Once you get a ring, you can conclude that it doesn’t fit correctly. Sometimes, the ring with the right size can become too big or small over time, after you gain or lose weight. You will have the same problem when deciding to wear it on a different finger. Whatever the reason is, it is time to have your ring resized.

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On average, the time you need to get your ring resized will primarily depend on the ring type and the jewelry store where you plan to take it. Plus, there are two types of repairs. The traditional way will take a bit longer, but you can choose a quick repair available nowadays. Let’s consider your options and see how long does it take to get a ring resized.

How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring?

How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring
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The process of resizing a simple ring such as a wedding band will take approximately ten minutes. Whether you plan to get it bigger or smaller, a jeweler can finish the job quickly.

However, the waiting period will depend on how much work he or she has, the procedure you require, the ring design, its material, and stone settings. Remember that you can’t expect it to be increased or decreased by more than two sizes because the ring can’t stand more stress than that.

When you have a more complicated ring, such as a paved or channel set model, the jeweler also needs to tighten the stones after resizing. In such a case, the procedure may take up to two months in a chain jewelry store. A small local jeweler will probably complete this task in a week or two.

Time for resizing a ring

Traditional repair

Quick repair
Necessary action Time Necessary action


Coming to a store

There is no need to come to a store
Shipping from the store to repair place 1 day to 1 week Shipping from the store to repair place


Ring resizing

1 week Ring resizing 1 to 3 days
Shipping from the repair place to the store 1 day to 1 week Shipping the ring to a customer

1 day

Picking up the ring at the store

There is no need to pick up the ring
Total estimated time 3 weeks Total estimated time

1 week

In theory, you can expect approximately three days to get the resized band back. If the model you have requires much delicate work, you will need to wait for at least a week. Remember that this happens under ideal conditions when the jeweler starts working on your ring as soon as they get it.

Unfortunately, the reality is slightly different, and you will often get the finished ring within three weeks. Nowadays, you can demand a quick repair and get the ring back within a few days, but you should pay more for this service.

Factors That Affect the Resizing Process

As I have already mentioned, ring resizing may require different approaches, depending on the ring type. For such a job, you need to check:

The metal your ring is made of

  • Platinum rings – The jeweler needs to expose the ring to higher heat since this metal’s melting point is high. That can be a problem, especially when it features colored stones. Therefore, resizing is possible only with the laser solderer.
  • Yellow gold and sterling silver rings – There are no many problems with resizing rings made of these metals.
  • White gold ring – Its resizing requires refinishing at the end of the process. The jeweler needs to add a new rhodium plating to get the desired white gold shade.
  • Rose gold rings – This ring type is highly challenging when resizing since this metal may quickly crack during the procedure. Plus, it is quite hard to match the exact tone of red.
  • Titanium and tungsten – Be aware that most jewelers can’t resize rings made of these metals since they are tough to work with.
  • Stainless steel rings – Despite your local jeweler will try to convince you that it is impossible resizing this ring, it is not entirely true.

The fact is that stainless steel has an incredibly high melting point, and your local expert probably doesn’t have adequate tools for such a job. So, you should look for a jewelry manufacturer who has a specialized machine.

Resizing the ring up or down

  • Resizing the ring up – The jeweler has two possible approaches to this issue. He or she needs to stretch the band with the instrument or insert an extra piece of metal into it.
  • Resizing the ring down – The only way to make your band smaller is by cutting a piece off. Then, the jeweler needs to connect and weld the two edges back together.

Resizing the ring with engravings or delicate stone settings

  • A colored stone – If you have such a gem embedded in the ring, the jeweler can’t resize the band by using heat. Any exposure to the high temperature may damage the stone.
  • Set stones – It is possible to change the ring with a few gems only for one size without fully resetting.
  • Engraved band – It can be tricky to resize this ring because of the absence of the bare metal part the jeweler can deal with. Plus, it is highly problematic to fit engravings perfectly once the ring is cut.

The level of size change you need

In most cases, the size you can change the ring is limited to 1 to 2. Any more significant change may cause band damage.

Rings You Can’t Resize

Rings You Can’t Resize
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Unfortunately, it can be impossible to resize particular ring types. Therefore, you should think about it on time while buying it.

  • Eternity bands – These rings have stones along the entire circle surface, so there is no free metal part for cutting. On the other hand, the stretching commonly leads to loosening and falling out of the jewels.
  • Tension rings – In this case, the ring doesn’t feature prongs, but a metal part holds a gem in place by pressure. Any attempt to resize it will disturb the structural strength, and the jewel will fall off.
  • Channel set rings – Since the stones are placed into a metal channel, it is impossible to resize such a band, especially if there is no piece without gems at the bottom. Even if there any, resizing is often impossible without misaligning the stones.
  • Stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten rings – Most jewelers can’t resize these bands because they haven’t specific machines necessary for this job.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Ring Resized?

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Ring Resized
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It is quite hard to determine the exact overall costs for ring resizing since each procedure is different. When you purchase a brand ring, the manufacturer will offer you a free service. Otherwise, you should pay for it depending on:

  • The ring style – Resizing the model with intricate details or more gems will be more complicated to resize than a wedding band or a solitaire engagement ring. So, you will pay more for this service.
  • The band thickness – It is more complicated to resize the thicker ring so that the cost will be higher than for the narrow model.
  • The level of size change – Simply said, you will need to pay more if you want to have your ring resized more significantly.
  • The jeweler – The cost of the service you need will vary significantly depending on the jeweler store you visit. Some larger brands will provide resizing free of charge. However, local jewelers will charge for their work, depending on their expertise and store location.
  • Ring’s material – If you have the ring made of metal with a high melting point, you need to find a jeweler with specific tools to resize it. Consequently, the procedure will cost more.

Resizing price

Ring model

White gold rings

$60 to $130

Yellow gold rings

$40 to $100
Sterling silver rings

$20 to $40

The ring with delicate gems


The average cost for resizing a simple wedding band is approximately $20 to $50. However, you need to pay at least $50 to $150 for adjusting the ring with complicated details.

Where to Get Your Ring Resized

You should think twice before hiring an expert to resize your ring, especially if you have a valuable or antique one. If you have a simple band, you can ask a local jeweler to finish the job.

In most cases, he or she will probably do that much more quickly or even on-site. On the other hand, a big jewelry store needs to ship the ring to the repair, which often takes two to three weeks.

Always choose a jeweler with excellent recommendations from your friend or family member. Never go cheap and check for an experienced expert from a locally owned jewelry store. It is also an excellent option to look for a traveling personal jeweler.

In case you have the ring of a particular brand, check for possible warranty. Some big manufacturers void it if someone else has made any changes in the original settings.

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