Best Places to Buy Silicone Rings

If you have an active lifestyle, keeping your jewelry in good condition can be a challenge. And it’s particularly difficult for pieces you don’t take off – like your wedding ring.

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Fortunately, there’s a great option that will stand up to almost any degree of punishment: silicone. We’re going to look at eleven websites to buy silicone rings. Whether you’re looking for a wedding band or any other ring, there are some great options to suit you.

So let’s start our tour of what’s online!

The Best Place to Buy Silicone Rings Online

1. Enso Rings

Enso Rings

Enso has designed their silicone rings to be so comfortable you’ll never have to take them off. And there’s lots of choices when it comes to color and style.

The site offers a range of silicone jewelry, but there’s a dedicated section for wedding bands. Some of them can even be engraved. Pick a design from the Legends, Elements, Birthstone, Infinity, Ultralite or Dualtone ranges if you want to add that special touch.

If you prefer a metallic finish, there are options to suit too. Check out the Elements range, which has precious metals fused into the silicone. Gold, silver and copper tones are available for a traditional look, but there are plenty of colored metallic finishes too.

There’s a choice of classic, thin and “halo” – or ultra-thin – widths. And with a wide range of sizes, there are options to fit men and women of all builds.

There are stackable designs too. Three rings in different colors make a striking and comfortable alternative to an engagement ring.

All Enso’s rings are handcrafted, and they come with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

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2. Botthms


Botthms are specialists in sporting accessories and their silicone rings are designed for those with active lifestyles. Their website features many testimonials from sportsmen and women who’ve found silicone rings a perfect alternative to traditional wedding bands.

The designs are simple, with a wider band for men and a narrower version for women. Both come in a range of different colors. And for women, combination packs offer a good value option for stacking multiple rings or mixing and matching.

For men, the colors range through black, grey, blue, white and copper. For the more adventurous, there are also orange, red and khaki versions.

For women, the options are more traditionally feminine, with pink, purple and teal joining the standard black, white and gray. There aren’t, though, any metallic options.

For anyone not sure of their ring size, there’s useful guidance on the website. That shows you how to get your size by measuring either your finger or a ring you already wear.

All the rings come with a lifetime warranty. And if you’re not happy, just return your purchase within 30 days for a full refund. Note, however, that you will need to pay for the costs of shipping.

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3. Qalo


Qalo’s website showcases an impressive range of silicone rings for both men and women. Whether you want to embrace the color range of silicone or prefer a metallic palette, there are options to suit.

Plain colors include shades of blue, pink, black, khaki and gray. But it doesn’t stop there. Can’t decide on your preferred color? How about a reversible ring with different shades on the inside and outside? Or maybe choose different shades and finishes with a stackable set of rings.

Or perhaps you’d like a ring with a marble or camouflage finish? Pinstripe? Tie-dyed? Cut-out floral or arrow design? There are sparkly rings, iridescent rings, metallic rings and textured rings. There’s even a ring-shaped like double rings crossing over one another.

You can engrave the outside of your ring with up to 12 characters. And for a small extra fee, your ring will be despatched in its own gift box.

Customers based in the USA will benefit from free shipping for orders over a certain threshold. Depending on the design you choose you may need to buy two or three rings to meet it. Non-US-based customers will need to pay for shipping themselves.

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4. Groove Life

Groove Life

If you’re interested in a silicone ring but are concerned that it will make your finger sweat, check out Groove Life. Their rings use medical-grade silicone and they’re formed in two parts. The outside is flexible while the inside is firmer. Breathable grooves around the circumference allow your skin to breathe.

You won’t have to compromise when it comes to design. This is another website that offers a dazzling array of styles and colors.

The men’s designs include some attractive simulated wood finishes, including mossy oak, redwood and walnut. Sports fans can even choose a ring emblazoned with the logo of their favorite team. All are available in sizes 7 to 14.

For women, there’s a wide choice of patterns including leopard print, floral, landscapes and feathers. Metallic options include copper and pewter. And there’s a choice of widths plus stackable options.

Rings can be customized too. Engrave your chosen text or monogram, or add an image. The finished ring will be ready for shipping in 7 to 10 working days.

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5. ROQ


ROQ’s rings are made of pure medical-grade silicone, and they come with a lifetime warranty. They’ll stretch to accommodate swelling fingers, and they’ll stay comfortable as they do it. And if you do manage to get your ring caught on something, the silicone will break before your finger does.

If you need any help choosing from their extensive range of rings, a chat function connects you to an adviser. It’s well worth considering taking up the offer – there’s a lot here to choose from.

Men looking for a silicone ring closer in appearance to a traditional wedding ring have some great options. ROQ offer a range combining silicone with tungsten for a convincing metallic look. And you won’t have to sacrifice the lightness and comfort that’s the major advantage of silicone jewelry.

Stepped edges and engraved middle lines mimic classic wedding band designs. But there are also plenty of brightly colored options for those looking for something a bit different.

There’s just as much choice for women. Domed finishes, beveled and pave edges, silicone and tungsten combinations, metallic and bright shades are all represented. And there are plenty of bundle options to allow you to mix things up.

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6. Knot Theory

Knot Theory

Whether you’re looking for a wedding band or something more casual, Knot Theory’s range of rings has something for everyone.

A useful guide to sizing helps you choose the right size, and each ring comes with a “perfect fit” guarantee. The customer service team are committed to sorting out any issues with fit free of charge.

Amongst Knot Theory’s range is a “Comfort Fit” collection, which is particularly innovative. These have a gentle curve on the inside, making them even more comfortable to wear. If you’re choosing one of these, go down one size from your normal ring size for the right fit.

Attractive metallic finishes include rose and antique gold and silver. There are lots of neon brights for those looking for something more colorful. And you can pick from a range of stackable options with a choice of different designs.

The site is divided into sections for men and women, with further categories to help you search.

And no matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to get a free fitting if you spend enough. You will, though, need to spend less in the USA and Canada than elsewhere in order to benefit.

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7. Etsy

Etsy 1

If you’re keen to support independent retailers, you won’t go far wrong with Etsy. The online marketplace has a great selection of silicone rings for both men and women.

We particularly love the sparkling options available from BodaRings, and the black ring with silver sparkles from PYRKIA. Cadere Rings offers a unique ring with colored stones threaded on a soft silicone band. If you’re looking for something truly eye-catching, it’s a great choice.

Of course, Etsy sells lots of other things too. Just search for “silicone rings” and then use the filter to narrow down your options by price and location. Lots of the rings available can be engraved with your own text or initials for a personalized touch.

But as ever with Etsy, make sure you check the terms and conditions of each seller. They’re all different, so check out shipping costs and return policies before you commit.

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8. CORE Rings

CORE Rings

CORE rings are designed as a temporary replacement for your wedding band for use where your ring might be damaged. The designs are fairly plain as a result, but you’ll still be able to choose from loads of different colors. And engraving is available on all of them too.

A useful size guide on the website allows you to match your measurement to the correct size. And if you already know your ring size, use the handy conversion chart. That will match the sizing system used in your country to the one on the website, wherever you are in the world.

There’s a lifetime warranty covering breakages and tears, so you can wear your ring with confidence. In-stock items are shipped within 2 working days of the order. You can expect delivery between 2 and 5 working days after that.

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9. SafeRingz


Made entirely in the USA, SafeRingz offers a range of good-looking silicone rings, perfect for use as wedding bands. All their rings feature grooves to allow air to pass through and prevent your finger sweating. It makes for a very comfortable wearing experience.

The most popular designs on the site are the traditional metallic shades of gold, silver, platinum and gunmetal. Other options include copper, antique bronze, and metallic pink, blue and purple. If you’d like to be able to refresh your look, you can buy rings in bundles of three.

They’re available in three different widths, and can be customized to create something entirely unique. Why not add your wedding date, initials, or a meaningful symbol?

You’ll be able to add a minimum of 8 characters, more if your ring is larger. And customized symbols can be engraved if you have the design as an EPS or PNG file.

If you’re in the US, you can expect your ring to arrive between 2 and 7 days after your order. For the rest of the world, delivery times will vary between 2 and 4 weeks.

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10. Cool Rings USA

Cool Rings USA

Los Angeles based Cool Rings USA offers a helpful chat function on their website to steer you through their purchase. There’s also a handy guide, including a cut-out tape measure, to make sure you get the right size ring.

All rings are covered by a lifetime warranty. Whether you break your ring or lose it, return it to them and they’ll send you a replacement. You’ll only need to pay for the costs of shipping. And if you need to exchange your ring for a new size within 30 days of purchase, they’ll even pay for shipping too.

The catalog is organized by color, with a separate section for stackable rings. There’s a great choice of designs, including plain, rounded, twisted and faceted surfaces. There are two-tone and patterned options too.

But all the rings here are pure silicone, so there are no sparkles to be had. And you won’t find any metallic shades either.

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11. Maui Rings

Maui Rings

Maui Rings offer rings individually, in stackable sets, or as bundles. And whatever look you’re going for, there’s a good selection to choose from.

As well as lots of bright colors and patterns, men have a good choice of metallic finishes. Pick from yellow or rose gold, silver and bronze. Oddly, however, there are no metallic finishes in the ranges available to women.

All the rings are both waterproof and breathable, so they’ll stay comfortable in all environments.  And although they’re strong, they’re designed to break under extreme pressure. If you get your ring caught on something, you won’t risk injuring your finger.

Shipping to destinations in the Continental US is free if you meet a (fairly low) order threshold. But shipping costs across the world are very reasonable, no matter how much you’re spending.  Note that there’s no gift-wrapping option here though.

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Ready to go shopping?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour of 11 of the best websites for silicone rings! Whatever color or style you’re looking for, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

So whether you’re choosing a wedding ring or something more casual, enjoy your search. And enjoy wearing a ring that’s light, safe and comfortable.

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