One of the crucial questions is how many sizes can a ring be sized down. No one can give you the precise answer since it depends on the ring type, the stone’s presence, the design, and the material used. The rule of thumb is that the jeweler can resize most rings down for two sizes without damaging it.

How Many Sizes Can a Ring Be Sized Down 2

It is possible to resize your ring more drastically when its design allows such a procedure. However, don’t be surprised when some jewelers refuse to resize some precious and patterned rings since it requires too much skill and time. Plus, there is a high possibility of irreversible damage to some models.

Resizing the Ring to a Smaller Size

Resizing the ring down is a less demanding process compared to its expansion. In most cases, the jeweler needs to cut the back part of your ring to make it smaller. He or she will cut a small band piece and joins the edges back together again.

Once the circular shape is restored, it is necessary to solder the edges and clean the oxidation traces. In the end, polishing will smoothen the ring surface and regain its former appearance.

The right professional will cut and polish your piece of jewelry without leaving visible traces. However, it is sometimes impossible, especially if you have a ring with a unique pattern.

Another way is to compress plain bands when you need to change its size for only a half or full. This method includes using a specially-designed machine.

The last, there is an alternative way of resizing down rings that can’t be changed in any other way. It includes adding a strip of metal or beads on the inside of the ring. That way, the jeweler fills the space between the sizable ring and your finger.

How Many Sizes Can A Ring Be Sized Down?

How Many Sizes Can A Ring Be Sized Down
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There are a few primary factors that determine how much the jeweler can resize your ring down.


It is a crucial factor to determine how your ring can be resized. You can expect that the job will be more demanding if you have the ring with intricate design. The problem is that shortening the band includes metal bending, which is hard with detailed workmanship.

  • Plain bands – The procedure is quickest when you want to resize a plain band without a stone. In such a case, you can size it down for six or seven sizes.
  • Solitaire-style rings – This ring type is not too complicated to manipulate, but you can’t expect the jeweler to resize it down more than 4 to 5 sizes. However, if such a ring has a complex shoulder design, it won’t be possible to reduce it that much. The problem is bending that can disturb the ring integrity and stone position.
  • Signet and class rings – The flatness of these models’ design is always challenging to the jeweler when resizing. Only a highly skilled professional can circumvent this issue by cutting the back-ring side but be prepared that it won’t always be possible. You can count on sizing down for not more than 3 to 5 sizes. Even in that case, there is a high probability that the center stone will break down.
  • Eternity rings – Whether changing this ring type’s size is possible will depend on its original design. The jeweler can significantly size down this ring, but there is a high possibility of disturbing its overall look after this intervention.


The stones type and its setting styles will significantly affect a ring resizing. Pearls and some stones like emeralds, turquoise, and opals are heat-sensitive and brittle, and the jeweler will have difficulties to resize the ring featuring one of them.

The only way is to remove the prong-set stone and place it back after finishing the process. On the other hand, channel-set or bezel-set stone is highly challenging to remove.

The jeweler needs to entirely disassemble the setting, remove the gemstone, and rebuild the ring in the end. Unfortunately, there is the risk of damaging your precious gem.

Where to Get the Ring Resized?

Where to Get the Ring Resized
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If you own a ring of a well-known brand, they likely offer services of resizing the ring when needed. On the other hand, you will need to pay for this service if you bought your piece of jewelry online or in a vintage store.

Since some online stores have their own brick and mortar store, you can find one in the area you live in and ask them for help. Plus, you have a few other options at your disposal. Let’s see.

Word of mouth referrals

The best option is to find a provenly good jeweler with excellent recommendations. You can ask your friends, neighbors, and coworkers who got their ring resized to share their experiences.

Jewelry stores

You will need a highly experienced jeweler for this job, especially if you have an expensive or emotionally valuable family ring. Always check at least two to three of them before hiring one.

Most local jewelry stores hire knowledgeable staff who will explain the procedure and your options. Since their business depends on their reputation, you can be sure that most of them are good at what they do.

Unfortunately, it is not the same with most mall-based jewelry stores. Since they are basically sales outposts, they usually don’t hire professional jewelers. You can expect them to send your ring to their headquarters for the resizing.

Traveling personal jeweler

Nowadays, you can ask for the services one of the reputed jewelers prepared to come to your home to make custom repairs. They don’t have a permanent office, but they travel and look for a job. Most of them are really excellent at their job.

Online services

Some larger online jewelry stores offer servicing that also includes resizing. However, it is crucial to check their customer reviews, the entire website, and contact information. Since you need to send them your ring, always pay extra for a confirmation receipt and insurance.

The Ring Resizing Cost

The Ring Resizing Cost
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Be prepared to pay a fair price for this complicated service. Never leave your ring in the hands of a suspiciously cheap jeweler because you can end up with a damaged ring that can’t be repaired.

Your ring should still look beautiful after resizing without stone misalignment in the prongs or the color change. If your ring has engravings, they should be clear and symmetrical once the job is finished.

In most cases, you will need to pay at least $50 for decent work. Be prepared that cheap jeweler may leave loose prongs, and that will cost you an additional $100.

You will pay more for sizing down very thick or thin rings because of a quite tricky procedure. Also, a dramatic change of more than four sizes is too complicated, so you can expect this service to be expensive.

How Long Should You Wait for Resizing?

How Long Should You Wait for Resizing
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The time necessary for resizing the ring will vary, depending on the jeweler you choose. Unfortunately, the reputed ones are usually too busy, so you will probably wait for a while.

It usually takes a few days, but sometimes you will need to wait for weeks to get your precious ring back. Keep in mind that ring resizing is a complex and delicate process. So, it is worth waiting for a while instead of picking out the insufficiently skilled jeweler.

The time-frame for ring resizing will mostly depend on:

  • The ring thicknesses
  • The engravings and patterns
  • The stones

Ring Types You Shouldn’t or Can’t Resize

Unfortunately, it is impossible, or it is not recommended to resize some ring types. For instance, it is too complicated to resize an eternity ring with a continuous gemstone setting around the band without damaging the jewels and disturbing the ring balance.

Rings made of rose gold can be tricky for resizing since the alloys they contain may crack quickly during the process.

You can’t resize tungsten, titanium, and stainless-steel rings because these metals are too hard. For example, cutting a tungsten ring will cause it to break apart. Even though the jeweler manages to cut it, it will be impossible to weld its edges since this metal’s melting point is too high for the most jewelry shops’ capabilities.

You can also do nothing with models made of quartz, wood, and glass. The particular problem is rings with an invisible tension setting. Any resizing may upset the bands’ tensile strength, which will affect its durability. Plus, you may get the ring with a misaligned center gemstone in the end.


When you need to get your ring resized, take care to find an expert jeweler to finish the job. You need someone who is both skillful and careful.

Keep in mind that it is not simple to make the ring smaller without damaging its structure, especially if you have an engraved, solitaire-style, or eternity ring. Alternatively, you should consider ring overlays if your band is not too big.

How Many Sizes Can a Ring Be Sized Down 1

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