Midi Ring Everything You Need to Know

No one knows when the first midi ring was worn, but you can see women and men on portraits painted in the 15th and 16th centuries wearing these models. Above-the-knuckle rings send a clear message that the owner belongs to the higher social class without the necessity to work manually.

What is a Midi Ring 1

The best-known Jan van Eyck’s painting ‘Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife’ shows the pregnant spouse wearing only midi rings on her fingers. If you are a fan of this style, you will wear these rings either at the finger top or between two knuckles. Now, let’s see what is a midi ring.

What Is a Midi Rung?

What Is a Midi Rung
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Midi (tea, phalanx, memory, fingertip) ring has become an unavoidable fashion detail over the past few years. Nowadays, wearing stylish, stackable midi rings is an exotic way to beautify your fingers. Most women prefer elegant tiny models, but there are no strict rules.

You can wear them paired with traditional rings or alone, and choose a thinner or thicker model depending on your preferences. The primary goal is to accentuate polished fingernails and your long fingers.

The best part is that you don’t need to buy new rings. It will be enough to look at your granny’s jewelry box and pick out any model regardless of its diameter. It is time to wear even those rings you couldn’t use because your grandmother has thinner fingers.

The midi rings purpose is the possibility to wear models a few sizes down from your usual ring size. Plus, you can mix different styles, shapes, and metals they are made of. What a fantastic opportunity!

Ways to Arrange Mini Rings

Ways to Arrange Mini Rings
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I find the way of self-expression that midi rings offer highly inspiring and unique. Make any combination you like and enjoy the uniqueness that only the modern age provides.


Choose a statement ring as the focal point and put it on the middle finger. Then, frame it with complementing midi rings. If you add a few more on the index and ring fingers, you will underline your sophisticated style and inclination towards elegance.

Line them up

It is an elegant but uncomplicated way to wear midi rings and organize them as a real artistic installation. Arrange them the way to create a line of rings above and below your knuckles. Then, add a few bands outside the line area to get a personal touch.


Arrange three rings on three fingers of four, including index, middle, wedding, and pinky ones to create a triangle. The secret is in the right combination of midi rings sizes and models to get the desired arrangement.

Ways to Style Midi Rings

Without clear fashionable rules, you can wear your midi rings in many ways. Choose the style that fits you the most and make a unique combination no one else has. I will list here a few primary ways to use them, but your imagination will add a personal touch that has been so desirable in recent years. Let’s see.

1. Minimalist midi rings

It is a simple style for an everyday look. Since minimalist midi rings are highly feminine, they are an ideal choice that will fit your daily outfit. There is no better way to attract the attention toward your fashionable nail polish and hands with elegant, long fingers.

2. Vintage-inspired rings

This combination will give you a distinctive look inspired by old romantic times. Combine vintage and rustic ring models to create a unique and unrepeatable creation. I like mixing style that arranges granny’s diamond ring and some gothic or hipster models. If you do that in the right way, you can’t go unnoticed.

3. Tube rings

Our grandmothers would be shocked by something like this, but the new fashion scene will congrats you for a casual, modern style. It is definitely the chicest jewelry piece these days, so you can use it to add some futuristic vibe to your outfit, especially if you make the right combination with traditional and other midi rings.

4. Bold boho rings

I find boho rings highly artistic, bohemian, and somehow spiritual. In combination with midi rings, they will provide a bold and balanced look to your hands.

5. Frame a statement ring

Always pick out the focal point that should draw the most attention. For example, use a statement ring as a central one by placing it on the middle finger. Then, frame it with midi rings at will. One of the options is to stack two bands above the statement ring and a few others on both sides to create a beautiful frame with an elegant center point.

6. Pair different rings

By pairing rings of different styles and shapes, you can get an excellent combination that will fit any fashionable outfits. In this case, the only limitation is your imagination and desires.

7. Midi rings and ring bracelet

If you are a person that favors an attractive, elegant, and eye-catching style, you can pair mini rings with a stylish ring bracelet and a few traditional rings. If you combine it the right way, you will enhance any outfit you choose.

8. Midi rings with cocktail rings

This combination is remarkably fashionable these days. Pairing such different styles, such as a central cluster or stone ring with tiny midi models, is a highly stylish and bold way of accessorizing your evening look.

9. Midi rings with a diamond engagement ring

Even though many women hesitate to make such a combination, it is actually highly fashionable. Choose midi rings made of the same metal to create the best look. You can also combine a pave midi ring with midi bands made of different metals to create a well-balanced look that will emphasize the beauty of your sparkle diamond.

10. Midi rings with bracelets

Since midi rings always accent your hands and long fingers, you shouldn’t wear an over-emphasized bracelet since it can detract your primary goal. On the other hand, a thin bangle will complete the overall look of your hands.

11. Pile up everything

Believe it or not, this is an excellent way to achieve a super trendy look. This combination will transform even the dullest clothes into modern and unique. The point is to stack various rings, a watch, and bracelets along with a layered necklace to get an impressive glittering pile of jewelry.

Midi Ring Shapes and Styles

Midi Ring Shapes and Styles
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Almost all fashion jewelry designers have created a midi ring collection over the last few years. Have a manicure and pick out the best midi rings for you among many styles available:

  • Thin band
  • Chevron ring shape
  • Bow ring shape
  • Alphabet initial ring
  • Cigar ring band
  • Crosses
  • Pave band
  • Double bar band

Unlike other jewelry, these rings look fabulous and dramatic when worn in pairs or multiples.

Midi Ring Metals

Midi Ring Metals
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It is the time of breaking all traditional rules. Everything is allowed, including mixing new and vintage rings or thin and thick bands. The latest news is that you can mix rings made of different metals.

Until recently, it was unthinkable to combine yellow and rose gold with silver, bronze, brass, and nickel. However, it is considered as a cool and chic look these days. Arrange bands made of different materials and add a pave midi band or ring with a precious stone to achieve the bohemian style.

Midi Ring Size

Midi Ring Size
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The midi ring design allows you to put it above the first knuckle (between the first and second ones). As I have already mentioned, you can wear a few of them placed on two or three fingers to create an effect according to your fashion preferences.

Their position should have some sense people can quickly recognize, but their size is the one little thing that can make a difference.

A general rule is that the average midi ring is 3 to 5 sizes down compared to traditional models. The only exception is models for the pinky finger that needs to be at least 5 to 6 sizes down than rings you wear on the usual way.

The midi ring size equation that works for most women is:

average traditional ring size – 4 = midi ring size


For example, if you wear a middle finger ring size 7, you will probably need a midi ring size 3 to 4 for the same finger. It is a usual rule, but you always need to check whether it suits you before going shopping. Therefore, measure your finger to be absolutely sure.

Take care to wear your midi rings the way they can’t slip but not tighten your finger too much at the same time.

Band-aid rings

One more thing! Be careful if you want to buy a band-aid ring. This model is highly versatile and designed to sit on your knuckles. Since they are close to the fingertip, you should precisely calculate the ring size according to its width. Otherwise, it will probably slip from your finger.

Almost all women whose traditional rings are sized from 5 to 8 need a band-aid ring size from 3 to 4, 4.5. When it comes to the pinky ring, you may need the smallest size 1.

However, every hand is different, plus you can wear the band-aid ring on a few parts of your fingers. Be prepared that it will probably take a few days to get used and adjust to this model.

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