings or all kinds of designs. And for $15, you get free shipping anywhere in the United States. So you can shop conveniently and track your order till it reaches your doorstep.

You don’t even need to open an account with the Body Jewelry Shop to enjoy all the tempting offers. By adding an item to your cart, a file is created on their server, storing your purchase details. This serves as a unique link to your browsing session, inaccessible to third parties.

Once your order is completed, some personal information is required of you. You will be asked for your full name, home address, phone number, e-mail address, and credit card details. This information is simply to aid the processing and shipping of your order, and will only be shared with the appropriate personnel.

Body Jewelry Shop makes both domestic and international deliveries. Various methods of shipping methods are utilized. The total delivery period depends on cost and distance.

9. Bm25 specializes in nothing but jewelry. Of course, there’s no better website to buy nipple rings than a dedicated jewelry shop. They have the best of nipple rings for sensitive skin, thick skin, even dry skin.

Quality, variety, and experience are in nothing short of abundant at the Bm25! Their skilled and knowledgeable staff make it so that you are nothing short of satisfied after every purchase. And all this quality comes at the lowest costs.

Their variety of jewelry and nipple rings are boastfully wide. Ranging from the Organics, Implant Grade Titanium, 14K Solid Gold to the 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, and even Rose Gold nipple rings. You name it, they’ve got it, and it is all very accessible.

Their never-ending stock consists of the most popular, trendy, and latest designs in nipple rings. Also, every week new items are added.

The only problem you might face is deciding the one you want amongst all the beautiful qualities. But if you cherish nipple ring, you can get as many as you want.

10. Urbanbodyjewelry

The Urbanbodyjewelry body jewelry wholesale stores ensure that you’re never out of style. With the latest nipple accessories, this is the site you should look out for the fanciest and strongest nipple rings. Their variety includes, but are not limited to the 316L stainless steel 14kt gold, niobium, titanium nipple jewelry, and opal nipple rings.

Their nipple rings are created with not only fashion sense but also with your safety into consideration. So, if you want to look sexy and bold with a nipple ring, consider buying from Urbanbodyjewelry online stores.


So, whether you want to look cool and awesome, feel bold and empowered, or try something new with nipple rings, the website mentioned above got you covered.

Well, you have known 10 best places you can get these fancy fashion statements, conveniently and affordably. So, what are you waiting for? Get onto one of the best websites to buy nipple rings online, and make your order!

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